Thursday, November 17, 2011

DNC - Obama Did Not Call Americans Lazy

DNC fights back: Obama never called Americans 'lazy'

The Hill - The Democratic National Committee pushed back in a new Web ad Thursday, a response to attacks by Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Perry over President Obama’s use of the word “lazy.”

According to an email from a DNC aide, the ad is designed to prove Romney and Perry are “being dishonest” about what Obama really said and the context in which he said it.
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Here is the DNC ad insisting Obama never called Americans lazy.

This is what Obama said last weekend about lazy Americans.

Blog author's comments - In their new video the DNC insists that when Obama was calling Americans lazy he really was not calling Americans lazy.

The media also covers for Obama. They always need to explain the news. Whenever a Republican speaks they tell us that what they said was actually much worse than it sounded. When Obama or any Democrat speaks they have to convince us that it wasn’t quite as bad as it really was.

No doubt there are many who will believe the DNC's ad. These are the same people who watch, listen to, and absorb like sponges what the MSM reports and would like all of us to believe.


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