Thursday, May 31, 2012

ACLU Pushes For Another Cross To Be Taken Down

53-Year-Old Cross To Be Torn Down, Thanks To ACLU -- In 1959, the Middleboro Kiwanis Club in Massachusetts put up a large cross that said "WORSHIP" on it on a traffic island off one of the local freeways. It stood for 53 years. then, a liberal lawyer spotted it.

Now, the state may have to tear it down.

According to CBS Local, the cross “sits mostly on town land. The state owns a small fraction of the traffic island where it is located, and thus, the ACLU says, the cross violates church and state separation laws.”

The ACLU suggests that the island be opened up to all religious displays or that the cross be torn down or moved. The Kiwanis Club itself is not a religious institution.

Blog author's comments - Its amazing the cross remained as long as it has without some liberal making a big deal about it. The ACLU, like all the rest of the “rights” organizations, has mutated into nothing but a left-wing pressure group.

It is quite a shame that one person's views and opinions can overwrite the opinions and feelings of the majority. Unfortunately, many cities and towns are not in a financial position that allows them to take on a legal fight in these situations.

We have so many liberals making demands of those who don't agree with them. And the non-liberals who don't agree are portrayed as the enemy by the Democratic Party, the ACLU and of course most of the media. I cannot see this changing; only becoming worse.

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