Friday, April 8, 2011

Donald Trump The Next President?

Donald Trump ranks highest among Tea Partiers?

I thought this to be an interesting interview by a person who at least shows much more confidence than I see in the other possible GOP candidates, except for Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann.

Trump is taking Obama head-on and I wish a few more members in the GOP would do the same.

Blog author's comments - Donald Trump is providing a blueprint here. The way to beat Barack Obama in 2012 is to just go at him.

Obama has been the worst President in our history and for the good of the country he cannot be a two term president.

'The Donald' may just be having some fun with the media, but I would support him rather than give Obama a second term. We need to see more of the in-your-face politics from the people we sent to Washington as members of the Republican Party.

I have doubts that Donald Trump really wants to be President. He has done and is doing quite well for himself and does not need the aggravation of running a campaign against the cut throat Dems and Main Stream Media. I do think a debate between Trump and Obama would be worth watching.

It does make for interesting thought, he is a good interview and Trump is a very confident person. If Donald Trump is serious he may decide to make a run for the nomination.

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