Sunday, August 5, 2012

Harry Reid's Bogus Claim Concerning - Mitt Romney's Taxes

The shocking truth that Harry Reid can't deny

Investors Business Daily -- The word's out. Have you heard about a mysterious phone call from one of Happy Harry Reid's political cronies from the mortifying days in 1974 when Paul Laxalt waxed him for the Nevada Senate seat that changed the course of Reid's life forever?

It's a pretty shocking story, and one that the powerful Democrat has understandably never explained through all these years. It's haunted him though those early devastating political losses for the Senate and the Las Vegas mayor's office, the defeats that turned him into the bitter, cynical political mumbler he's become at age 72. [...]

Anyway, the Senate leader is now employing one of the oldest tricks in the political book, one that seems to have become a standard tactic for terrified Democrats this cycle.

Reid told reporters the other day that Republican Mitt Romney, who's threatening the political futures of many comfy folks in Washington now, has not paid income taxes for the last decade. Reid repeated the charge of this felony on the Senate floor Thursday. The Romney camp vehemently denies it.

Now, Harry says he's in possession of this information because an old business crony of Romney's, whom Reid won't name, made that statement in a phone conversation that Reid won't document. In fact, Reid has no proof whatsoever that what the unidentified caller allegedly said in that unverified conversation containing the unsubstantiated claim has any merit at all.

Reid didn't have time apparently to mention an accurate report that 36 Obama White House aides are $833,000 behind in their taxes, according to the Internal Revenue Service. Nor did Reid explain how the IRS has somehow overlooked a decade of missing tax returns from a multi-millionaire who's this administration's main political opponent.

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Blog author's comments - Harry Reid with another lie, this one concerning Mitt Romney and his taxes. He said he was told Romney has not paid income taxes for ten years by an anonymous source - because there is no source.

Reid did not "explain how the IRS has somehow overlooked a decade of missing tax returns from a multi-millionaire who's this administration's main political opponent." This is another diversion by the Democrats to take the focus off of Obama and what he and his entire administration have done to the economy in less than four years.

The Democrats don't have anything to run on...they cannot run on Obama's record. They believe if they continue to repeat a lie - after a while some people will believe them.

The Democratic Party will do anything to secure a second term for the worst president in the history of our country, so he can continue to do what he has done during this term.

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