Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Trey Gowdy Endorses Marco Rubio...

Truth Revolt -- House Republican Trey Gowdy, a conservative all-star, officially endorsed Florida Senator Marco Rubio for President Tuesday.

Joining Rubio on a two-day road trip through Iowa before the New Year, Gowdy enthusiastically supported the young Senator, exclaiming before a crowd of people that he has his vote:

"I'm in Iowa to give you a word of encouragement. It is not my job to tell you who to vote for. But I am going to tell you who I'm going to vote for ... I'm going to vote for Marco Rubio."

The deciding factor for Gowdy was Rubio's stance on two particular issues:

"National security and public safety are the most important issues to me. And there is nobody better on those two issues than Marco Rubio,"

Gowdy also touted Rubio's efforts to undermine Obamacare, calling him "the person who's doing the most" to combat the law:

"He's not going to brag about it, he's not flashy which is unusual for politics in this day and age, but Marco Rubio and his focus on risk corridors may wind up being the undoing of the so-called Affordable Care Act."

And he said that Rubio has the "ability to communicate our message of principled conservatism in a hopeful, aspirational, persuasive way."

"It's ok to be hopeful that the message of principled conservatism can win again," Gowdy continued. "I found that hope in a place that — if you'd told me 10 years ago I would find it, I wouldn't have believed you — in the son of a bartender, in the son of a housekeeper who know what it means to live the American dream."

"I trust Marco Rubio to lead a country safely that has the three most precious things in my life in it," said Gowdy, referring to his family.
Blog Author's Comments -- So Trey Gowdy campaigned for two days with Marco Rubio and has endorsed him for the Republican nominee for president. This tells me a lot about Gowdy, one of the few politicians I respected. Instead of elevating Rubio this tarnishes Gowdy.

Marco Rubio is a U.S. senator. And he just can’t stand it anymore. "I don’t know that 'hate' is the right word," Rubio said in an interview. "I’m frustrated." If he would be elected President would he get tired of that job too? So Rubio has decided not to run for reelection as a Senator, it’s the White House or bust.

"That’s why I’m missing votes. Because I am leaving the Senate," Rubio said in the last Republican debate, after Donald Trump had mocked him for his unusual number of absences during Senate votes.

In his third year as a Senator he joined a bipartisan "Gang of Eight" that negotiated a massive immigration-reform effort. He argued with talk-radio hosts, trying to sell conservatives on a plan that would give illegal immigrants a path toward citizenship.

That is the last thing the United States needs but apparently Rubio agrees with what Obama is doing - illegally. The open borders to illegals which Donald Trump is totally against, as is a majority of voters, is one of the main points which has catapulted him to the top as the favorite of all the Republicans vying for the nominee for the 2016 presidential election. I for one do not want Marco Rubio as the GOP nominee.

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