Monday, June 3, 2013

Why Are Liberals So Rude To The Right?

The Guardian (By Leften Wright) -- Why is it that liberals feel no qualms about being rude? Far too many people who are perfectly polite and courteous, otherwise, think nothing of insulting you for not sharing their political opinions. They look at us with disdain, thinking we're unenlightened conservatives and never hesitating to say so.

As the lone conservative at the tennis courts, I cringe at the Sarah Palin jokes and the jabs at Mormons. When news came on 9/11 that planes had struck the World Trade Center, my partner commented that Bush would use it as an excuse to increase military spending. Bush, of course, is dumb – as are all Republicans, and we're epitomized by Dan Quayle, whose spelling of "potatoe" has entered historical canon. Never mind Obama's telling us there are 57 states, or having a meltdown without a teleprompter. And now it's Marco Rubio, caught drinking water. "Next time he'll forget to zip his fly," joked one of the guys. Mitt Romney changes his mind more often than he changes his underwear. Reagan had Alzheimer's when he made B movies, and Bonzo had to feed him his lines. And would you believe, from a guy with a pathetic serve, this comment about Clarence Thomas, justice of the supreme court: send him back to the plantation.

Liberals have no shame. A dinner guest in our home stood up at the table, clinked his wine glass and said, "It shows how stupid the American people are, they voted for Bush twice." He turned to me, smirking, and said, "I know you voted for him." A biochemist who had been too busy learning liberal doctrine instead of the basic manners of being a guest.[...]

I once called up a friend before a trip down to Florida, and I told him I enjoyed driving and stopping at different places along the way, staying awhile to learn about the country outside of New York. "The red states," he said disdainfully. "Those pickup truck people have a lot of common sense," I said. Click. He had hung up the phone.

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Blog author's comments - I think it's because the liberals believe that their world hasn't become utopia yet because of us...the dreaded conservatives. We are keeping the world from being the perfect place. That's why they feel its okay for them to be rude and obnoxious.

They have a superior mindset of I'm smarter and better then you so do and think as I say. The liberals will never admit they're wrong no matter how much evidence is presented to them. They need to put on a display of superiority. They are having a tough time realizing that their socialist agenda is not working. The reality of what our founding fathers put forth is the only way this country will not only survive, but to be great again. This is not what they believe and have been told by their Democratic Party elected officials and president.

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