Sunday, June 18, 2017

No, Hodgkinson Did Not Use An Assault Rifle...

Moonbattery -- It is appropriate that a fanatical supporter of Bernie Sanders would use an SKS for his shooting spree. At the height of the cold war, Sanders was the Mayor of Burlington, and decorated his office with the flag of the Soviet Union. He aggressively sided with Soviet clients in Central America, and even spent his honeymoon in the drab and miserable USSR. Designed in 1943, the SKS was used by the Soviet Red Army before it was rendered obsolete by the AK-47.

Contrary to media reports, it is not an assault rifle. Unlike the AR-15, the SKS does not even look like one. It is a semiautomatic of dated design that holds 10 rounds in a fixed magazine (although modified versions can hold a detachable magazine). You might call it the communist answer to the M1 Garand. The SKS was not covered under Bill Clinton’s assault weapon ban. After BLM moonbat Micah Johnson used an SKS to murder five Dallas police officers, CBS News described the gun as a “curio or relic.”

Yet the media, ever eager for a pretext to go after the AR-15 (a.k.a. America’s Rifle), keeps reporting that James Hodgkinson used an assault rifle to shoot Rep. Steve Scalise.

The Chicago Tribune called the gun “an SKS assault rifle.” That’s like calling someone’s sedan “a Toyota Camry truck.” ABC News barks that Hodgkinson used a “legally purchased assault rifle.” It may have been legally purchased, but it was not an assault rifle.

Some outlets mixed up the SKS with other guns that could legitimately be called assault rifles. CNN absurdly called the SKS “a Chinese-made variant of the popular AK rifle,” although at least they corrected the mistake afterward. CBS News confirmed that the gun used was an M4 carbine, which does not even vaguely resemble an SKS.

Keep all this in mind the next time you are tempted to take anything the media says at face value. If they are this clueless and/or deceptive about guns, chances are good the same is true on other topics.

Blog Author's Comments: Why are these so-called, self described, intelligent media people so ignorant about firearms? If they don't know, they should educate themselves. But, that would take away from the time they have to plant more false stories from anonymous sources. It didn't help when Sen. Rand Paul stated the shooter used an AR-15 as he described the incident he witnessed.

Whenever there is a shooting event, the media usually begins to describe the weapon the shooter used as a horrifying 'AR-15' or a dreaded 'Glock'. Both of them are semi-automatic weapons, and not 'assault' weapons. One has to pull the trigger for each round that is fired. I consider an assault rifle as a fully-automatic weapon. And I most certainly agree as the article states, "if they (the media) are this clueless and/or deceptive about guns, chances are good the same is true on other topics."

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