Wednesday, January 20, 2016

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Will Obama Pardon Hillary Clinton?

Gun Control: Obama's Last Gasp?

Obama Official Wendy Sherman: Iran Will
"Never" Get Nukes Because They Promised Not To

Court Orders IRS Not To Destroy Documents, They Do It Anyway

One Of Those .50-Caliber Rifles That 'El Chapo' Had, Came From 'Fast And Furious'

Donald Trump - Our Country

Trump: 'The Problem With Washington, They Don't Make Deals, It's All Gridlock'

'Gun Lobby' Takes Out Full Page Ad In Wash. Post With A Clear Message To Obama

Cruz Refuses To Take Responsibility For
Crop Insurance Flip Flop. Blames Staff

Ted Nugent: Hang President Obama And Hillary Clinton

10% Of College Grads Think 'Judge Judy' On Supreme Court

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