Monday, May 7, 2012

Former NBA Star and Commentator Barkley - Trash Talks Romney

Charles Barkley To Mitt Romney: 'You're Going Down, Bro'

Mediaite -- During TNT’s coverage of the Boston Celtics-Atlanta Hawks basketball game on Sunday night, former NBA star and commentator Charles Barkley took a swing at presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

“Mitt Romney, listen man,” said Barkley. “We’re gonna beat you like a drum in November. Don’t take it personally. I like you, you seem like a nice guy. But you’re going down, bro.”

“This is not a paid political ad,” said his TNT colleague Ernie Johnson, Jr.

Barkley made the remarks after cameras caught Romney talking with members of the crowd at the TD Garden. According to HuffPo's Mollie Reilly, the former Massachusetts Governor attended the game with his wife Ann and former Bain Capital colleague and campaign adviser Bob White “about 12 rows back at mid-court.”

Blog author's comments - Charles, not many folks care what you think about politics. I am hopeful the GOP "beats" the Democrats "like a drum." If Barkley had been of another race and had made similar comments about Barack Obama, how long do you think he would have his job?

Barkley can say whatever he wants concerning Romney and the Republican Party on his own time. I consider the source, but that does not give him a pass to voice his political opinions while an analyst during a televised NBA game. Charles Barkley campaigned for Obama in 2008.

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