Thursday, December 8, 2011

Obama - Payroll Tax Cut vs. Pipeline For Jobs

Obama threatens veto if pipeline
decision is added to payroll tax cut

The Hill - The battle between the White House and Republicans over the Keystone XL pipeline escalated Wednesday with a veto threat delivered personally by President Obama.

Obama warned that he would veto an extension of the payroll-tax cut, his top legislative priority, if House Republicans link it to a measure that would force the administration to greenlight the pipeline project.

“Any effort to try to tie Keystone to the payroll-tax cut, I will reject,” Obama told reporters Wednesday after meeting at the White House with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Obama said he would not accept a payroll-tax-holiday bill to which Republicans add “extraneous” provisions.

“I don’t expect to have to veto it because I expect they’re going to have enough sense over on Capitol Hill to do the people’s business, and not try to load it up with a bunch of politics,” the president said.

Capitol Hill Republicans, backed by industry groups, want to force a quick decision on the pipeline, which the administration currently plans to review into 2013.

Michael Steel, a spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), said Republicans welcome a showdown with the president over Keystone.

“If President Obama threatens to veto it over a provision that creates American jobs, that’s a fight we’re ready to have,” he said.

Obama: More jobs in jobless
benefits than Keystone pipeline

Examiner - Obama said when asked if he would go on vacation while keeping Congress in Washington D.C. "We are going to stay here as long as it takes to get unemployment extended and pass the payroll tax cut."

As Obama called for passage of those bills, he also responded to a recent Republican push to require him to approve the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada.

"However many jobs might be generated by a Keystone pipeline," he said, "they're going to be a lot fewer than the jobs that are created by extending the payroll tax cut and extending unemployment insurance."

Blog author's comments - It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out. Hopefully the Republicans will attach the Keystone pipeline to the bill.

Let Harry Reid table it. Let Obama veto it. Let them own it. Obama is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression. The economy will only improve when Obama leaves the White House.

Does this president really believe that handing out unemployment benefits creates more jobs than a pipeline? Is he so committed to 'green' jobs that he will stop the pipeline which would create 20,000 jobs?

I didn’t realize that collecting unemployment was considered a valid occupation. This is more of the Marxist/Socialist mindset of Obama.

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