Friday, May 26, 2017

Thousands Of Able-Bodied Adults In Georgia Drop From
Food Stamp Rolls After Work Requirements Instituted...

ATLANTA (AP) -- More than half of food stamp recipients in 21 Georgia counties have been dropped from the program after the state instituted work requirements.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports state figures released this week reveal that 11,779 people considered able-bodied without children were required to find work by April 1 to continue receiving food stamps. Sixty-two percent were dropped after the deadline, whittling the number of recipients to 4,528.

State officials began enforcing the work mandate in 2016, and plan to expand work requirements to all 159 counties by 2019. Around 1.6 million Georgia residents use food stamps, which are funded with federal dollars managed by the state Department of Family and Child Services.

A DCFS spokeswoman says the department has offered help with job search and training to affected recipients.
Blog Author's Comments: Isn't this adequate proof that welfare gives the incentive to abstain from working? Throw in mandatory drug testing and thousands more will leave the rolls. I also believe that some of these people who are now off of the food stamp give away program are illegals and fear discovery. This rule should be nation wide.

So let's pass federal laws for mandating work requirements for able-bodied adults for everything: Food stamps, CHIP, Medicaid, Section 8 housing. No job, no help, and I don't mean, put in 5 job applications a week. They have a job and work at least 35 hours per week. But, soon some federal judge will rule that because it has a desperate impact on minorities it is discriminatory and must be stopped. Or, it adversely affects the children, hence is unconstitutional.

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