Monday, April 24, 2017

President Trump To Have Dinner With Supreme Court Justices...

Washington Examiner -- President Trump will be having dinner with Supreme Court justices Thursday.

Trump's newly confirmed Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch is expected to join. It's not clear if all of the other eight Supreme Court justices plan to attend.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was critical of Trump throughout the presidential campaign. Trump called for her resignation after she questioned how he had gotten away with not releasing his tax returns.

The dinner comes the same day Argentine President Mauricio Macri is making an official visit to the White House.
Blog Author's Comments: I have to think this is an intelligent move on Trump's part. To have a dinner/meeting with the Justices, gives him the chance to talk with each of them, get to know and read them a little better. But, in this photo the happiness on the "wise Latina's" face is immeasurable. I do hope they have some very strong coffee for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, so she can stay awake if she decides to attend the dinner.

Also in this photo, Chief Justice Roberts doesn't appear too happy to see Trump. And I am not happy to see Roberts. If he would have voted according to the law the ACA would no longer be a problem because it would have been destroyed. I applaud the President, this is what leaders do and hopefully all the justices will respect him for it. If by chance something would happen to Ginsburg either during the dinner or shortly after, and she would either turn ill or for some reason, assume room temperature, the left would accuse Trump of having her poisoned so he could place another justice on the high court.

President Trump is demonstrating "the art of the deal." The more the left leaning justices are critical of Trump the worse they will look. I remember hearing from the liberals how the Republicans/Conservatives should give Obama a chance and not to be so critical of him. Well, the justices need to do the same. I have no doubt that a few of the justices have concern that if they meet with him they might end up liking him.

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