Monday, May 15, 2017

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President Trump Considers
White House Communication Changes

Democrats Stack Up Ways To Torpedo Trump's Nominations

Newt Gingrich On Who He'd Like To
See As The New Director Of The FBI

Schumer's Threat To Block New FBI Director Shows Democrat Incompetence

Mark Levin: Schumer Is
Undermining The Constitution

Trump, GOP, Prepare For Tax Code Bonfire

DNI Clapper Once Again Said There Was No
Collusion Between President Trump And Russia

There is Zero Evidence tying collusion between the Russians
and the Trump campaign. But, the ‘Fake News’ networks will
continue to say the Russians helped Trump win the election.

Never, Ever Allow These Deranged Democrat Opportunists Near Power Again

Rand Paul Says He And Another Senator
Were Surveilled By The Obama Administration

CNN Devotes Entire Segment To "2 Scoops Of Ice Cream" Attack

Nikki Haley And Little
George Stephanopoulos

Slimy Schumer Accuses Republicans Of Siding With Russia

Secretary Rex Tillerson And
NBC's 'Head Liberal' Chuck Todd

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