Sunday, July 9, 2017

A Week's Worth Of CNN's Russian Narrative Destroyed In A Minute...

TLR -- For an entire week CNN has been running an ongoing story, based on a single source, about President Trump not going to confront Vladimir Putin about interference in the 2016 election. Note the running CNN narrative via the electronic image superimposed at the bottom of their screen:

"Sources: Trump Not Expected To Discuss Election Meddling With Putin"

Then this happened, another CNN Fail...

Blog Author's Comments: All of the Mainstream Media is white noise to me until they stop using their trash talking concerning President Trump's personality and start reporting on the work that is being done by him. Their opinion is not news. We knew what his personality was when we chose him to be president, and it is was one of the many things about him I like.

Media people get over it, Hillary did not win and I am extremely happy about that. I am also tired of hearing that most of the European leadership agrees with Trump’s policies but the polls show no one likes him, except the Polish people. This is total nonsense and the time - for those who actually watch this network and think for themselves - to turn the television off.

Donald Trump was the only one voicing my frustrations and offering solutions that I could finally support. Of no surprise to me, there are relatively very few things which I don't agree with him about. The best thing is, he is tackling everything he said he would and getting things done at record speed, in spite of almost 100% opposition by everyone except those of us who voted for him.

The majority of his cabinet is very high on the intelligence scale, along with their efficiency and no nonsense get it done manner. If only something could be done about the leaders of the Senate and House and many of the Republican congressman who are supposed to work together, hammer out agreements and accomplish what they are in Congress to do. Instead of fighting amongst themselves and accomplishing very little. We cannot expect President Trump to do it all.

The Democrats whispered into President Trump's ear and said,
"You're not strong enough to withstand the storm."
President Trump whispered back,
"I Am The Storm."

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