Sunday, July 15, 2012

Obama - Says Washington Feels Broken

Obama: Washington 'feels as broken as it did 4 years ago

Fox News -- President Barack Obama says Washington "feels as broken as it did four years ago," when he took office.

He's most frustrated by the inability "to change the atmosphere" in the capital "to reflect the decency and common sense of ordinary people" who want leaders to solve problems.

He adds "there's enough blame to go around for that."

Obama tells CBS' "Sunday Morning" that there's no doubt that he underestimated how much "politics trump problem-solving."

Blog author's comments - What Obama is saying is...I have done my best but I do not receive cooperation from the Republicans who now control the House. They won't do what I want them to do. Also we inherited so many problems from George W. Bush. Obama -- Washington and the entire country is broken and broke by $5 Trillion since you have been in office.

The President seems to forget that for two years the Democrats had a majority in the House, a filibuster proof Senate and the Executive branch. During that time the Democrats got quite a lot done which is why the country is in the shape it is. Obama doesn’t have a real solution to any problem. He is the problem.

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