Monday, December 17, 2012

N.Y. City Mayor Bloomberg: "I Don't Know What The Gun Would Have Done"

Hot Air -- New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who politicized the Sandy Hook tragedy within hours last Friday, just wrapped up a press conference announcing new plans to fight gun violence and to counter the National Rifle Association with his own Super PAC.

Bloomberg was asked by a reporter to respond to Rep. Louie Gohmert’s comments over the weekend that he wished the principal of the school, who died trying to take down shooter Adam Lanza, had a gun. Bloomberg responded by saying, “There are dumb statements and then there are stupid statements...I don’t know what the gun would have done.”
Blog author's comments - That's right, there are stupid statements, and his definitely was one. Mayor Bloomberg...ask your armed body guards what the principal of the school with a gun might have done to stop the shooter and the killings.

He no doubt believes more gun laws are required which will only remove the rights of the law abiding gun owners but would not have stopped this tragedy. Anything less than a complete ban on guns is not going to satisfy some of the hard core anti-gun people.

Gun Prosecutions Under Obama Down More Than 45 Percent

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