Wednesday, December 12, 2012

News and Videos...

QE4: Fed Announces 4th Round Of Quantitative Easing

Tax Increases Won't Solve Washington's Spending Problem

New Feminist Complaint: We Never See Depictions Of Virgin Mary Breastfeeding Jesus!

California's Berkely Too Give College Scholarships To Illegal Immigrants

Eric Holder: U.S.Should Consider Automatic Voter Registration

Pelosi: More Spending Cuts Are 'Blueprint For A Second-Rate Nation'

Federal Judge Orders Nursing Homes To Rehire Striking Employees Who Endangered Seniors

Senator Stabenow A Democrat From Michigan On Union Protests: 'Keep Fighting!"

Harry Reid Calls Harry Reid "Un-American" For Trying To Change Filibuster Rules

Michigan Democrat Doug Geiss Threatens Violence On House Floor

NBC Medical Editor Denounces "Religion Part" Of Christmas

Bill O' Reilly - I'm Calling Out Race Hustlers Now!

Unions Assault On Camera!

Allen West Calls Obama An Arrogant Marxist/Socialist

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