Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hillary And Bill Clinton Berated Staffers For Loss In Presidential Election

Daily Caller -- Bill and Hillary Clinton made no secret of the fact they blame campaign staffers for her defeat in the presidential election, according to a new book about her failed bid.

“She was visibly, unflinchingly pissed off at us as a group,” an unnamed staffer said in the book, according to an excerpt obtained by The Hill. “And she let us know she felt that way.”

The book reveals the former secretary of state was full of excuses for why she faired poorly against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in the primary and President Donald Trump in the general election. Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes co-authored the book, titled “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign.”

Reportedly furious after a dismal showing in the primaries, Clinton manufactured multiple reasons for her performance. She blamed her former campaign director Robby Mook for not selecting the right travel stops and for spending heavily in the wrong areas.

The book also claims Clinton blamed top staffers for poor polling that hid Sanders’ true performance. She blamed Mook for the campaign’s focus on minority communities instead of the white base that supported her against former President Barack Obama in 2008.

“Neither Clinton could accept the simple fact that Hillary had hamstrung her own campaign and dealt the most serious blow to her own presidential aspirations,” the authors wrote.

“The underlying truth — the one that many didn’t want to admit to themselves — was the person ultimately responsible for these decisions, the one whose name was on the ticket, hadn’t corrected these problems, all of which had been brought to her attention before primary day. She’d stuck with the plan, and it had cost her,” Allen and Parnes concluded.

Clinton continues to blame FBI director James Comey’s decision to re-open the investigation into Clinton days before the election as well as Russia for hacking into the campaign’s email server.
Blog Author's Comments: I have zero sympathy for either of the Clinton's. They are responsible for whatever has happened to them, and I feel that Hillary should be investigated further and if the evidence is there, which it no doubt should be, she should face a grand jury to testify under oath concerning all that she has done which is against the law. She should not escape unscathed for her crimes and lies. It seems quite strange to me that there were that many leftist, low-information people who voted for her and wanted her to be our next president. The fact that she got so many votes proves that Liberalism is a self destructive mental disorder. Whatever the future holds for our country, we can be assured that this horrible creature will never take the oath of office for president. "Neither Clinton could accept the simple fact that Hillary had hamstrung her own campaign and dealt the most serious blow to her own presidential aspirations."

As I have written here before, if President Donald Trump does nothing more than having stopped Hillary Clinton from moving her wardrobe of XXL pantsuits into the White House, he will have done his job and saved America. But, Trump has already had many accomplishments in just his first three months in office. Hillary Clinton was not only a horrible candidate; she is a horrible person and always will be. Sadly she and her husband lined their pockets with millions of dollars from their scam the 'Clinton Foundation.'

Democrats never take any personal responsibility for their actions. And think about this, Hillary had a good chance at being our president and would have appointed more leftist Supreme Court Justices. The Democratic Party has been gutted while Barack Hussein Obama occupied the presidency. They have no leadership right now and they have no substantial message or plans, except to impeach President Trump. They continually express their views in worn out platitudes and brag about what a great party they are. Now is the time for the old guard and career politicians in the Republican Party to band together and back president Trump. If they do this, they can hold onto the power in D.C. for many decades.

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