Monday, October 22, 2012

NYT's Cooper: Death Of Americans - Peripheral To What's Going On Now

News Busters -- President Obama got himself in trouble last week for saying that the death of four Americans in Libya "is not optimal."

On Sunday, New York Times White House correspondent Helene Cooper said on NBC's Meet the Press, "The death of four Americans, which is why while incredibly tragic, is something that I think is peripheral to what's going on right now."(video followed by transcript)

HELENE COOPER, NEW YORK TIMES: I think as an American, you have to look at the, the question of embassy security is one that is definitely, you know, should be looked at. The administration has to study that. But the larger issue is the issue of the Arab spring and what's happening in this key area, a key region for American foreign policy. And that's where you're seeing in Libya, in Egypt, in Yemen and all over this region, you have new governments in place, you have democracy for the first time and the mess that comes with it.

And I think Americans need to be, I think Tom's point is excellent about the response of the Libyan people. I think in the Egypt case, you didn't see quite the same response, and I think that's very worrying for the United States and for the administration. But I think the far larger point is that we're right now in the middle of, the region is in the middle of such turmoil. And we’re not, we don't seem to be addressing it in any meaningful way. Instead, we're like, we’re talking about, you know, the death of four Americans, which is why while incredibly tragic, is something that I think is peripheral to what's going on right now.

Pat Smith, the mother of one of the Americans that died in the Benghazi raid, responded to the President's callous remarks Friday by saying, "My son is NOT very optimal...he is very dead."

I wonder how she'll feel about Cooper claiming his death is "peripheral."

Blog author's comments - "Peripheral" - what a disgusting term applied to the deaths of the four Americans. So Ms. Cooper believes what happened at the Benghazi embassy is of minor relevance or importance? I'd like to see her say that to the families of those who were murdered. And she also believes Obama's Arab Spring was such a success in Libya by giving them democracy. This is simply more cover for the Obama administration by the mainstream media which of course is doing all that they can to help reelect Obama to a second term.

Via Fox Nation: A U.S. Drone watched the Libya attack unfold but Washington did nothing. The United States had an unmanned Predator drone over its consulate in Benghazi during the attack that slaughtered four Americans — which should have led to a quicker military response, it was revealed yesterday.

“They stood, and they watched, and our people died,” former CIA commander Gary Berntsen told CBS News. The network reported that the drone and other reconnaissance aircraft observed the final hours of the hours-long siege on Sept. 11 — obtaining information that should have spurred swift action.

But as Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three colleagues were killed by terrorists the Defense Department officials were too slow to send in the troops, Berntsen said. “They made zero adjustments in this. You find a way to make this happen,” he fumed. “There isn’t a plan for every single engagement. Sometimes you have to be able to make adjustments.”

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