Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gingrich - Advice For OWS Protesters

Newt Gingrich Offers Advice to
Occupy Wall Street Protesters

Blog author's comments - Good advice from Gingrich for the OWS people. Obama should have shut them down many weeks ago but he has helped to create them with the class warfare he uses.

I think it is now a race between Gingrich and Romney for the GOP nomination. Because of the Gingrich rise in the polls he is now receiving the anal exam from the MSM. But, during all the weeks with Romney at or near the top the media has really not gone after him.

They want to help chose our nominee for us and he is their man. I would much rather see Gingrich win the nomination. I am convinced Romney cannot defeat Obama.

Gingrich is the brightest and has the most political experience of anyone we currently have. Those who cannot overlook his baggage are not politically aware of what is happening and do not know how serious the situation in this country is.

They must not realize what Obama has done and has planned for us if he should win a second term in 2012. If Obama remains in office the country may never recover.

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Chris Muir said...

You nailed it about Romney-if he is the nominee, we're all fried.