Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Allen West - Obama's Imperial Presidency

Allen West: GOP Must Stop Obama's 'Imperial Presidency'

Newsmax - Congressman Allen West tells Newsmax that President Barack Obama has “complete contempt” for Congress and is starting to believe that he has an “imperial presidency.”

The Florida Republican says Newt Gingrich is the “smartest” GOP candidate but thinks any of the Republican hopefuls can beat Obama in what undoubtedly will be a “brutal bloodbath.”

West also asserts that sanctions will not succeed in deterring Iran’s belligerency and warns that the United States should not cut the defense budget to make the military the “bill-payer” for Washington’s failure to rein in spending.

West, who was elected in 2010, is a member of the House Tea Party Caucus. He is also an Army veteran who served for more than 20 years, with postings in several combat zones, and retired with the rank of lieutenant colonel.

President Obama has said he is hopeful for an improved economy in 2012. In an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV, West was asked whether Americans should feel that way.

“No, they shouldn’t,” West declares. “President Obama is just going to sit back and hope that things fall into his lap.

Asked whether Obama has given up on “hope and change,” West responds: “I think the president has given up, period, and he’s in a campaign mode. He’s going to disengage from Washington, D.C. That’s not leadership, that’s an abdication of leadership.
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Blog author's comments - I am glad to see Alan West weighing in...we need to hear more from conservatives like West. I, of course, agree with his comments concerning President Obama.

I also agree with his compliments of Newt Gingrich. But, at this time, it appears that Mitt Romney will be the nominee and GOP candidate running against Obama for the office of President.

It is imperative that the Republican Party win the 2012 election. This election is for control of the future of America.

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