Friday, September 25, 2015

While Pope Lectures Congress On Immigration, Vatican Lets In Very Few

Truth Revolt -- As Pope Francis lectured Congress Thursday on the merits of showing compassion to immigrants, The Washington Times reminded just how tight the immigration policy of the Vatican is.

"The Vatican, for its part, welcomes millions of visitors a year — but allows only a very select few, who meet strict criteria, to be admitted as residents or citizens," the Times reports.

There are 800 residents at the Vatican, but only 450 are actual citizens, and most of them are either church cardinals, diplomats, or those employed by the Swiss Guard. Some of these that are employed have their spouses and children living there as well, but as the report notes, there are very few women citizens within the rest of the celibate population.

From the Times:
The strict policy has left the Vatican open to criticism in the past, including from right-wing political leaders in Italy who want tighter immigration controls in their country and have rebuffed the papacy’s calls for leniency by asking how many refugees live in the enclave.

But it is indicated that Francis is trying to quiet those attacks by announcing that the Vatican will be taking in "a couple of refugee families" from Syria.
Blog Author's Comments -- I realize that within the walls which surround the Vatican there is very little room for expansion and building to house immigrants. But the Pope is clearly a leftist. He would do very well within the Obama administration; they both want the same thing with regard to immigration of illegals and the environment in the United States.

The Pope is from Argentina which is a totally Socialist country and has been for decades. The Pope is a Socialist. Why in the world is anyone giving such weight to the Pope's opinions concerning immigration (or the environment)? It's not like any country is forced to follow them, is it?

Exactly how is his opinion on immigration going to actually affect American policy? Obama likes to hear the Pope give speeches that echo what he wants for America. The Socialist in the White House along with his fellow Democrats have been ignoring the laws of this land long before this pope was even elected. The Pope should consider the negative consequences counties face by letting in refugees. He should be more of a religious leader, not a political activist.

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