Tuesday, August 22, 2017

GOP Lawmaker: Ryan And McConnell Are Slow Walking
President Donald Trump's Agenda Because They Don't Like It

GP -- Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) went on with Varney and Co. to discuss the Trump agenda following Steve Bannon’s absence in the White House.

Gohmert told the FBN audience that Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are “slow-walking” President Trump’s agenda that they don’t like.

"Rep. Gohmert: If you look back before the election Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell were totally opposed to the things that got Donald Trump elected. And I told the president back in June, you are being slow-walked. We are being slow-walked. This is exactly what happened in 2005. Dennis Hastert and Bill Frisk, you know they were kind of OK with reforming Social Security but they really didn’t want the heavy lift. They slow-walked everything… I’m telling you that is exactly the way some of our leadership is thinking again. We’re going to eke by."

Blog Author's Comments: During the past few months their inaction makes me wonder what the - resistance is they are really planning when they are back in session - instead of doing their jobs. Lets remember, the same Republicans in the House making excuses, are the same ones who just voted Ryan to be the Speaker again, there was only one defection. And the GOP lawmakers put a repeal of the Obamacare bill on Obama's desk in 2015 because they knew he wouldn’t sign it. They did not put a repeal bill on Trump's desk because they knew he would sign it.

McConnell could not make himself twist one more arm of either Mikulski or Collins and perhaps ask his fellow Senators to help convince them to do the right thing for the party and the president. There is no talking to McCain because of his hatred for Trump. Quite strange how short the memories of some voters are in many states, not to remember how the people they continue to reelect have previously voted in either the House or Senate. Case in point, Arizona with McCain.

Rep. Gohmert is confirming the reality, when Congress is back in session that nothing will be done, except more excuses or broken promises. Unless it is something President Trump can do on his own it won’t be completed. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell do not like Trump's agenda, yet his voters do. They also do not believe Trump belongs in the White House and their leader. McConnell has admitted that he was surprised that Trump won and Ryan held out with his so-called fake support for the president until after he was elected.

Quote For The Day: The Democrats proving how disconnected from the working class they truly are, sending out donation pleas that look like collection letters. -- Andrew Saturn
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Monday, August 21, 2017

Media Stunned - President Trump's
Support Stronger Than Ever, And Growing...

TLR -- If you were to review how CNN and corporate mainstream media talk politics, well, according to their echo-chambered versions of President Trump, each week that passes is the worst week ever in presidential history. Seriously, no joke. President Trump has been in office for 30 weeks, and 20 of those weeks have been called “the worst” by media.

However, if you actually engage with people living their lives and not focused on who the media blame for the latest round of horrid offenses; well, then you might recognize the scope of how over-emphasized and out-of-touch the media perspective really is.

CBS and The Associated Press each found themselves picking their corporate media jaws off the floor when they actually did ask people. You know, ordinary people. Folks like you and me. The media didn’t anticipate the power of common sense to see through their BS.

With the president under fire voters have some things to say, and it’s not what the media thought. CBS Mark Strassmann begins by speaking to three women who voted for President Trump. Watch:

But it’s not just three random republican women that support President Trump. The media pile-on is so over-the-top, it is only making President Trump stronger; as The Associated Press found out: Continue reading > >

Blog Author's Comments: It is hard to believe that CBS even aired that segment. We all know the truth, but for them to actually air it after everything the media has done in the last week is interesting. As always the left has totally overplayed their hand and by doing so they have exposed the whole scheme to the masses. Their hatred for Trump ensures that they will continue to make the same mistakes over and over. It is extraordinary that the Democrats and the Media are making themselves look even worse on a daily basis. I have to assume that some of the low-information folks and the far-left Democrats still believe what the mainstream media continues to push.

If there is a thorough FBI and DOJ investigation then the whole truth will come out. Charlottesville should never have happened but it was engineered by the left, and the Mayor and Governor did nothing to stop it. And whoever gave the police the stand down order was insane. The two groups should never have been within walking distance of each other, but the intention was clear to ensure they did this to create the chaos that ensued. And that gave the left what they wanted, something else with which to blame President Trump.

People in America were waking up to the depth of lies by the media and democrats before Trump became President. In fact, this had much to do with why he was elected. I think he has done well and wants what is best for America and the people. The left doesn’t know what to do because they thought they had us all under control. Now, if only some of the elected lawmakers who call themselves Republicans would do the jobs they were elected to do, instead of using their time fighting with the president and getting nothing accomplished, this would energize the president's base even more.

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Calls For Democrat State Senator To Resign Surge After
Trump Assassination Post; Secret Service Investigates

Breitbart -- Calls for Democratic Missouri State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal to resign are rolling in following her now-deleted Facebook post about hoping for President Donald Trump’s assassination, and the Secret Service confirms it is investigating.

Chappelle-Nadal has been defiant, saying she is “not resigning,” and although she apologized for the assassination post, she is now calling for Trump’s impeachment.

“I am not resigning . . . What I said was wrong, but I am not going to stop talking about what led to that, which is the frustration and anger that many people across America are feeling right now,” Chapelle-Nadal told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

“No, I don’t want to see anyone assassinated, but he should not be president, he should be impeached,” Chappelle-Nadal told St. Louis TV station KMOV:

"I am not resigning. When People Of Color are respected by this White House and they are willing to do real work, I'll sit down with them. People are traumatized!"

But her fellow Democrats are calling for her to step down.

“I condemn it,” Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) said in an emailed statement to the Post-Dispatch. “It’s outrageous. And she should resign.”

Rep. William Lacy Clay (D-MO) also said Chappelle-Nadal should go.

“Calling for the assassination of the president is a federal crime,” Clay said, adding, She’s “an embarrassment to our state” and “she should resign immediately.”

According to CNN:
Stephen Webber, chairman of the Missouri Democratic Party, said, “State Senator Chappelle-Nadal’s comments are indefensible. All sides need to agree that there is no room for suggestions of political violence in America — and the Missouri Democratic Party will absolutely not tolerate calls for the assassination of the President. I believe she should resign.
The Republican governor of Missouri has also joined the resignation chorus.

“We can have differences in our country, but no one should encourage political violence. The senator should resign,” Gov. Eric Greitens said in a statement.

Now, the Secret Service has confirmed it is investigating Chapelle-Nadal’s posts.

“The St. Louis Field Office of the Secret Service is looking into the comments,” Secret Service spokeswoman Cathy Milhoan said in a statement to CNN. “The Secret Service investigates all threats against the President, Vice President, and other protectees, whether they be direct, implied or comments in passing,” she added.
Blog Author's Comments: I will be very surprised if anything actually happens to her, she is Black and they will let her slide. Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO), Rep. William Lacy Clay (D-MO), Stephen Webber, chairman of the Missouri Democratic Party and Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, they are giving voice to this for show. If all of these officials actually wanted her to go, she would have already been told to stay home until they decide how to officially oust her, and she should be gone.

She made a terroristic threat. She said people are traumatized? After 8 years of liberals getting away with breaking law after law, they are traumatized? I had to chuckle when Michelle Obama said she didn't feel "safe" anymore after Trump won. Many people haven't felt safe since at least 2010 and maybe earlier. They did not feel safe under the Obama Administration.

Gun ownership and gun sales reached historic records during his time in office and that speaks volumes. I suppose the governor cannot just remove her. The state congress may have to vote to remove her, good luck with that. If convicted of terroristic threats this worthless person can and should be removed. But, as a Democrat this will look good on her political resume. And I don't expect the Secret Service to take any action against her. The Russia and Trump collusion scam went nowhere for now, hence the new racist narrative. We saw it blow up via the media and Democrats, after Charlottesville when President Trump was unjustly criticized over saying what he should have said, which was the truth.

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Friday, August 18, 2017

Democrat Lawmaker To Introduce Articles Of
Impeachment Against Trump Over Charlottesville

Down Trend -- The Democrat clown car has now jumped the track, smashed into the wall and is burning out of control as Trump Derangement Syndrome rages through Congress.

Having spent months trying to run President Donald Trump out of office on evidence-free allegations that his campaign colluded with the Kremlin to give Hillary the shaft, the loons that comprise the blue jackass party are now back to doing what they do best, playing the race card.

Frustration is mounting over the inability to reverse the results of the election and lynch Trump on the White House lawn and the anti-Trump forces are going all-in on last weekend’s events in Charlottesville, Virginia which is still murky despite the rush to judgment to blame it all on the POTUS.

One Democrat’s frontal lobes have been so eaten by terminal T.D.S. that he is planning to introduce an article of impeachment against Trump over Charlottesville – seriously.

According to the Hill: "Democrat to introduce impeachment articles over Charlottesville":

"Rep. Steve Cohen (D), a Tennessee liberal, announced Thursday that he will introduce articles of impeachment against President Trump based on his defense of the white supremacists who participated in a deadly rally in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend.

“Instead of unequivocally condemning hateful actions by neo-Nazis, white nationalists and Klansmen following a national tragedy, the President said ‘there were very fine people on both sides.’ There are no good Nazis. There are no good Klansmen,” Cohen said in a statement.

“President Trump has failed the presidential test of moral leadership.”

Cohen’s decision follows on the heels of a similar effort by Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.), who last month introduced his own articles of impeachment contending Trump obstructed justice amid the federal investigation into Russia’s interference with the 2016 presidential election. Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) is the only other Democrat to endorse Sherman’s resolution.

Democratic leaders have sought throughout the year to discourage such an aggressive strategy against Trump, fearing that it could both undercut the ongoing Russia investigations and politicize those probes in ways that might damage Democrats in their districts. The Democrats last month launched a 2018 messaging agenda that doesn’t mention Trump at all."

It is incredible that the left is pushing it to this extreme. And it is easy to see that Cohen is only out for revenge and to attempt to make a name for himself within his party, with this ridiculous stunt.

Blog Author's Comments: What Cohen is really suggesting is that Trump’s exercise of free speech is what passes for a high crime or misdemeanor, a chilling glimpse at the totalitarianism that America will be crushed by if the Democrats ever successfully regain political control. Once again I write, those of us who voted for President Trump certainly did help America to dodge the bullet that would have taken down the country, possibly forever, if Hillary would have been our president.

It also continues the Democrats' failure to condemn the actions of ANTIFA or the leftist thugs who came to Charlottesville with the intention to turn what was a constitutionally protected rally into a situation where someone was badly injured or was killed. They got their wish on that one.

Trump’s blaming of “both sides” shatters the lie that the violent shock troops of the left weren’t at that rally with their bats and clubs and the longer that Democrats continue to hold their tongues as their goon squads are emboldened, the more bodies there will be next time.

Cohen is a kook who has no business in the United States Congress but unfortunately, he is one of hundreds, with many of them probably even worse than he is. It is frustrating that 'Stupid' cannot be fixed and it is constantly given air time by the crime syndicate media to flaunt that stupidity.

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We Are On The Cusp Of A Second Civil War"

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Lou Dobbs: The President Needs To Tell Media CEO's "You
Ignorant Sons a Bitches, You Need To Treat President With Respect"

GP -- Conservative Lou Dobbs was on vacation this week but he took time out from his vacation to call in on the recent controversy facing President Donald Trump.

Lou Dobbs unloaded on the liberal media establishment in an 8 minute rant following the Charlottesville riots and deadly car attack.

Lou Dobbs: "David when we look at the truth there is only one truth-teller today in Washington and that is President Donald Trump. He said that this was a calamity, a collision between two violent forces and he was exactly right. And they try to make that something that they can bludgeon him for two days…

This president now is being attacked by CEOs who are withdrawing from two councils that he created so that they could have more input with the White House. This is a remarkable moment in history because every one of those CEOs, mark my words, is a coward…

Don’t make any mistake, this is a coordinated and orchestrated attack on the president… These are some of the most duplicitous, hypocritical, sanctimonious, self righteous left-wingers working in corporate America. And they should be held accountable…

This president is now engaged against the enemy he campaigned against. That is the establishment, corporate America and CEOs running US multi-nationals without a commitment to one home economy and really divided loyalties of all kind…

I wish Steve Bannon would give it a rest, OK? We don’t need to hear from Steve Bannon today… Steve Bannon right now needs to be adviser to the president. And his analysis and his comportment and his counsel to the president needs to remain between him and the president. I am sick and tired of this White House and some of its staff making known every little whispered thought they share with the President of the United States.

And to that end, look at this press conference and the way the president was treated by the national left-wing media?…

And when you have this pack of hyenas, which is exactly what the national left-wing press was doing at that briefing — interrupting the president of the United States? Tell them to go to hell! There’s going to be at least basic decorum. There will be respect for the President of the United States and this office and it starts now…

It’s awful what we’re watching happen here. And the president equips himself brilliantly as you expect because he loves a good fight. But that is a fight he shouldn’t have to fight.

This White House will regain control of itself. They are going to have to take control of this media because it is an adversarial opposition force… That was one of the ugliest, no that was the ugliest displays that I have ever seen of a White House press corps and the way they treated any president. And I’ve seen some pretty rough moments in press corps presidential history. That was the worst ever and its gotta stop. And the President, I might add, needs to bring in the heads of all the media companies and say, “You ignorant sons of bitches. You either start treating me with respect or you won’t be present in the room when I do speak."

Blog Author's Comments: Mr. Lou Dobbs, the only true journalist who had the guts to say what he felt, and tell the truth concerning President Trump, which was far different than the left-wing news people who have been literally going ballistic or pretending to, concerning the president's comments on what took place in Charlottesville. It is a shame when so-called adults are acting like children. And this is coming from all news networks. But, did they utter a word of defiance when Obama was in office? I don't think so. Do you suppose this was because of the color of his skin, not what he did, and his agenda and ideology for the country? The only news that I sometimes watch is Fox News. And Hannity and Carlson are the only ones worth watching and of course Lou Dobbs.

I receive most of my news, what I think I need to know, from the internet/blogosphere. The way the media treated the president concerning what happened in Charlottesville and what he said about it, which was the truth, was disgraceful. They refuse to treat him as the president and will never agree with him, no matter the subject, because the people in this country, who care about it, chose Donald Trump instead of the lying and corrupt Hillary Clinton. It seems that the media and that includes virtually all networks need something for ratings since the Trump/Russia collusion story has been discontinued for now, because of the lack of any proof that it ever occurred, which it did not.

"What About The Alt-Left?" President Trump
Destroys CNN Reporter On Charlottesville

Quote Of The Day: "The Bill of Rights is an uncomfortable compromise. It says that we have to put up with people we don’t like. The Democrats, under the influence of the left, are rejecting that idea. But that goes both ways too.

You can have a liberal society or an illiberal one. But you can’t have a society that is selectively liberal when it comes to your bigotry, but illiberal of the bigotry of others, that believes you have the right to say anything you please without consequences, but that no one else does, that you can punch, but not be punched. That’s a totalitarian state. And the only way to realize it is through violence.

Democrats need to take an honest look at the street violence in Seattle, in Portland, in Berkeley and Charlottesville, and decide if this is what they really want. If they don’t, it’s time for them to stop normalizing left-wing extremism. If they do, then they are to blame for the next Dallas or Charlottesville." -- Sultan Knish

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Former NSA Tech Director Bill Binney Outlines
DNC Emails Were a Leak, Not a Russian Hack...

TLR -- Former NSA Technical Director Bill Binney outlines how the 2016 DNC emails were actually taken by a leaker using a portable storage device, and not taken by a computer hack initiated by the vast Russian enterprise.

Mr. Binney’s outline on Tucker Carlson mirrors a previous new discussion that was reported within The Nation - See Here - A generally far-left media outlet.

The reality that it was an internal leak further advances the possibility that DNC employee Seth Rich was actually the person who took the DNC email data after becoming disenfranchised by the DNC intentionally undermining Bernie Sanders and aiding candidate Hillary Clinton. Seth Rich was murdered under rather unusual circumstances in 2016, shortly after WikiLeaks began releasing and publishing the emails.

Blog Author's Comments: What Bill Binney says is information that should have been out as news well over six months ago, when this Trump/Russia collusion story was beginning to pick up speed. But, that would have killed the entire narrative of the Democrat Party and left-wing media. When the tech. person talks about how data is passed over the internet he uses the term 'packets'. This is how all of our data is passed to each other or to whomever you may send it to. 'Packets' is the technical term for chunks of data and at what speed they can move through the internet or blogosphere.

The question is, will anything be done with this information? Someone should tell special counsel Robert Mueller and have his gang take a look. But, they must already know this. Mueller has to have at least a couple of the people who are working for him that are tech. savvy and know what Bill Binney is saying is true. They fear that the truth would hit them in the face and Mueller has not yet gathered enough information on President Trump with which to write his book when and if he is ever finished with this entire fiasco. And he still may not have enough information to pin something on Trump that will wipe the slate clean for his friend Comey.

Sometimes the utilization of timelines means you have to look at the new information with a keen awareness of specific events. In hindsight, NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers may have notified Team Trump of Obama’s Intelligence Community (James Clapper and John Brennan) spying on their activity.

NSA Director Rogers participates in session at Intelligence and National Security Summit in Washington. All indications lead to the conclusion that NSA head Admiral Mike Rogers is a ‘white hat’ in direct opposition to the corrupted intelligence of ODNI Clapper and CIA Director Brennan along with former FBI Director Comey.

Admiral Rogers would not agree with Clapper/Brennan on the “high confidence” standard of intelligence assessment for the Russian Interference documents as compiled by Brennan and Clapper. Remember also, it was Admiral Rogers who met with President-elect Donald Trump in New York the week after he won the election. A week earlier, Clapper was recommending to President Obama that Rogers should be fired. More corruption by the left to continue their attempt to setup barriers that will slow down President Trump’s agenda for the country.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Donald Trump On Charlottesville:
'Fake News Media Will Never Be Satisfied'...

Breitbart -- President Donald Trump defied the media for continuing to hammer him for failing to immediately condemn alt-right protesters in Charlottesville, asserting that both sides were to blame for the violence.

“Made additional remarks on Charlottesville and realize once again that the #Fake News Media will never be satisfied,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Truly bad people!”

Trump returned to Washington D.C. on Monday and specifically condemned neo-Nazi, KKK, and white supremacist forces that attended the Charlottesville rally, calling them “criminals and thugs” who were “repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans.”

During an event on China policy, CNN’s Jim Acosta shouted a question to the president asking him why it took him so long to condemn hate groups.

“They have been condemned,” Trump replied.

“Can we ask you some more questions then, sir?” Acosta added.

“It doesn’t bother me at all,” Trump replied, pointing to Acosta. “But I like real news. You’re fake news. You’re fake news.”

Other reporters signaled on Twitter and on television that Trump’s statement was too little too late, accusing him of acting insincere.
Blog Author's Comments: The left and the media aren't just the opposition, they're the enemy. How can anyone blame President Trump for the violence that took place in Charlottesville and for what he said in his first statement he made about all the protestors? What he said obviously did not appease the left. It is totally disgusting, and nothing the leftist media says or the Democratic Party does surprises me. President Trump’s ability to challenge a heckling reporter is great. Did he apologize? No! Making apologies is weak. Elaborating and expanding his thoughts for those with less mental capability to read his first statement without CNN doing it for them is his way of setting the record straight.

And no matter what President Trump says about any subject, it will never be enough. He did not blame one group of protestors the way the left thought he should have. And because of Hillary's loss to President Trump the left has lost their collective minds. All of this anti-Trump hate because he defeated Hillary Clinton who thought that if she simply lied more and campaigned less the presidency would be hers.

She did not nor did her campaign staff or the leftist media and Democratic Party have any idea that the people were tired and had enough of her and her party. The people did not want a continuation of what Obama had done to the country during the past eight years. The left will never recover from the defeat of Clinton and we can expect this to continue through out President Trump's entire time in office.

This "Trump is racist" meme is just the liberal media's attempt to push the Russia narrative off of the front page for now. That chant has died on the vine and is now a national embarrassment. President Trump condemned the violence of all the haters and protestors on the day that it happened. And he condemned the violence of the murdered woman after enough Intel and evidence confirmed it was most likely a hate crime. As far as I am concerned, this case is closed. But, the left and their media will continue to push this until they find something else to complain and rant about.

"What About The Alt-Left?" President Trump
Destroys CNN Reporter On Charlottesville

Newt Gingrich: We Have
A Two-Sided Violence Problem

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Sunday Talks - All With Much The Same Narrative - Plus News Links...

As everyone might expect Sunday's Talk shows were generally centered around ridiculing and undermining President Trump for not being forceful enough in speaking out against the events in Charlottesville.

Specifically the constructed and coordinated media narrative is to paint President Trump as a sympathizer for violence, bigotry and racism; therefore, by extension he becomes a violent, bigoted racist himself. Whatever you think of the media’s chosen strategy, that’s clearly the plan; and all media unite together with the same plan.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo
Interviewed By CBS's John Dickerson

Stop Lying, There Was Plenty Of Leftist Violence In Charlottesville

GOP Rep Says Trump Would Be Criticized No Matter What he Said

Remember When Obama Praised Violent Leftist Rioters?

HR McMaster Interviewed By
George Stephanopoulos Of ABC

ACLU Files Suit Alleging Government Deporting Innocent Gang Bangers

Race Baiting Replaces Russia As Democrats Shift To Familiar Territory

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Decepticon Karl Rove Attempts To
Kneecap President Trump On Fox News

The Left's War On Free Speech

Sessions Opens Federal Investigation Into Charlottesville Perpetrators

Did The Governor Initially Hold Back Law Enforcement In Charlottesville?

Anthony Scaramucci Interviewed
By ABC's George Stephanopoulos

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Recent Audio Clips From The Rush Limbaugh Show...

The Mueller Investigation Is The First
Phase Of An Attempt To Impeach Trump

Washington Elites 'Wimpism' - "North
Korea Is A Zit On The Butt Of A Pig"

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Liberal Celebrities Convinced North Korea Could Kick Our Ass

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Media That Ignore Black/Islamic Supremacy Want To Talk About White Supremacy

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Goal, Is To Damage
Trump's Presidency And Help Remove Him From Office

The appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel was met with commendation and applause from numerous people on both sides of the aisle. Mueller was supposed to be a man of unimpeachable character and unvarnished integrity, and we were sure to have an unbiased investigation of alleged Russian interference in the U.S. election. This has not happened because Mueller and his team of leftist lawyers are and always have been on a political witch-hunt to find some kind of crime that will begin to take the Trump presidency down.

As a Republican and supporter of the President, I listened to some political people that I have respected over the years, such as former Speaker Newt Gingrich. He initially saw this as an opportunity to silence the left’s fake accusations of Trump campaign collusion with the Russians. But, this has not happened.

For months, the Democrats along with the mainstream media have engaged in sinister, evidence-free accusations. Yet when pressed for evidence of collusion, Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein replied, “There are all kinds of rumors around, there are newspaper stories, but that’s not necessarily evidence.”

Then came the special counsel – an opportunity to end partisan finger-pointing and produce an evidence-based outcome that Democrats would be forced to accept. We were told that Mueller was known, not only as an attorney and former FBI Director with sterling credentials, but as someone who worked swiftly and produced answers rapidly. As a veteran with a long and successful career, we were also told he would be uninterested in launching a probe to produce something, anything to help him damage the presidency of Donald Trump. Or make a name for himself among the liberal elites and Democrats and leftist media.

Then came the warning signs of a witch hunt. Mueller hired a gang of partisan lawyers. Three of Mueller’s first hired attorneys gave $53,000 to Democrats since 1988.

The recruitment of so many Democratic attorneys led Gingrich to ask a fair question: are there no Republicans in the profession?

While lawyers are of course required to cover their decision-making from their political leanings, Mueller should have aimed to appoint an evenly divided staff if for no other reason than for show. In a highly charged partisan environment, perhaps the most divided we have seen, and with a society that is deeply distrustful of institutions and lawyers in general, a special counsel staff with a fair mix of both Republicans and Democrats would lend much-needed credibility to a staff that many of us view with doubtfulness and uncertainty.

It is my belief that the Mueller 'gang' is definitely out to burn President Trump as badly as they can. He is already making President Trump's ex-campaign chair Paul Manafort's life miserable, even though Manafort was cooperating with Mueller. Mueller had the feds raid his home at night, do a search, and leave with who knows what documents they took? My belief is that the special counsel is trying to pressure Manafort to come up with something that he could convey to Mueller that would hurt the president.

It is my contention that because Mueller and fired FBI Director Comey are very close friends - he intends to make President Trump pay for ousting Comey - even though Comey did deserve to go because of the way he mishandled the Hillary Clinton, Russian collusion case and the mistrust he showed about the president. Robert Mueller is a never Trumper.

In any event, a special investigation that many hoped would be one of the few trustworthy institutions in Washington is instead shaping up to be a genuine and very dishonest fishing expedition — one that the American people will hopefully recognize and reject.

And now special counsel Robert Mueller is seeking to interview former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus as a part of an ever widening investigation into the Trump administration.

According to the New York Times, Mueller’s office is currently in contact with the White House about interviewing former and current senior staff at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

"Mueller is looking to speak to officials who may provide information, transcripts, notes and testimony on a number of issues, including insight on President Donald Trump’s decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey in May. The discussions may prove crucial as Mueller continues to investigate whether Trump obstructed justice in firing Comey."

The firing of James Comey is not relevant to the Russia probe. Plus, it was within the president's power to fire him. So it certainly looks to me that this is what the Mueller gang has made it about, Mueller's desire to spend untold government funds, and hire whomever he wants, to teach our president a lesson because he fired his buddy Comey. We were supposed to receive from Mueller, an unbiased investigation of alleged Russian interference in the U.S. election - period!
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Friday, August 11, 2017

GOP Senators Jump To McConnell's Defense...

Town Hall -- Lawmakers are sticking up for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell after President Trump publicly criticized him for allowing Congress to go on recess without checking important legislative items off their to do list.

McConnell defended himself with an indefensible line about the president having too many expectations.

Trump had a simple, yet effective response, reminding McConnell about his and his colleagues' seven year failed promise to the American people.
Donald J. Trump tweeted: Senator Mitch McConnell said I had "excessive expectations," but I don't think so. After 7 years of hearing Repeal and Replace why not done?
2:14 PM - Aug 9, 2017
"It's a good point. Yet, GOP senators are rushing to their leader's defense. Sen. Orrin Hatch (UT) let McConnell know on Twitter that he has his "full support."

Sen. Orin Hatch tweeted: Senate Majority Leader has been the best leader we've had in my time in the Senate, through very tough challenges. I fully support him.
3:31 PM - Aug 10, 2017
Other senators followed Hatch's Twitter lead. Sen. Jeff Flake (AZ) wrote that McConnell "does a tough job well and he "has his support."

Sen. John Cornyn (TX) said more of the same.
John Cornyn tweeted: Passing POTUS's legislative agenda requires a team effort. No one is more qualified than Mitch McConnell to lead Senate in that effort.
9:58 AM - Aug 11, 2017
He may be "qualified," but many conservatives would argue he has little to show this year for his political resume.
Blog Author's Comments: We must always remember that these are career politicians. This is all most of them have known and want to do for the salary and lifetime benefits they will receive when they are either voted out of office or decide to retire. The senators are voted to office for a six year term. And can continually be reelected as long as they are able. President Trump was elected for a four year term. He has been put through hell by the Democrats, the majority of the media, attempting to deal with the 'fake news concerning 'Russian collusion' for as long as he has been president, when there has been zero proof that this ever happened or had any impact on the election. Now, he is trying to do his job and pass an agenda that will help the majority of the American people and is fighting his own party in an attempt to get something of substance done.

Trump had a very successful and good life, prior to running for the presidency. Now, special counsel Robert Mueller and his army of never-Trumper lawyers, who are supposed to be investigating Russian collusion, are allegedly now digging into his personal finances, many of the business dealing he has had over the years, his life and that of his family. And the only reason for all of this is an attempt to remove our duly elected president from office.

Senator Orin Hatch said - the Senate Majority Leader has been the best leader we’ve had in my time in the Senate. Well sir that may be the problem. If Republican Senators don't understand why McConnell's comments were politically inept then they should seek employment elsewhere. After seven years of promising to repeal and replace Obamacare on day one, the failure to do so after seven months should not be defended with talk of "excessive expectations" and pleas for more time.

Trump is calling them out and McConnell is a typical politician. He and the rest of the GOP and Democrats need to understand that they indeed do and should be working for all of us. I will give McConnell a bit of a break over the Obamacare repeal and replace 'skinny version' bill, they recently tried to pass. Three of the RINO’s changed their minds and wouldn't support it this time when they knew Trump would sign it. The version that was passed in 2015 was because they all knew Obama would veto it. Though I still believe McConnell could have been much more vocal, forceful, persuasive and do some serious 'arm twisting' of the Republican senators who failed to fall in line and help both their party the president and the country.

Quote Of The Day: Democrat Jon Ossoff, who lost a recent special election in Georgia, will be on a panel this Saturday explaining how to win elections in 2018. -- Amber Athey
President Trump Thanks Putin For Removing US Diplomats

Thursday, August 10, 2017

CNN's Camerota: If N. Korea Fires At But
Misses Guam, Consider It "Just A Missle Test"

Via. Legal Insurrection -- North Korea has threatened to fire missiles at Guam, a US territory home to thousands of US citizens and a major US Air Force base.

What if the missiles fell short or missed the island?

What’s the big deal? It’s “just a missile test.”

That was the thrust of CNN host Alisyn Camerota statement this morning:
“If these missiles, if they do this, and if these go into the waters off Guam, they don’t hit Guam, then isn’t this just another sort of provocation and a missile test? Does it have to be responded to with force?”

Camerota’s sloughing off the significance of missiles near Guam must be understood in the context of President Trump’s statement. He said:
“North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and the fury like the world has never seen.”
Panelist Gordon Chang agreed with Camerota’s suggestion that force would not be required in response to such an action by North Korea. He recommended cracking down on “money laundering.”

The wisdom of President Trump’s “fire and fury” statement can be debated. But now that he has laid down that red line, America will back away from it at its peril. Yet that is exactly what Camerota was promoting.

The irony is that if North Korea did carry out such a missile launch, and the US did not use force in response, we can well imagine CNN out there criticizing President Trump for failing to enforce his red line.
Blog Author's Comments: This is what one receives when they actually watch and listen to these so-called journalists at the majority of the television news networks. For the low-information people and non-thinkers that are citizens and sadly voters, in our country, I must assume that these news shows are viewed and absorbed by them. Firing missiles near Guam would surely constitute a “threat” to the United States.

That is not to say that it would require an all-out attack on North Korea in response. But to react by saying, “oh well, just another missile test” and fail to employ some kind of force in response is not the way President Trump and his military leaders would handle this. I have no doubt that we will never send a signal of American weakness to North Korea and China.

And as far as "money laundering", after decades of sanctions that did nothing to slow the North Korean march toward nuclear capability, targeting money laundering will do nothing to stop them now. As for Camerota, what do we expect from a talking head these days, and a CNN one at that? The real issue is this: Kim Jong Un is holding Seoul hostage and using his entire country’s population as a giant human shield. Do we allow him to use this kind of terrorism to gain greater power or not? He made his choice and I say no.

One of the biggest tragedies to come from our modern news media implosion is the absence of real news about real stories occurring in the world today. We really have no idea what is happening in North Korea, or Iran, or Venezuela. Whenever these topics do make it onto the pages of our leftist newspapers or on cable news, the meat of the story is subjugated to relentless criticism of Trump and his imaginary crimes.

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Mitch McConnell Whines Over The Excessive
Expectations For The Senate To Repeal Obamacare

Down Trend -- Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell should have his picture in the dictionary next to the word failure and yet he continues to preside over the GOP majority in the upper chamber of Congress.

McConnell has justifiably been criticized over his inability to seal the deal on the repeal of Obamacare, allowing three rogue Republicans – John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins – to stick it to President Trump and the American people.

It doesn’t really bother McConnell that Americans will continue to be gouged by skyrocketing insurance premiums, the turtle is only in this racket for himself.

He is now whining about the burden of heightened expectations under Trump.

Via. ABC News: --"Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vents about Trump's 'excessive expectations' regarding legislation".
"Speaking at a Rotary Club gathering in Kentucky on Monday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vented about how President Donald Trump’s lack of political experience has led to him setting “excessive expectations” for legislative priorities.

McConnell, R-Ky., told the group in Florence that he found it “extremely irritating” that Congress has earned the reputation of not accomplishing anything.

“Part of the reason I think that the storyline is that we haven’t done much is because, in part, the president and others have set these early timelines about things need to be done by a certain point,” said McConnell, a Republican and the state’s senior senator.

Trump, a political newcomer, as McConnell noted, has a habit of declaring progress on major priorities that do not necessarily reflect the reality of lawmaking.

For example, as the House was in the midst of negotiations about its Obamacare replacement bill in February, Trump announced that Congress was in the “final stages” of its bill and said it would be ready for “submitting” in March. While the House bill was unveiled in March, that chamber didn’t vote on it until May, and health care votes continued until the end of July.

That sort of disconnect has led to Trump’s expressing disappointment when bills — chief among them health care reform — fail to end up on his desk, even though, as with health care, the political reality indicated all along how difficult it was going to be to pass legislation. “Our new president, of course, has not been in this line of work before. And I think he had excessive expectations about how quickly things happen in the democratic process,” McConnell told the group. “So part of the reason I think people feel we’re underperforming is because too many artificial deadlines — unrelated to the reality of the complexity of legislating — may not have been fully understood.”
Dude, you have the majority – USE IT!

Since the Republicans regained control of the Senate in 2014, McConnell has repeatedly talked big but then failed to deliver when the time came.

He always managed to work with Obama, a tendency that caused some skeptics to believe that the Kentuckian was nothing more than Barry’s footstool but has thus far come up severely lacking during the Trump era and should be replaced before he manages to screw up Republican chances in 2018.
Blog Author's Comments: President Trump is simply asking the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell to do the job he was elected to do. And McConnell believes the president is asking too much of him and his fellow Republicans. President Trump is definitely not the problem; it is Congress and the RINO Republicans that are the real problem. I have said the following here before, that McConnell and Ryan never expected Donald Trump to win the nomination and go on to defeat 'crooked' Hillary in the 2016 election. They assumed that with Clinton in the White House they could all simply coast for the remainder of their political careers.

Speaker Paul Ryan withheld his support for Trump for quite a while until he had no choice once Trump was our president. Now, Trump has asked them to get to work and proceed with the agenda he laid out for his supporters that elected him president. And McConnell is whining because he feels the president is asking too much and not being realistic. I and many others are very pleased that Donald Trump is our president. He has worked very hard to get healthcare reform done. Now McConnell is seeking to blame him for his own failure. It is uncommitted backstabbers like McConnell with their excuses that caused the failure.

We have been told in the past by our leaders, that there is nothing that cannot be achieved or attained by American optimism and ingenuity. The Trump derangement syndrome is way beyond partisan politics. Now it has really become un-American and unacceptable. I do have to concede that the three senators who voted against the 'skinny healthcare repeal bill' - John McCain, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins - really don't belong in the GOP. The two females, said they wanted Planned Parenthood concessions, to vote for the bill. McCain is simply a dying anti-Trumper. But, maybe McConnell could have sat down with the three of them to find out what it would have taken to get Murkowski and Collins on board. It would have been a waste of time talking to McCain.

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Quote For The Day: The same people in DC who told us Hillary would easily win are now telling us Trump is losing supporters. Sorry, he's gaining supporters. -- Richard Grenell

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Report: Hillary Clinton Looking To Rebrand Herself As A Preacher...

Daly Caller -- Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is looking to become a spiritual leader after losing to President Donald Trump in 2016, according to reports from people in Clinton’s circle.

Clinton wants to preach, according to her pastor Rev. Bill Shillady, who has written a book about the former secretary of state’s spiritual life, particularly during her years-long campaign for president.

During a promotional photo shoot for “Strong for a Moment Like This: The Daily Devotions Of Hillary Rodham Clinton,” a year’s worth of devotions tailored for Clinton as she campaigned for president, Clinton told Shillady that she’d like spiritual leadership to be part of her career.[...]

Shillady said that Clinton, a Methodist, has always been greatly influenced by her faith. “It’s been there all along,” Shillady said. “The general public didn’t necessarily want to accept the fact that she’s a Christian because there’s so many critics out there about the Clintons.”
Blog Author's Comments: It is indeed strange that this news is both hilarious, and serves as a fine example of how completely and utterly phony Hillary Clinton is. This woman has continually lied during her entire life to accomplish what she almost had with the election of 2016. The so-called reverends’ Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson could learn a lot from watching her. Perhaps she sees there is money to be made from this scam and she wants some of it. Hillary found out churches are more tax-exempt than charitable foundations.

Can this woman get anymore disgusting? And they had better lock up the communion wine. “The general public didn’t necessarily want to accept the fact that she’s a Christian because there’s so many critics out there about the Clintons.” Oh yes, I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact they are a family of money grubbing, crooked criminals. She can preach against us and for her cause as much as she cares to, there are not many who will be paying attention to this deceiver, liar and devout hypocrite.

I find it highly doubtful that Clinton will follow through with this deception. But she will always be ‘preaching’ to the people who still follow and voted for her. If the Methodist Church has any right to call itself Christian, they will disavow any connection with this fraudster. At this point in her life, is rebranding actually supposed to change people's opinion of her? You really can't make this stuff up.

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Monday, August 7, 2017

GOP Elites Plot To Remove President Donald Trump From 2020 Ticket...

President Trump is surrounded.

Surrounded by the ruling class of both parties.

The Globalists have infiltrated the White House at the highest level.

President Trump needs the American people’s support more than ever!

New York Times -- "President Trump’s first term is ostensibly just warming up, but luminaries in his own party have begun what amounts to a shadow campaign for 2020 — as if the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue weren’t involved.

The would-be candidates are cultivating some of the party’s most prominent donors, courting conservative interest groups and carefully enhancing their profiles. Mr. Trump has given no indication that he will decline to seek a second term.

But the sheer disarray surrounding this presidency— the intensifying investigation by the special counsel Robert S. Mueller III and the plain uncertainty about what Mr. Trump will do in the next week, let alone in the next election—have prompted Republican officeholders to take political steps that are unheard-of so soon into a new administration."

Asked about those Republicans who seem to be eyeing 2020, a White House spokeswoman, Lindsay Walters, fired a warning shot: “The president is as strong as he’s ever been in Iowa, and every potentially ambitious Republican knows that.”[...]

The mantle of fake news, a man who has been wrong about virtually EVERYTHING, Weekly Standard’s Never Trumper Bill Kristol, is plotting against President Trump.

In the wider world of conservative Trump opponents, William Kristol, editor at large of The Weekly Standard, said he had begun informal conversations about creating a “Committee Not to Renominate the President.”

“We need to take one shot at liberating the Republican Party from Trump, and conservatism from Trumpism,” Mr. Kristol said.[...]

President Trump’s war against the pervasive Deep State is slowly ratcheting up, as talk of Special Counsel Robert Mueller being fired is discussed inside the White House and Press more and more. The Deep State isn’t pleased.[...]

During a panel session at the Aspen Security Forum, Obama-era CIA Director John Brennan could barely hide his contempt for President Trump, suggesting an executive branch decision to fire Mueller should result in the removal of the Commander-in-Chief. In other words, a coup.

Former CIA Director John Brennan is a 'Dirty Cop'

"In the most vocal opposition to president Donald Trump yet, former CIA Director John Brennan said that if the White House tries to fire special counsel Robert Mueller, government officials should refuse to follow the president orders, as they would be – in his view – “inconsistent” with the duties of the executive branch."

"Brennan has had it out for Trump even before he was president. The Former CIA director got the FBI’s probe of the Trump team rolling, claiming back in May to the House Intelligence Committee that he was intercepting “tidbits” on Trump associates making contact with Russians.”
Blog Author's Comments: The above is coming from the NY Times, a paper who has always been a backer of the Democrats. They will take quotes out of context and create 'fake news' in their hope of being the news organization who helps to remove President Trump from office. Trump's base is firmly behind him and I feel will continue to support him, no matter what the liberals and special counsel Mueller should use to bash the president and protect his friend former FBI Director Comey and the Clintons. President Trump should have his attorneys - if they have not already begun - compile information on those who are being so outspoken about him, in particular Brennan. Kristol to me is irrelevant, he has been a Never Trumper since the campaign started and what has his crying done, not a damn thing.

Also begin prosecution meetings with the attempt to litigate against Lynch, Rice, Comey, and perhaps even Mueller, if he is involved in a cover up. Brennan is trying to incite a coup? That's not free speech and could possibly be prosecutable. I don't care where the President begins, but for the sake and sanity of the country and himself, he should have some of his trusted people start now. Technically, I don't believe Trump can prosecute anyone. Sessions needs to man up and go after Brennan, Lynch, Powers, Comey and Rice. Also, Attorney General Jeff Sessions should have never recused himself from the Trump/Russia collusion election fiasco. This allowed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to appoint Robert Mueller as special counsel for the Russia investigation. Mueller was supposed to investigate only a Trump/Russia collusion, not attempt to dig up anything he felt he wanted his people to look into that would assist him in making a case against Trump.

We already know that the slogan for the 2020 campaign should be "Keep America Great". As has been pointed out by anti-Trump Charles Krauthammer, who said that the West Virginia rally showed just how much the same army of Trump supporters who elected him are still loyal to the president. If these anti-Trump fools are so blind, they will be shocked when they see what little influence they have left disappears in 2020. Also, people, stop trying to claim that Vice-President Pence is plotting against the president, that is nonsense. The people peddling that are trying to stir up more trouble, something for the drive-by media to run with and publish more fake news.

And more concerning special counsel Robert Mueller via. CNN: Last month, when President Donald Trump was asked by The New York Times if special counsel Robert Mueller would be crossing a line if he started investigating the finances of Trump and his family, the President said, "I think that's a violation. Look, this is about Russia."

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's letter appointing special counsel Robert Mueller does not give Mueller broad, far-reaching powers in this investigation. He is only authorized to investigate matters that involved any potential links to and coordination between two entities -- the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

It is time for Rosenstein, who is the acting attorney general for the purposes of this investigation, to order Mueller to limit the scope of his investigation to the four corners of the order appointing him special counsel. If he doesn't, then Mueller's investigation will eventually start to look like a political fishing expedition.

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Maxine Waters: "After We Impeach Trump,
We're Going After Putin, Er, I Mean Pence..."

Mediaite -- Congresswoman Maxine Waters has been leading the charge in the Democrats’ fantasy of impeaching and removing President Trump from office.

And it would now appear as though Waters is already looking into the post-President Trump future and directing her ire at the man who would fill the void in the Oval Office, Mike Pence.

Blog Author's Comments: Making it very clear it isn’t about anything Trump has done or actual ‘impeachable offenses,’ it’s about engineering a coup and a takeover. Here’s a hint, though, Maxine. Even if you impeached Pence, you still don’t get Hillary.

Maxine should be in an asylum, she will get proper treatment there. With those mindless words she makes clear that this is all about undoing the results of a fair and honest election. Which means the U.S. Constitution, which she swore to uphold, means nothing to her, and neither do the American people. It's time to close down her clown show and she can go back to stealing from her constituents and donors.

Putin, Pence, you know us white people, we all look alike. If anyone should be removed from office, it should be this cretin. She's too ignorant to serve in Congress. And that is saying something. The inmates are running the plantation. Doesn't the Congressional Cadillac Health Plan pay for mental health treatment? The fact that none of the democrat leaders are telling her to quiet down, shows how dangerous the left has become.

Quote For The Day: Republicans now have 34 state governors after WV Governor Jim Justice switched parties, tying their all-time record. Democrats have just 15 governers. -- Stephen Wolf(@Politics Wolf)

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Earlier Videos - Worth Watching Again...

Trey Gowdy Grills James Comey
On Hillary Clinton Emails 7/7/16

Comey Says Obama's AG Lynch Urged Him To Call
Clinton Email Probe A 'Matter' Instead Of Investigation

GOP Senator Rubio Questions
Former FBI Director James Comey

Jeb Bush To Trump:
'You're Never Gonna Be President'

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Dem. Fool Maxine Waters Confusion: Impeach VP 'Putin' After Trump

Friday, August 4, 2017

Republican Senate Blocks President
Trump From Recess Appointments...

TLR -- And remember, there’s some people who think the “UniParty” isn’t real. Meanwhile, republicans led the way in the Senate to initiate a rules process blocking President Trump from recess appointments during the upcoming Senate break. The pro-forma session process requires all Senators to agree to the rules maneuver; they did.

There are over 100 Trump nominations awaiting confirmation from the Senate. The Senators will not return until after Labor Day.

WASHINGTON DC […] Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), doing wrap up for the entire Senate, locked in nine “pro-forma” sessions — brief meetings that normally last roughly a minute.

The move, which requires the agreement of every senator, means the Senate will be in session every three business days throughout the August recess.

The Senate left D.C. on Thursday evening with most lawmakers not expected to return to Washington until after Labor Day.

Senators were scheduled to be in town through next week, but staffers and senators predicted they would wrap up a few remaining agenda items and leave Washington early.


Blog Author's Comments: I do believe our lawmakers think we are all stupid. Actually, they think there’s no reason for them to be concerned with us. They think we’re ignorable. It seems that we are irrelevant to them. Well, here’s a plan, how about if we work really hard to give the Republicans a majority in the House and Senate? Well hell - we did that - and it did not help at all. It’s time we change their reality and make them realize who should be important to them. Yes, the big businesses have the money, but that only buys them advertising in order to try and get our votes. The legislators need to get our votes in order to win. Next election, I will only vote for those that swear to stand by Trump. I helped send Trump to DC to fight democrats, liberals, and progressives - not his own party.

The senate is obviously playing games to thwart Trump’s agenda. I have seen and heard that this is being done to “protect their pal Sen. Sessions from being fired in their absence." But, I don't believe their actions are because of their ‘worry’ that Trump will fire Sessions. Does anyone think that Sessions is a problem in the Trump Administration? It is my belief that if he really cared about our President, instead of recusing himself from the Russia collusion scam, he could have resigned or asked for a different position in the Administration, so that a new AG could be appointed who was not “compromised”. I’m having serious doubts about Sessions and would not be disappointed if Trump did find a new Attorney General.

There has to be a loyal non-corrupt lawyer that President Trump can name interim AG after moving Sessions to the DHS. It seems at this point that the Murkowski's of the GOP Senate (that is, nearly all of them) conclude it’s just fine if they lose a few seats in 2018 because when the Senate flips to Democratic control these people won’t have to work so hard to thwart the chief deplorable, President Trump. And they can go back to pretending that the GOP is the opposition party.

Quote For The Day "Congress should investigate the leaking of transcripts of calls between President Donald Trump and world leaders, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee said on Thursday. Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), called the leak “absolutely” troubling, arguing that it would cause potentially-serious complications to the White House’s ability to conduct foreign policy. “A president of the United States, a governor would tell us they've got to be able to have confidential conversations,” Warner told The Daily Beast in an interview.

“And I think it was disgraceful that those [came out].” On Thursday morning, the Washington Post published full transcripts of Trump’s calls with Mexican President Enrique PeƱa Nieto and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. The transcripts revealed tense exchanges and candid admissions from Trump about topics like refugee admissions and the border wall. But it was the act of leaking itself that shook national security experts who worried the publishing of transcripts would dramatically curtail Trumps ability to have candid, strategic exchanges with fellow world leaders." -- Sam Stein

Senators Move To Protect Mueller Inquiry From Trump Interference

Thursday, August 3, 2017

MSNBC's Joy Reid: Trump Personifies The
'Rage, Vulgarity Of Right-Wing Radio' Listeners

Truth Revolt -- Joy Reid, host of AM Joy on MSNBC, slammed listeners of Rush Limbaugh and other conservative radio hosts, saying President Trump essentially personifies the “rage” and “vulgarity” that has been stirred over the last 20 years on “right-wing radio.”
Reid told NBC’s Chuck Todd:

“It is really, to me, about the gap between the text and the subtext. If Donald Trump committed a crime among Republican elites, is that he made the long-term subtext of Republicanism into text.

“Meaning, if you've been listening to right-wing talk radio over the last 20-something years, the same anger and rage and anger at the changes in the country, the same ethic, the same sort of, you know, sometime vulgarity, existed.”
Reid continued, saying Trump “simply identified with the text of what people were saying on talk radio or listening to when they heard Rush Limbaugh.” That is, “the anger and rage that they felt all the time.”

Also, anger about having to be suppressed by a politically correct culture: “Meaning, ‘I can’t say these things because I can’t keep my job and be in polite society,’” Reid added. “Trump said, ‘Yes, you can or I can say them for you.’”

It wasn’t something Trump invented, Reid furthered, but pulled from conservatives across the country -- “the subtext and anger that was already there” -- and “making it open and obvious.”
Blog Author's Comments: Reid said: “Meaning, if you've been listening to right-wing talk radio over the last 20-something years, the same anger and rage and anger at the changes in the country, the same ethic, the same sort of, you know, sometime vulgarity, existed.” Sounds like someone who hasn't been listening to talk radio over the last 20 years. There is anger alright, but it comes from the erosion of individual liberty, the suspension of the rule of law, and destruction of economic opportunities for the working class.

The left wanted a class war, well they got it, it just didn't go the way they thought it would because the left no longer controls the narrative. From what I have been seeing, the Leftists are the ones who are destroying property, attacking Trump supporters and other conservatives - barring them from even speaking on campuses. But according to Joy Reid, we on the Right are the angry ones. But the blacks far outnumber Caucasians, when it comes to the overall brutality, burning, looting, etc. And we on the right are supposed to not notice and give them room to destroy?

It never ceases to amaze me how much the left claims what Rush Limbaugh said or didn't say, without having actually listened to him even once. If they did listen to him or Hannity and Levin, they might actually learn something besides propaganda. Liberals are clueless as to what the middle class in the U.S. think. That's why they lost the last election. But instead of sober reflection and soul searching as to why Americans rejected them across the board (White House, governors, federal/state legislatures), they chose to blame Russia and insult Trump voters as racists, Islamophobes, deplorables etc. I am extremely tired of these arrogant liberals spewing their hatred and division whenever they open their mouths to comment on topics about which they know nothing.

All they do is display to us just how liberal and racist they really are, as if we did not already know. As long as she continues to spew the rhetoric her plantation owners have brainwashed her to say, she'll never come to grips or understand why we Americans are so angry. She'll just keep doing the work of her slave owners. We won't have a country much longer if people like her win the argument, just chaos. Ms. Reid doesn't even realize that she is the personification of the liberal mental illness. Well, at least Ms. Reid's mother had a sense of humor when she named her daughter 'Joy.’

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