Friday, June 19, 2015

ObamaCare - 10,535 Pages Reduced To 4 Sentences

1. In order to insure the uninsured, we first have to uninsure the insured.

2. Next, we require the newly uninsured to be re-insured.

3. To re-insure the newly uninsured, they are required to pay extra charges to be re-insured.

4. The extra charges are required so that the original insured, who became uninsured, and then became re-insured, can pay enough extra so that the original uninsured can be insured, so it will be ‘free-of-charge’ to them.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is called "redistribution of wealth” or, by its more common name, SOCIALISM.
Blog Author's Comments - Obamacare has ruined the lives of many Americans. Barack Hussein Obama is the absolute worst President in the history of our country.

The above four sentences is a great summary by a Notre Dame Univ. engineer.

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Richard C. Lambert said...

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