Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Recent Videos Concerning - Barack Obama, Democrats And Obamacare...

CBS Report Reveals Obama's DOJ Tried To Block
The 'Fast And Furious' Whistleblower Book
Obama continues to hide documents from Congress
related to 'Fast and Furious' using executive
privelege. I don't believe they will ever be seen.

Rich Lowry: If Current Polling Trends Continue, Watch
For "Big Democrat Political Panic" Over Obamacare
I think the current polling data will continue to decline when the
Employer Mandate kicks in. And that is why Obama moved it back
with the enrollment for small businesses until after the 2014 election.

Obama Gives Republicans a Rallying Slogan For The 2014, 2016
Elections: Vote Out The Democrats So We Can Repeal Obamacare
In his mind Obamacare is Obama's legacy, it does
not matter to him that he is hurting so many Americans
and trashing the best healthcare system ever.

Team Obama Turned Down a Free Offer To Build The
Obamacare Website - But Blew Nearly $1 Billion Instead
This information from Darrell Issa was apparently confirmed
during testimony before a Congressional Committee.

LZ Granderson: "Time and time again, Americans have said we
can deal with the lies that President Obama tells us because we
believe in his heart he has the best interest for the American people."
Another far left liberal journalist who believes Obama can do
no wrong, not surprising coming from the person who said it.

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