Saturday, December 24, 2011

Republican Establishment Fears Gingrich

Why the establishment fears Newt Gingrich

Washington Post (By Robert S. Walker) - After Newt Gingrich rose in the polls, criticism of the former House speaker began grabbing headlines. But Republican establishment attacks on Newt are not new. Newt’s political career has been devoted to mounting a conservative challenge to the establishment’s desire to play the Washington power game of go along to get along.

As a junior congressman, Newt founded the Conservative Opportunity Society (COS), a group of activist members of Congress whose goal was to challenge the liberal welfare state but whose first target was the Republican establishment in the House of Representatives. The “old bulls” who dominated the party in the House had become quite comfortable in their minority status and saw little chance they would ever become a majority.

Newt and the COS knew that, to create a true conservative agenda, the party needed to focus on becoming a majority. They used the House floor and C-SPAN to promote their ideas. They attacked spending bills and efforts to expand government, some of which the establishment had endorsed.

When Newt became speaker, he was focused, disciplined and tough. He insisted on moving the Contract With America intact. He abolished committees and denied “old bulls” chairmanships. He insisted on using the majority to win conservative victories such as balancing budgets, achieving welfare reform and producing 11 million new jobs with tax cuts that spurred economic growth. He made some people unhappy when he pursued legislation that could win instead of pet bills that would have divided Republicans.

It boils down to this: Newt Gingrich is a conservative; the establishment prefers moderates. Newt prefers to stand up and debate conservative ideas and ideals; the establishment prefers to keep people guessing. Newt is a proven leader, someone with the background, understanding, vision and discipline to be our president; the establishment fears that he just might win. - Entire column...

Blog author's comments - I believe Mitt Romney is the choice of the Republican establishment. Should Romney win the nomination I don't have confidence that he can oust Obama from the White House. I hope that I am wrong.

Romney, Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann have been in attack mode against Gingrich and it appears to be working - if we can believe the polls. But, there have not been any votes cast yet.

Gov. Chris Christie said he would not run for the GOP nomination but, has endorsed Mitt Romney. Christie now says he would think about a possible VP spot.

This may draw those who like Christie to back Romney as the GOP candidate, with hope that if Romney should win the nomination he would chose Christie as his running mate.

Whoever wins the nomination has to take down Obama. America cannot withstand Obama as a two term President. He will have nothing to lose and will continue to destroy our country.

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