Monday, December 5, 2016

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Lessons In Leadership
From General James Mattis

Federal Judge Orders Recount In Michigan Placing Electoral College Votes At Risk

Obama Is The Reason
Democrats Lost, Not Fox News

Obama Administration Fails To Check Immigrants
Against FBI Databases,
Approves Citizenship

Tucker Carlson Takes On The Carlos Slim NYTimes
And Their Utterly Unashamed Leftist Socialist Bias

New Record: Americans Not In Labor Force Breaks 95 Million For First Time

Kellyanne Conway With The Insufferable
Progressive Chris Wallace Of Fox News

Five Lessons For Republicans From Trump's Win

Ami Horowitz: How White
Liberals Really View Black Voters

Fake News Update: Newsweek Never Read Their Own "Madam President" Issue

Fox News Host Kennedy Asked Jill Stein,
"Is This How You Want To Be Remembered?"

[Jill Stein is doing the bidding of Hillary Clinton.]

Nancy Pelosi: "Democrats Don't Want A New Direction"

Dick Cheney To CNN Reporter: Trump Took Us To
A Point Where We Don't Need You Guys Anymore

Blog Author's Comments -- Folks, it appears we are finally on offense with Donald Trump. And that's one of the big invisible unspoken reasons why he has such loyalty is because the people who support him are just like a lot of us, fed up with being on defense and being on a team that never fought back, much less went on offense. And his tweets and this erratic or unpredictable behavior keep Trump's opponents on defense, and it is a good thing to see.

The GOP in Michigan is saying the recount there could cost as much as $12 million. That's how much it can cost the taxpayers. Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, those three states were chosen because Trump's margin was small enough there, it was felt, that they might have some success on the recounts. I have no doubt that Green Party candidate Jill Stein, is doing the work for Hillary Clinton and funded by George Soros.

I heard that the ‘scientist’ and scam artist Al Gore visited Trump Tower today. You know Gore; he has lied for years about ‘climate change’ and has made millions by doing so. The climate's changing all the time and nobody denies that, but the idea that we control it is what is absurd, and the idea that there is man-made climate change is also absurd.

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