Thursday, November 8, 2012

Is This Why Barack Obama Was Reelected President?

Apparently the majority of people in the United States voted for Barack Obama for president because they thought he did such a good job during his first term in office.

They must believe that Socialized medicine, Obamacare, is good for the country even though it will cost more and put the government in control of our health care while removing the best health care system in the world.

That Obama taking no action against the planned attack by terrorists on the Benghazi consulate and the murder of four Americans was nothing for those voters to be concerned about. The truth and facts about this were hidden for days, while the Obama administration told us that the attack in Libya was not a planned attack but a protest because of a movie on 'You Tube' made by an American citizen.

The same can be said about the Obama administration's scheme 'Fast and Furious' where guns were allowed to 'walk' into Mexico to the drug cartels and many lives were lost because of this. The documents concerning this scheme are not available because the president has locked them away.

Obama tells us that Al-Qaeda has been defeated and I guess many believe him. Also, they must think his 'Arab Spring' was a foreign policy success which involved the removal of the dictators in Libya and Egypt. But now Egypt is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood and the terrorist attack on the consulate took place in Benghazi Libya.

That trillion dollar deficits are okay as is 46 million people on food stamps. That 8 percent or higher unemployment will now be the normal. And, birth control and abortions should be free.

Many voters believe that those who are considered wealthy by the government should have to pay more taxes to help those who refuse to get an education and a job, but continue to receive their government checks funded by the taxpayers for doing nothing.

A large number of his voters also feel it is racist to question the policies and agenda of Barack Obama because he is a black man.

Many of these voters, I assume, also believe whatever they see and hear from the mainstream media because they are 'professional journalists' and would never attempt to cover up the true facts which could make Obama appear inept at his job.

That the terrible economy is not the fault of the Obama administration but only because George W. Bush left them with such a 'mess', even though the country is in much worse shape now than when Bush left office.

Those who voted for Barack Obama must also believe that if he eventually succeeds in making the illegals in our country citizens, which will allow them to vote, is okay even though many more people will be cared for by the government and these new citizens will vote for the candidates of the Democratic Party.

That Obama will also be able to appoint at least two more Supreme Court Justices which will give them a liberal majority who will not judge or rule their cases according to the Constitution because they do not believe in it and would like to change it.

I could go on but is this why Barack Obama was reelected president? Apparently the people who voted to give him another term in office either agree with all of the above and want this to continue or perhaps were not aware of what he has done or did not fully understand it. But, they have given him much more time to do even more harm to the country. Because Barack Obama will be the president for another four years America may now be changed forever.

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