Saturday, May 27, 2017

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Liberal Alan Dershowitz Scolds CNN's Jeffrey Toobin
On Russia Probe Hysteria: "You're Just Making It Up"

Trump At Conclusion Of First Foreign Trip: "I Think We Hit A Home Run"

Democrats Better 'Thank Their Lucky Stars'
That Republicans Simply Don't Want To Lead

How Team Obama Tried To Hack The Election

Nancy Pelosi Complains About Order In Which
Trump Visiting Countries, "Not In Alphabetical Order"

FBI Illegally Shared Spy Data On Americans With Private Parties

What The Left Is Doing To President
Donald Trump Is "Beyond A Coup"

The Fourth Circuit Distorts The Law To Defeat Trump's Travel Ban

President Trump Weekly Address,
A Foundation Of Economic Prosperity

Angela Merkel Lectures Trump On Why He Should Let Refugees Flood America

Maxine Waters Struggles To Recall
The Members Of The "Kremlin Clan"

Quote For The Day -- "Trumplaw [is] the assertion by the federal judiciary of the legal authority to stop Trump.

But don’t think Trumplaw will end when Trump himself leaves office. The principle is now established: When a judge doesn’t like a politician’s campaign statements, those statements can taint even actions that clearly contradict those statements. In other words, Trump can even change his mind — as he so plainly did — and not even his changed mind can be cleansed of its original sin."--David French

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