Thursday, May 24, 2012

Obama - Critical of Romney For Being a Successful Business Man

Obama: Romney has 'drawn the wrong lessons' from Bain tenure

The Hill -- President Obama continued to hammer Mitt Romney on the campaign trail Wednesday, saying the likely GOP nominee had "drawn the wrong lessons" from his work at private-equity firm Bain Capital.

"My opponent in this election, Gov. Romney, is a patriotic American. He's raised a wonderful family. He should be proud of the great personal success he's had as the CEO of a large financial firm. But I think he’s drawn the wrong lessons from his experience,” said Obama at fundraiser in Denver. “His working assumption is CEOs and wealthy investors like him get rich, then the rest of us automatically will, too."

The Obama campaign has been leveling continued attacks on Romney's tenure at Bain, accusing the former CEO of maximizing profits at the expense of workers and communities.

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Blog author's comments - Is Obama ripping Romney because of his success with Bain Capital - and all business owners for being profitable? If Obama by chance loses the election in November businesses should begin to spend their money to grow their companies and with that comes the hiring of more employees.

Prior to the election of 2008 Obama told all of us he would raise taxes on the rich and businesses. After hearing that...businesses pulled back and began to downsize. They did not spend their money to grow their companies because of uncertainties about what Obama was going to do. This is one of the problems which brought us the economy we have and high unemployment.

This election will be entertaining – someone who has achieved nothing outside of government against someone who has been highly successful without government. The economy will never improve as long as Obama is in the White House

Obama is Running Against Capitalism

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