Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ms. Fluke - Politicans Should Pass "Litmus Test"

Sandra Fluke: Politicians should be required to
pass pro-woman litmus test to get elected

Daily Caller -- Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke said on Tuesday that candidates running for office should have to pass a pro-woman litmus test in order to get elected.

Fluke, an advocate for the Obama administration’s plan to force health insurers to cover birth control, was on Capitol Hill for a forum on “Opportunities and Challenges for a New Generation of Women,” in celebration of Women’s History Month.

“There should be a litmus test that they be pro-women so our votes have to include that requirement at least,” Fluke said. “And it should be a litmus test that applies to male candidates as well.”

She also spoke about the possibility of running for office in the future: “Numerous American women have actually written to me in the last few weeks saying that I should run for office, and maybe someday I will.”

Blog author's comments - Obama is using Sandra Fluke in an attempt to win women voters and silence conservative talk radio.

Ms. Fluke is well rested after her vacation to Spain and Italy and now wants to continue to be used by the Obama administration. Aren’t her ‘15’ minutes of fame up?

She can afford to go to Georgetown University, and pay for a vacation, but cannot afford $9 bucks a month for birth control pills. She believes it is her right that we pay for her birth control. Of course Obama has already said that health insurers will cover birth control.

You don’t suppose her whole shtick was some sort of a set-up operation, to distract the weak-minded from the actual problems we now have because of Barack Obama and his regime? No doubt she will be trotted out a few more times prior to the general election.

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