Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sheriff David Clarke Calls For 'Showdown Time' Against Insurrectionist Left

DownTrend -- The great thing about Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke is that has long been a man with an uncanny ability to cut directly through the fog of bullshit churned out by the deranged left. Clarke is loathed by the liberal freaks because he is black and therefore immune to the standard smear attacks that all critics of the left are racists and enjoys much support on the right as a result.

With the first week and a half of President Donald Trump’s tenure having seen what are clearly well-funded and organized protests staged for maximum media impact, the grim truth that a color revolution is being put together to overthrow Trump is starting to dawn on those who are familiar with such things. What is happening in America is simply unprecedented in that not only is the political party that lost the election refusing to accept the will of the people but the former U.S. President has now come out as an opposition leader against his successor.

Clarke didn’t mince words over this dangerous threat to the republic when he took to Twitter to chime in with his two cents:
The lawman has a point in that if loyal Americans don’t soon begin to counter the Soros-Clinton rabble then the malignant cancer is only going to metastasize across the country until all defenses against anarchy have been overwhelmed and the left has retaken control of the levers of power.

As of this day there have yet to be calls from conservatives and loyal Americans to stage pro-Trump counter demonstrations and these are a necessity if liberty is to be preserved. Just winning the election wasn’t the end of the battle but the beginning and as has been seen over the last ten days, the so-called “resistance” isn’t going to stop short of destroying the nation in order to oust Trump.
Blog Author's Comments: Sheriff Clarke is totally correct and if you have ever heard him speak he does not pull his punches, he stays on point. The left is a certain threat to our liberty, they refuse to bow to the will of the people and elections be damned. They are using our freedoms against us; as many of us have known they would.

The Democrats, most of the media and many of the career politicians in the Republican Party have been against President Donald Trump since the GOP race for the nomination began. During that time they had no idea that so many of the American voters very much liked what they were hearing him say. Now that he is implementing his promises and what got him elected, the Democrats, media and same Republican Party members are surprised and freaking out, wanting to shut him down and eventually be rid of his plans for America. They will make his job as our president as difficult as possible.

Hey liberals, Donald Trump won, get over it and try to act like adults instead of a group of small, crying and yelling children because you did not get your way. It is not going to stop President Trump from following through with his agenda. Your pathetic tantrums will only enforce what a large amount of thinking people believe the Democratic Party stands for. I think in the end they are doing harm to themselves and their party. True and patriotic Americans took their country back and intend to keep it for many years.

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