Friday, December 30, 2016

Bolton: 'The Russians Have Walked All Over
The Obama Administration For Eight Years'

Breitbart -- Friday, former United Nations ambassador John Bolton reacted on “Fox & Friends” to President Barack Obama sanctioning Russian intelligence officials over hacking suspicions.

According to Bolton, the Russians have “walked all over” Obama his entire presidency.

“Look, the Russians have walked all over the Obama Administration for eight years,” Bolton said. “It’s really been a pathetic performance.”

Bolton suggested Obama sanctioned the 35 Russian officials “to try and box the Trump Administration in.”

“So, what this last burst of activity has to do is hard to say. I do think it’s intended to try and box the Trump administration in. I think it will fail. This is simply an executive order. If President Trump decides to reverse it, it’s easy enough to do,” he added.
Blog Author's Comments -- John Bolton does not know that the Russians hacked Hillary's campaign manager, John Podesta's emails, and put them on-line as part of the WikiLeaks information exposing the corruption within Hillary, Podesta, Obama and the Democrat's dishonest and downright criminal activity. This, the voters were entitled to know prior to the election. Julian Assange who provides the WikiLeaks information has not been wrong yet.

Obama has embarrassed not only himself but the United States, with his actions against Israel and Russia. But, this is no surprise, he has always been an anti-Semitic and he is using the Russians as the people behind WikiLeaks hacking that showed us what Hillary Clinton has been and will always be. Putin did not win the election for Donald Trump, Hillary lost because of what she is. And Trump ran a great and aggressive campaign.

I have believed for years that Barack Hussein Obama has been the worst president in the history of our country. He has worked harder in these few weeks during the transition period than he did during all of his time in office. When it was time to go to work for we the people, he went golfing or on vacation. But when it came time to work against we the people, or against Israel, he worked overtime in an attempt to make a mess of things for Trump to clean up.

President Trump and his administration will take care of the business of governing the country with America's best interests in mind. One huge difference between Trump and Obama, Trump cares for his country and its people and Obama does not. He was intent upon dismantling the country and pitting the haves against the have not’s. Obama supported homeland terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter who are nothing but racist thugs. This is Obama the racist 'community organizer.' He cannot be gone soon enough. The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu has listened to his lies for eight years and Vladimir Putin the President of the Russian Federation laughs at him.

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Obama Is Creating As Much Chaos As Possible Prior To Leaving Office

NBC is reporting that President Obama intends to continue his efforts at creating as much international crisis as possible prior to walking away from office, and leaving President Trump to clean up the aftermath.

After initiating the latest international crisis with Israel, the former winner of the Nobel Peace Prize now turns his antagonism efforts toward Russia….

NBC News -- The Obama administration is preparing retaliatory actions against Russia for its alleged involvement in cyber-attacks on Democratic Party institutions in order to interfere in the presidential election, two senior U.S. officials confirmed to NBC News.

As early as Thursday or Friday, a 2015 Obama executive order will be updated to announce the retaliatory steps, the officials said.

The announced steps will likely include economic sanctions coordinated by the Treasury Department. Unannounced steps could be covert and may involve cyber options — although the U.S. has been very careful to try to avoid engaging Russia in an all-out cyber war, the officials said.[...]

In October the Obama administration publicly accused the Russian government of directing the cyber-attacks on U.S. political organizations.

Obama earlier this month blamed "the highest level" of the Russian government for the hacks, noting that "not much happens in Russia" without Putin giving the green light.

Russia has denied involvement.
Blog Author's Comments -- Obama, the Democrats and a few left leaning RINO's have no hard evidence that Russia interfered with the election. Obama and Hillary will never accept the fact that they and their party lost to Donald J. Trump and will not likely elect another president for a long time.

Obama is doing his best to insure President-Elect Trump will fail. The joke is on Obama. Things being done now with Russia and Israel will only contribute to his already failed presidency, it will all but guarantee Obama will be remembered for his failed foreign policies. Can anyone name another President who went out of his way to put the screws to his own country less than 30 days before leaving office? Once again I say, he is nothing but a racist, narcissistic, 'street corner community organizer.' He continues to prove that he was not fit to be the president of our country.

This, like a lot of other things Obama is doing, isn’t something that will lead to Trump’s failure. In his delusional mind, he thinks it will, but I’m betting that Trump will be able to fix this quickly and move past it. Of course, if and when that happens, Obama will become absolutely unglued. And with each attempt to try and be an obstacle in the way of President Trump, he will embarrass himself even more.

I am old enough to have lived through a number of administration changes and have never seen an outgoing president behave so recklessly with complete disregard for serious consequences with his words and actions. This petty, petulant little man-child has attempted to be a human wrecking ball since his first day in office. Good riddance to a huge stain on America's history. But, I did not vote for him because I knew what he was and is - and now he is going out of his way to prove it.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Mike Huckabee Points Out How Obama Just Totally Humiliated Hillary

Bizpac Review -- Mike Huckabee thinks Hillary Clinton should be offended.

The former Arkansas governor found President Obama’s claim that he “could’ve mobilized a majority of the American people” and won a third term if he was allowed to is an insult to Clinton.

Mike Huckabee - Obama Saying He Would Have
Defeated Trump Is An Insult To Hillary Clinton

“What an insult to Hillary Clinton by Barack Obama to say, ‘she’s a loser, I’m a winner. She couldn’t win, I would have won!’” Huckabee said on “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday.

“If I were Hillary Clinton, I would be livid that the president was making those statements,” he added.

Huckabee, also slammed the president’s comments in a CNN interview that race played a part in his being rejected by voters in the South.

“It had nothing to do with color,” he said. “It had to do with the content of the policy and the disaster that it wrought.”
Blog Author's Comments -- Why worry about what Obama says or Hillary thinks? In just over three weeks both of them will hopefully just be bad memories. Obama is a narcissist; he has an inflated sense of his own importance and a deep need for admiration and a lack of any empathy for others. He is also vulnerable to the slightest criticism of him. It should be clear by now that everything is about Obama, even the things that are not. The man has presided over the virtual implosion of his party he allegedly heads - how many seats have flipped from blue to red in his 8 years? Yet his self-awareness remains as lacking as ever.

Obama would throw anyone under the bus as long as it makes him, in his mind, look better. Reality is he's nothing. He is a very sad excuse for a human being and president.

Clinton did run a terrible campaign because she thought 2016 was hers to win. As a result she did not work and campaign the way she should have. She is obviously out of shape and lacked the stamina to go after what she really wanted. She was also dragging her own political baggage and also what Obama is leaving behind. At least half of the country did not want a third term of Obama which is what we would have received if she had won.

Knowing that Obama was and still is a street corner community activist prior to going into politics, it's no surprise that he lacks class and good manners. I hope the White House archivist is doing a complete inventory of the furnishings that belong to the White House to make sure it can all be accounted for after the Obamas leave.

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[ John Kerry - The Gutless Puppet Of The Anti-Semitic Obama. ]

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Maxine Waters: Problem With Democrats
Is That We're Too 'Nice' To The Other Side

Mediaite -- Congresswoman Maxine Waters said on MSNBC today that one of the problems her party has is that they tend to be too “nice.”

She told Jacob Soboroff, “That has been a problem in my party, that when we’re in power we’re nice. We bend over backwards to work with people. Trump has stepped over everybody.”

Waters was responding to Democrats already expressing a willingness to try and work with President-elect Donald Trump, saying, “I have no intention of pretending everything’s all right.”

She even said she wouldn’t even bother sitting down with Trump because she just doesn’t trust him.
Blog Author's Comments -- Maxine, don't flatter yourself, I doubt that President Trump would want to sit down with you in an attempt to help America, you have nothing of substance to offer which could help the current situation that the Democrats have put our country. So the same Democratic Party that called Trump supporters racist, sexist, homophobic and deplorable were way to nice this election cycle? It’s hilarious that the same woman, Maxine Waters said that the “Tea Party can go to hell.”

What a nice woman, she has the same mentality as many other racist Democrats. The real problem with the Democrats is they elect simpletons like Maxine Waters. Until Blacks stop voting for and electing deranged people like her to represent them, they will never make any progress. Follow racists like her and 50 years from now not a thing will have changed for so many blacks. They will still be the same miserable failures blaming whitey for everything.

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Monday, December 26, 2016

Now - Jill Stein Wants The Justice Department To Investigate The Election

The Hill -- Stein pushes Justice Dept. for investigation of electoral system.

Jill Stein is continuing her push to investigate the integrity of the U.S. electoral system, with lawyers for the former Green Party presidential candidate asking Attorney General Loretta Lynch to probe the issue.

“We write to urge the Department of Justice to launch an investigation into the integrity of our nation’s election system generally, and our nation’s voting machines specifically, based on the information we discovered in the course of this representation,” reads the letter from Stein’s counsel dated Friday.

“The attempted recount process has uncovered that voting machines relied on in these states and across the country are prone to human and machine error, especially in under-resourced black and brown communities, and vulnerable to tampering and hacking,” the letter continued.

“The recount also found that the states’ efforts to protect their systems may be insufficient, particularly in low-income communities and communities of color. Each of these grave concerns warrants federal intervention,” it added.
Blog Author's Comments -- Jill Stein, you had your recounts, now shut it down and go away, so we will never have to listen to or look at you again. After January 20, I want President Trump's Justice Department to investigate Obama's Justice Department. They might also investigate Jill Stein’s phony fundraising. I have little doubt that her money came from Soros and Hillary. The left still can't come to grips with the fact that Hillary Clinton will not be the next president. And the letter from Stein's attorney naturally mentions low-income communities and communities of color. These people are not able to function and vote for themselves? If that is the case perhaps they should not be voting.

What a pathetic and ignorant group of people, and that includes most if not all of the media. The left are beyond unhinged and dishonest. I heard this morning that press Secretary Josh Earnest said that the Obama administration is the 'most transparent in history'...unbelievable. We need voter I.D. laws for everyone in all states. No I.D. they don't vote. Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton become bigger jokes every time they speak. Stein must be on a retainer with Soros and Hillary for the next year as senior female election agitator. She can join Obama as an assistant because that is what he will be doing.

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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Friday, December 23, 2016

Newt Gingrich: 90% Of Obama's Legacy Is Going
To Disappear When Trump Becomes President

News Ninja -- Former Speaker Newt Gingrich joined Fox and Friends this morning and started out the gate popping the truth off like a champ. Newt told viewers that Obama didn’t work with Congress to pass legislation and close to 90 percent of his legacy will be undone when President-elect Donald Trump gets rid of those executive orders.

Newt also talked about how Trump found a strategy to win the electoral college while Hillary missed the mark. It’s called The United States of America, and not the United individuals of America. If liberals really wanted to fight for fairness they would be insisting that all states carry the same amount of elector votes, but that won’t happen because they already have an advantage in the current system.

One thing this election has done is really showed the colors of the Democrats and how they want to control everything. Before the election, they were the biggest supporters of the Electoral College and used it to forecast their winning of the Election. Finally, something happened that was not under their control and now they are crying like a bunch of babies. Undoubtedly, Obama will spend his last days working with them trying to conceive some plan to screw the American people again – they thought they could spend New Years playing golf in Hawaii.

I’m so sick of the crying and whining from the Democratic Party and the liberal lunatics. It’s just time for these people to go away and I hope and pray that the American people realize and never forget what these idiots did to our nation in just eight years. Never Democrat or big government again.
Blog Author's Comments -- Any 'legacy', some people believe, Obama has is worthless to our country. He came into office as a street corner 'Community Organizer' and that is how he will leave. He did not learn anything while in office. Too bad Obama won't totally disappear, but I seriously doubt he'll go out with class and dignity, he will continue to do as much harm to our country as he can on his way out the door and beyond. If he wants air time to trash whatever Donald Trump does the liberal mainstream media will gladly give him what he wants.

From the column: One thing this election has done is really showed the colors of the Democrats and how they want to control everything. Before the election, they were the biggest supporters of the Electoral College and used it to forecast their winning of the Election. Finally, something happened that was not under their control and now they are crying like a bunch of babies.

I do hope that Newt Gingrich is correct by saying most of Obama's 'legacy' will disappear within a year. This should be because he made many laws via executive order and much of that can be undone in the same way by President Trump. I believe what pleases me and many other Trump supporters, aside from now having him as our president, is the chance to mold the Supreme Court into a right leaning high court for decades. And in the next election there are many Democrats who are up for reelection in states won by Trump. This is also another chance to push the Democrats to the back of the bus for a long time. If Donald Trump does nothing else he stopped Hillary Clinton from becoming the next president. But I believe Trump will be a very productive president and someone who is good for America.

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Political Videos & Links To Political News...

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Big, Sulking Babies?

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Her White House Role

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Mitch McConnell Admits He Never Thought Trump Had A Chance

Townhall -- Donald Trump’s victory on Election Day came as a surprise to politicians and pundits alike, including Sen. Mitch McConnell, who recently told Kentucky Education Television’s “One to One” that he never thought the president-elect would win.

“I didn’t think President Trump had a chance at winning,” he said on the show late Monday. “It never occurred to me that he might be able to win.”

Ultimately it was the way Trump connected with voters that gave him the edge over Hillary Clinton, he explained.

“I think that there was a lot of feeling among just ordinary people all across the country that the current administration didn’t care about them,” he said. “Trump was able to convey—oddly enough, a message from a billionaire who lives in Manhattan—a genuine concern for people who feel kind of left out, are sort of offended by all the political correctness they see around them and didn’t feel like this is the American that they’re accustomed to.”

What surprised McConnell most was Trump’s ability to turn blue states red.

“What was amazing about Trump’s victory is that he pierced the ‘blue wall’ that I haven’t seen a Republican carry in a long time. He was able to break through and that’s why he won a comfortable Electoral College victory. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.”

He also said he thought Republicans “would come up short” in their effort to maintain control of the Senate.

But being wrong on both accounts made the election all the more exciting, he explained.

"It was really exciting because you get more excited about things you don’t expect to occur.”
Blog Author's Comments -- McConnell may well have been excited about something he didn't expect to occur. But, shouldn't he be asking himself why he didn't expect it? Why did he, a professional politician, miss what Trump, a political novice, discovered? Why did it take until election night for it to occur to him that there was at least a possibility of a win? This is an example of the political class in Washington being totally out of touch with everyday Americans, and not even noticing in real time that Trump was connecting with them.

If McConnell was clueless about what most Americans could see plainly, why is he serving as majority leader? For that matter, why is he still a senator? Kentucky, you should be able to do better than him. McConnell is convincing when he admits he was clueless. It is sad, although quite believable, to think that the leader of the Senate GOP is this out of touch with ordinary American middle class voters. That we need a new Senate majority leader goes without saying.

McConnell failed to push hard enough against the Obama agenda. The Senate passed few bills it knew Obama would veto. McConnell became 'tough' this year because he knew in his mind Trump would not win. If Trump was not elected, he could then position himself to say that with another democrat president, the GOP did what it could and he would need to reach across the aisle. In other words, the GOP would capitulate again and the Senate would remain the same old swamp. A Clinton win would have provided him with cover because he would claim the people wanted something to get done by voting for Clinton. Now, he has a GOP President and there will be no excuses not to accomplish a constitutional agenda. Trump has altered McConnell's potential excuses. I have to believe McConnell is now feeling some pressure, because he will be asked to produce and help the president accomplish his agenda. It will be interesting to observe his actions beginning January, 20 2017.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

It's Officially Official - Donald Trump Wins Electoral College Vote

…“and we will win, and you will win, and we will keep on winning, and eventually you will say we can’t take all of this winning, …please Mr. Trump …and I will say, NO, we will win, and we will keep on winning”. ~ Donald Trump

ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTE: Donald Trump 304, Hillary Clinton 227, Colin Powell 3, Bernie Sanders 1, Ron Paul 1, John Kasich 1, 'Faith Spotted Eagle' 1

Morning Joe Panel Slams Clinton's
Response To Why She Lost The 2016 Election

(Even MSNBC is beginning to tire on Clinton’s blame game.)

CIA Director Is Orchestrating Hit
Job Against Trump: Peter King

(CIA Director John Brennan is a 'dirty cop.')

Donald Trump vs. The Establishment

(Donald J. Trump the next President of the United States.)

Blog Author's Comments -- Donald Trump showed us early on he knows what it means to be an American, to unleash that spirit that our fore fathers fought to preserve. I am thankful I tried to help him, in a very small way and had faith in him that he could win. I am very thankful for him. This was over the day Trump entered the race. Everything else was distraction.

The Democrats and most of the media have been lying during the entire campaign and good people do eventually get sick of being lied to. There was never any defeat, only in the minds of those who doubted. We will continue to hear from the mainstream media along with the Clinton camp how Russia hacked the vote and stole it from Hillary. This is, no doubt, the biggest lie of the entire campaign. Hillary Clinton was simply a terrible candidate who refused to do the work and believed 2016 was finally the year of her coronation. I do hope she and her husband go away, I don't want to hear anything more that either of them have to say.

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Monday, December 19, 2016

Bill Whittle Discusses "Fake News"...

Good segment from Bill Whittle discussing the latest “fake news” meme, and the accompanying media motive therein. The end message is especially true.

Blog Author's Comments -- As the Electoral College prepares to elect President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence on December 19th, Hollywood Marxists are working through a leftist Soros-funded network of political PACs to threaten Electoral College Delegates, encouraging them to “vote their conscience”, which means vote against Donald Trump. The left will never accept what has happened to them and I for one don't care. We waded through eight years of the worst presidency in the history of our country and he is still attempting to do more harm while he is finally leaving office.

According to these anti-American Marxists, Trump is “unfit” for the Oval Office and they are trying to “save our country and freedom itself” from the tyrannical reign of an unfit Trump administration. The Obama administration is accusing Russia of interfering in the 2016 elections on behalf of Trump, C.I.A. Director Brennan appearing to be the sole source of that accusation, as Russia categorically denies. I and many more do not believe that Russia had anything to do with Hillary's loss.

Meanwhile, social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter are also being blamed for the electoral upset of Hillary Clinton, resulting in Facebook promising to police “fake news” by using “fake fact checkers” SNOPES and FACTCHECK as their gatekeepers of truth and justice, both of which are well-known propaganda machines for the political left directly associated with the Democratic Party.

In short, the Democrats who belittled Trump for suggesting that the election system was “rigged” are now crying that the election was rigged, for Trump. It is nothing short of astonishing and childish.

But here’s the big story – as all this nonsense consumes the headlines of the real “fake news” agencies in America, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR, MSNBC and even FOX, the proof that the entire Obama Administration of two terms was built upon an overt act of fraud is nowhere to be found in the daily headlines!

This is how Newt Gingrich puts it: "The larger point for all Americans is you now have a propaganda media that has no relationship with the news. It’s aligned with a Washington establishment which is corrupt and dishonest."
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Friday, December 16, 2016

GOP Senator : "I'm Sure Vladimir Putin Is Shaking
In His Boots" After Obama Threatens Retaliation

GP -- Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) mocked Obama on Friday during an interview on the DNC email leaks. Obama told NPR on Thursday that he would retaliate against Russia over the alleged hacking of DNC emails. Johnson told America’s Newsroom:

“I’m sure Vladimir Putin is shaking in his boots.”

Senator Ron Johnson said he asked for a CIA briefing but was denied:

“I asked for a secure briefing from the CIA this morning… And they refused a briefing.”

Blog Author's Comments -- The Chief Executive Obama will probably draw another red line which he has done on many occasions and it means nothing, just his bad ass rhetoric. But, he had no problem with the DNC screwing Bernie Sanders and attempting to influence the Israeli election. Putin is well aware of the kinds of "retaliation" that Obama is capable of. Just like Obama's Syrian red line debacle, Putin is bracing himself for another meaningless lecture from Obama. In only about a month this worthless person who now occupies the White House will be gone, at least as the president.

He's just trying to start civil unrest here and cause problems for Trump's transition. It is incredibly reckless, and I don't understand why all these "anti-war" democrats are beating the war drums for Russia. Even if Russia did what they say - and I don't believe they did - it's nothing that we haven't done a hundred times around the world. Obama, Hillary and all Democrats get over it! You lost because Hillary was a terrible candidate. And there is no briefing from our intelligence people because they do not know or have proof that Russia hacked anything that affected the outcome of the election. But the Democrats and their buddies with the MSM have run with the story. The left just cannot deal with Clinton’s loss of the presidency.

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Obama Encourages Soldiers To Resist President Trump's Authority

Truth Revolt -- President Obama addressed members of the military for the last time in December and gave his blessing for them to challenge the authority of President-elect Donald Trump freely.

Speaking at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, Obama told the soldiers about “the foundation that we will leave for the next administration.” That would include “each of us [having]…the universal right to speak your minds and to protest against authority; to live in a society that’s open and free; that can criticize our president without retribution.”

Obama’s speech included the idea that U.S. policy is to counter “violent extremism” in its many forms and the implication was that Trump’s plans might fall under that category:
“So rather than offer false promises that we can eliminate terrorism by dropping more bombs or deploying more and more troops or fencing ourselves off from the rest of the world, we have to take a long view of the terrorist threat. And we have to pursue a smart strategy that can be sustained. In the time remaining, let me just suggest what I think should guide this approach.”
Obama then laid out his scientific credentials citing how “a changing climate” contributes to a rise in terrorism by “increasing competition for food and water.” And just after assuring American citizens have a right to freedom of expression under the First Amendment, the president said perhaps there’s too much free speech because “impressionable minds” are targeted by “extremism” on the web. That’s why, he said, his administration has policies to block certain speech on social media.

And then he was on to criticizing the Second Amendment for allowing violent extremists to arm themselves:
“Somebody who is trying to kill and willing to be killed is dangerous, particularly when we live in a country where it’s very easy for that person to buy a very powerful weapon.”
And of course, Obama did everything he could to defend Islam from being associated with the terrorism that is gripping the world:
“We are fighting terrorists who claim to fight on behalf of Islam. But they do not speak for over a billion Muslims around the world, and they do not speak for American Muslims including many who wear the uniform of the United States of America’s military. If we stigmatize good patriotic Muslims, that just feeds the terrorists’ narrative. It fuels the same false grievances that they use to motivate people to kill. If we act like this is a war between the United States and Islam, we’re not only gonna lose more Americans to terrorist attacks, but we’ll also lose the sight of the very principles we claim to defend.”
Given his reluctance to call out a violent religion’s jihad on the West, his disdain for “certain” free speech and gun rights protected by our Constitution, and his encouragement to defy authority, is it a wonder so many question his love for our country?
Blog Author's Comments -- This is a Commander-In-Chief? He is encouraging our military to disrespect, disobey and question authority. What a fine piece of work even for him. It's as if he continues to keep trying to best even his lowest low. For America’s military to succeed it has to have a standard of discipline as most people realize and what he has done is to encourage mutiny over authority. I seriously doubt there are many in the military that have much if any respect for Obama, but I do believe they will respect President Trump.

It is bad enough that he has wasted eight years dividing our country, but now he also wants to divide our military. January 20 cannot come soon enough. Obama doesn't have a clue what it takes to be a president, he has learned nothing. He has no class, no integrity and no honesty. He's a thug with the title. He came into the office as a community organizer and that is how he has conducted himself during his time in office. It is too bad that the first black president of our country had to be the worst president.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

'Good Riddane, Mr. Reid' - Romney Tells Reid He Has No Respect For Him

Twitchy -- In response to Romney’s willingness to meet with Trump, presumably about a potential secretary of state gig, Reid told the Huffington Post: “This is man who came out big-time against Trump. Oh, the things he said about Trump. Well, that’s great, that’s wonderful,” Reid said. “Either he wasn’t telling the truth, or he’s a person with no character. After having said that, to go and do homage to this guy he said awful things about, I don’t think that shows much character.” “Mitt Romney is somebody I had respect for,” Reid said, in a somewhat dubious assertion. “I have none anymore.”

In response to Harry Reid, Romney had some choice words of his own for scumbag Reid: "I was indeed very critical of Mr. Trump during his campaign. But now he has ben elected president and accordingly, If I could have helped shape foreign policy to protect the country I love, I would have been more than willing to do so." Romney said through a spokesperson. "As for Mr. Reid, I lost respect for him when he repeatedly lied about my taxes and later admitted to it cheerily. Good riddance, Mr. Reid. The Senate will be better served without you in it."
Blog Author's Comments -- Too little, too late, Romney, but at least you are finally showing some character. It looks like President-Elect Trump helped Romney find his spine. Too bad he didn't have it in 2012. After Romney slammed Trump's tax returns I put him in the same category as Reid. Romney fought against Trump much more vigorously than he fought against Obama.

This is the Trump Effect. Expect more outright pushback from others in the future. It's time the right fought back. The Senate will be much better without Harry Reid in it. He is a lying, scheming unprofessional little person who will say and do anything in attempt to get his way. Reid shriveled up after he lost his control of the Senate. If only he would have retired years ago.

But, Harry Reid initiated the process of invoking the so-called "nuclear option," which changed Senate rules for the way the upper chamber considers certain presidential appointments. This is the only good thing he left for the GOP. And now it should help President Donald J. Trump. The nuclear or constitutional option is a parliamentary procedure that allows the U.S. Senate to override a rule or precedent by a simple majority of 51 votes, instead of by a supermajority of 60 votes.

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The CIA Was Wrong About
Russia Helping Trump

Hillary Begs For Benghazi Lawsuit Dismissal

Judge Says Electors Must Vote For Statewide Winner

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

White House, Clinton Tied To PR Firm Behind Electoral College Push

Daily Caller -- The public relations firm working behind the scenes with the faithless electors is rife with ties to prominent Democrats like President Obama and twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Megaphone Strategies, whose stated mission is to “use PR as a tool to diversify progressive movements,” typically works with progressive causes like Black Lives Matter. The firm is representing the handful of “faithless electors” trying to keep President-elect Donald Trump from winning the Electoral College vote.

The firm was co-founded by Van Jones, the former green jobs czar in the Obama White House who later resigned after it was revealed he signed a statement questioning whether the Bush administration had a role in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Jones now works as a CNN commentator.

Molly Haigh, Megaphone’s co-founder and president, worked for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Haigh blames the Republican party’s “racist, misogynist, xenophobic fear mongering” for Trump’s rise to power.
Blog Author's Comments -- The disgusting Democrats are trying to invalidate the voters choice. Hillary Clinton will not let her defeat go. This time around the presidency was supposed to be hers. Perhaps she should have worked harder campaigning instead of sleeping. She thought Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin's Electoral votes were hers and she did not have to campaign for them. And with Donald Trump the next president, he will invalidate any Obama's legacy that exists. Van Jones is also still in denial, but he is nothing more than a black racist which is why he is now an employee of CNN.

This election proved beyond doubt, with empirical evidence, the Democrat party and media are one and the same. Liberals are such poor losers; I have never seen such a group so eager to embarrass themselves. All roads seem to lead back to the Clinton crime family. She can't handle her loss so she's using whatever radical liberal group she needs to try and steal the election and the media are doing her dirty work daily, with their fabricated news stories, i.e. Russia stole the election from her. The truth is that no one actually knows who was behind the hacking of Hillary and John Podesta's emails which brought us WikiLeaks. This cast some light on how corrupt and criminal Hillary Clinton is.

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Russian Election Hack
Conspiracy Theory

Monday, December 12, 2016

Politically Oriented Videos & Links To Political News...

Newt Gingrich Goes Off On "Fake News"
And New York Times: "Conspiratorial BS"

Bitter: Congressman Begs Electoral College Voters To Block Trump

Reince Priebus Destroys The Hysterical
Chuck Todd Over Russian Conspiracy Theories

Chill Jill: Judge Rejects Pennsylvania Recount

Kellyanne Conway Full Interview With
John Dickerson On Face The Nation

Obama Mocked Romney Over Russia, But Now Blames Russia For Trump

Tucker Carlson vs. Washington Post
Over "Angry White Racist" Trump Voters

Spiteful McCain Suggests Exxon-Mobil CEO Is Putin Puppet

Donald Trump On Russian Hacking:
It's Ridiculous, I Don't Believe It

Govt. Spends $100 Million Ferrying Illegal Immigrant Children Around Country

Judge Jeanine: The Election
Is Now Over, Mr. President

Blog Author's Comments -- The media and mainstream of the Democratic Party is spending their time trying to delegitimize Donald Trump's election. But Trump is continually on offense, he is not letting the uproar via the NY Times and Washington Post distract him from his work to put his cabinet together and his entire administration.

The, so called, intelligence from unknown sources at the CIA spreading the story via the liberal media that the Russians hacked the DNC, and because of what was exposed through WikiLeaks regarding Hillary, was the reason she lost what was rightfully hers. There is no proof that Russia had anything to do with her failure. This is more 'Fake News' from the Trump haters, liberal media and the Democratic Party.

Did Vladimir Putin tell Hillary Clinton to pile up all those votes in California and New York instead of focusing on electoral battleground states? When did Vladimir Putin tell Hillary Clinton to call half the country deplorables? Wow, what power Putin has.

Don't Tell Me That The CIA Isn't Politicized

Questions About Vladimir Putin

Friday, December 9, 2016

The Loser Hillary Clinton Says Fake News Is Putting Lives At Risk

GP -- Fake News all year pushed the lie that Hillary Clinton was going to win the election in a landslide. That didn’t happen.

Today sore loser Hillary Clinton went to Capitol Hill and whined about fake news. She said fake news was putting lives at risk. Oh please!

The New York Post Reported:

In her first visit to the Capitol since her shocking election loss, Hillary Clinton on Thursday called on Congress to address the “epidemic” of fake news that she said was a danger to the nation. Clinton was speaking at a ceremony to honor retiring Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid when she diverted from her compliments to address “one threat in particular that should concern all Americans.” She called on Congress to stop the “epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year.”… …“It’s now clear that so-called fake news can have real-world consequences,” Clinton said, though not mentioning that particular incident.

“This isn’t about politics or partisanship,” she said. “Lives are at risk. Lives of ordinary people just trying to go about their days to do their jobs, contribute to their communities.”

Blog Author's Comments -- Why doesn't Hillary just go away and enjoy the corrupt and dirty money she and her husband received from their donors? I am glad I won't have to listen to her screeching voice and lies anymore. She called on Congress to stop the “epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year.” Why is she blaming 'social media'? Because many people would never have known much about what she has been involved in if it were not for social media the many bloggers and conservative talk shows. Most if not all of the news organizations did all they could to hide the Clinton corruption from the voters and push her into the White House.

Now, these same networks will be churning out 'fake news' in an attempt to manufacture the blather that President Donald J. Trump was the worst choice for president. They did this prior to the election and it did not work. Could it be that enough voters now know the true narrative of the mainstream media? And where was the media during the 8 years of the Obama administration? Just a very small amount of the real news generated from what Hillary Clinton was involved in: The lies she told about Benghazi, her Arab Donors, the Clinton Foundation that is totally corrupt, her Husband and his sexual escapades, her private server, the deleted emails etc. And this pathetic woman is talking about 'fake news.' I assume her little speech to Congress on fake news was her excuse for her epic loss. And if so many on-line sites had not informed the people she could have been the next president.

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Kellyanne Smacks Hillary Back: Biggest 'Fake News' Was That Trump Wouldn't Win

Jeb Bush Tells Trump: 'You're Never Gonna Be President'

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Obama Appointed Federal Judge Shuts Down Michigan Recount

Bizpac Review -- A federal judge Wednesday night shut down Michigan’s presidential recount, ruling that Green Party candidate Jill Stein has no constitutional right to demand a recount.

Stein has sought a recount of the presidential vote in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, three of the closest states which collectively give Donald Trump his margin of victory in the Electoral College. But her recount effort in Pennsylvania has already been shut down, while the recount in Wisconsin has yielded almost no change to the results, leaving Michigan as the lone place where Stein has a plausible hope of altering the result.

But in a ruling issued Wednesday night, federal district court judge Mark Goldsmith, a Barack Obama appointee, said a recount in Michigan was not warranted, upholding a prior ruling by a state court.

Goldsmith had previously ordered Michigan to begin recounting its votes Monday while he reviewed the decision of a Michigan state court, which found Stein was not an “aggrieved candidate” under Michigan law because she had no chance of winning, and therefore had no right to request a recount. Stein received just one percent of the vote in Michigan, but has argued she has a right to demand a recount for the sake of exposing alleged flaws in the state’s electoral system.

Goldsmith sustained the Michigan court’s ruling, saying Stein had offered only “speculative fear” of voter fraud rather than any actual evidence. The lack of any serious evidence, he said, meant a recount simply couldn’t be justified with Stein otherwise incapable of winning the election.

Stein will be able to appeal Goldsmith’s decision to the federal Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, but for the time being, the recount will be halted.
Blog Author's Comments -- This scam by Stein and Hillary should have been shut down before it even began. Does this finally mean we can move on? Of course not, Stein, Hillary's mouth piece, will file an appeal just to milk every last bit of attention and the slimmest possibility of tying up those Electoral votes. But, after the Progressive Liberal Left activists "explain" to Jill Stein she just may stop the recount.

The Democrats don't want to deal with the massive fraud being uncovered in Michigan. This is probably why the Obama appointed judge shut it down. Stein got what she wanted, the money from Hillary, unless Hillary tells her to return it. Stein is an embarrassment to herself as is Hillary Clinton. Just imagine if Clinton had been elected president, this is difficult for me to write but she would have probably been worse than Barack Hussein Obama. Now, let the Electors vote, Trump be inaugurated, and tell the leftists to get out of President Donald J. Trump's way and let him do his job.

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One Of The Most Conservative Cabinets In History

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

GOP Bill Defunds Schools That Ban The American Flag

Washington Examiner -- Dozens of House Republicans have introduced legislation that would prevent federal funds from being used to fund schools and colleges that ban the American flag.

The bill was introduced the same week that Hampshire College in Massachusetts decided to remove the American flag from the campus.

Initially, the college lowered the flag to protest President-elect Trump’s election victory, and student protesters burned the flag the next day. The flag was removed entirely as a form of further protest, and eventually raised again Dec. 2.

That started a petition asking that federal funds be removed for any college that takes down the flag. And on Friday, Rep. Mike Turner, R-Ohio, and 52 other House Republicans put forward legislation to accomplish that.
Blog Author's Comments -- It is shameful that this even has to become a bill. Americans should be proud to have our flag fly, very proud. If a student or faculty member does not want to support America and those who died for that flag then no US tax dollars for them. Also, any foreign guest student on a visa involved in anti-American propaganda and 'activist' ‘protests’ should have their visa revoked and be deported.

It is about time that some sanity started showing. If the American flag offends them, then American taxpayer's money should offend them to. Hopefully, with a real American President in the White House, we can now start pushing back on these leftists who have taken over many of our Colleges, Public Schools and so much of the government.

Unfortunately there are college students and instructors of these students, who refuse to respect our country's flag, and many feel the exact same way about our military. Perhaps they should educate themselves about what happened today, 75 years ago, with the attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan. How many of these students and instructors would gladly join the military to defend our country? I would say the percentage would be very small.

Remembering A Small Part of Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941 was a different America. Four months later, there was the Doolittle Raid on Japan. It showed that America was willing to hit back. It was 3-1/2 years from the Pearl Harbor attack and the Japanese surrender. We're fifteen years after the 9/11 attack, which killed more people, and we have yet to impose massive defeat upon our enemy.
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900% Surge In Asylum Demands, Only Half Of Illegals Caught

The Obama Legacy: 13 Million More Americans On Food Stamps

Democrats Now Realize They Made A Huge Mistake Invoking The 'Nuclear Option'

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

House Republicans To Delay And Deny Trump's Election-Winning Priorities

GOP lawmaker Bill Flores (R-TX) told the American Enterprise Institute that “some of President Trump’s proposed policies are not going to line up very well with our conservative policies.” Trump’s immigration reforms will likely be shelved by House Republicans.

Breitbart -- A top ally of House Speaker Paul Ryan has outlined the GOP leadership’s strategy to isolate and block President Donald Trump’s populist campaign promises, likely including his popular immigration reforms.

“We all agree that some of President Trump’s proposed policies are not going to line up very well with our conservative policies,” Texas Rep. Bill Flores told an inside-the-beltway audience on Dec. 1.

“Let’s do the things where we agree — let’s do tax reform, lets do Obamacare, lets replace Obamacare, let’s start dealing with border security, let’s rebuild our national security and then, on those areas where his agenda is not exactly aligned with ours … then, we’ll figure out the rest in the next six months,” Flores told Arthur Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute.

“The GOP Congressional leadership wants to pass all its priorities quickly — tax cuts, regulatory cuts, Obamacare repeal, a Scalia replacement, maybe throw in some kind of weak ‘border security’ bill for show,” influential blogger Mickey Kaus told Breitbart, adding:

But once Trump signs their bills, what do they need him for? His leverage is cut in half. If he wants new laws — mandatory [mandatory] e-Verify, funding for a Wall etc.– it seems like he has to get them while he still has leverage.

Flores also said that if the GOP takes the lead, Trump also will be less likely to push his populist agenda by changing agency policies and regulations. The GOP leadership will “just tell him, ‘Hey, we’ll take the lead on this, and we will give you the legislative and constitutional support to go forward.’
Blog Author's Comments -- Speaker Paul Ryan, Bill Flores (R-TX) and their friends are making a mistake by believing they have what it takes to tell Trump how the Party should work. Ryan doesn't listen to us because he's not one of us. And there are other posers like him and Flores that infiltrated the Republican Party. Ryan has been against Trump since day one. He and others within the GOP would not have cared if Hillary had won the election. Ryan and many House and Senate members may as well be part of the Democrat Party. I do believe Ryan feels better with Obama than he does with Donald Trump. Trump scares him.

Ryan and any other member of the GOP in Washington will be called to the President's office for a little chat if they try to stand in the way of the items that President Trump wants to accomplish and the voters want to see implemented. As for immigration, Trump could immediately empower his DOJ to enforce the existing immigration laws via multiple law enforcement agencies (i.e. ICE, Border Patrol, DHS, etc.) as well as give businesses 6 months to come into compliance with existing American Employment laws.

The Congressional Republican leadership is greatly over estimating their power and influence over the people. If they don't fall in line and start doing the business of the people, the people will make a career decision for them in the coming years. But, there is one thing people are going to have to understand about Donald Trump is that he is not stupid, he's not a bull in a china shop. You may end up disagreeing with him profoundly or not liking him at all before this is done. But he's not dumb, and he's not ignorant, and it's not that he doesn't know what he's doing. He knows exactly what he's doing and is doing it for a reason. I believe that reason is to try his best to attempt to help our country and I do not see this from most of the members of the Republican Party.

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Politically Related Videos & Links To Political News...

Lessons In Leadership
From General James Mattis

Federal Judge Orders Recount In Michigan Placing Electoral College Votes At Risk

Obama Is The Reason
Democrats Lost, Not Fox News

Obama Administration Fails To Check Immigrants
Against FBI Databases,
Approves Citizenship

Tucker Carlson Takes On The Carlos Slim NYTimes
And Their Utterly Unashamed Leftist Socialist Bias

New Record: Americans Not In Labor Force Breaks 95 Million For First Time

Kellyanne Conway With The Insufferable
Progressive Chris Wallace Of Fox News

Five Lessons For Republicans From Trump's Win

Ami Horowitz: How White
Liberals Really View Black Voters

Fake News Update: Newsweek Never Read Their Own "Madam President" Issue

Fox News Host Kennedy Asked Jill Stein,
"Is This How You Want To Be Remembered?"

[Jill Stein is doing the bidding of Hillary Clinton.]

Nancy Pelosi: "Democrats Don't Want A New Direction"

Dick Cheney To CNN Reporter: Trump Took Us To
A Point Where We Don't Need You Guys Anymore

Blog Author's Comments -- Folks, it appears we are finally on offense with Donald Trump. And that's one of the big invisible unspoken reasons why he has such loyalty is because the people who support him are just like a lot of us, fed up with being on defense and being on a team that never fought back, much less went on offense. And his tweets and this erratic or unpredictable behavior keep Trump's opponents on defense, and it is a good thing to see.

The GOP in Michigan is saying the recount there could cost as much as $12 million. That's how much it can cost the taxpayers. Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, those three states were chosen because Trump's margin was small enough there, it was felt, that they might have some success on the recounts. I have no doubt that Green Party candidate Jill Stein, is doing the work for Hillary Clinton and funded by George Soros.

I heard that the ‘scientist’ and scam artist Al Gore visited Trump Tower today. You know Gore; he has lied for years about ‘climate change’ and has made millions by doing so. The climate's changing all the time and nobody denies that, but the idea that we control it is what is absurd, and the idea that there is man-made climate change is also absurd.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Bill Whittle's Firewall: Hillary's Final Disgrace

Truth Revolt -- Bill Whittle is back with another Firewall commentary, this time about Hillary Clinton's final disgrace. Benghazi. Emails. Even leaving her supporters out in the cold on election night while she smashed things and hit people... Just when you think she cannot sink any lower, she finds a way.
Blog Author's Comments -- It would not surprise me if Hillary Clinton has every intention of running for president again in 2020. So there are many more chances to disgrace herself. She is just too power hungry, corrupt, and greedy not to try again. But, I don't know if the Democrats are really that ignorant to want her as their nominee, with all the corruption, lies, deceit and shame she has heaped on herself and them. But, the fact is, the left has no ultimate low. They will sink further and further. As far as Mrs. Clinton, she has not even begun to defile herself, there will always be more. After 8 years of a disastrous Obama Administration and the attempted destruction and demise of America, these people have shown just how dangerous they are and can never be trusted to govern America.

So by now almost everyone knows that the Clinton campaign has joined in the three-state election re-count launched by Jill Stein, who is eager to make a name for herself and raise a lot of money. But, I believe Stein asked for a recount while doing the work of Hillary. So why did Hillary Clinton decide and want to attach her name, her campaign’s name, and the Democratic Party brand to this foolishness? Hillary Clinton is an evil person and she was convinced that this was her election to win. The recount will do nothing but make Clinton and the Democrats look even more deceitful then they are already are, but she just cannot let go, cannot face the fact that the election is over and she is the loser.

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Tensions Get Heated Between Trump And Clinton Camps

Sean Hannity Interview With Donald Trump

Thursday, December 1, 2016

75-Year-Old Detroit Man Delivers The Taxpayer Relief Shot

Washington Free Beacon -- A 75-year-old Detroit man is alive, one suspected intruder is dead, and another is at large after a home invasion on Friday.

The man told police that he heard a noise at his home’s back door around 3 a.m. on Friday. Two men broke an exterior window to gain access to the home and then used a crowbar to break into an interior door. When the homeowner went to investigate he found the two men standing in his kitchen.

“He ended up firing two shots, striking one of the suspects,” Officer Dan Donakowski told the Detroit News. “Both suspects attempted to flee on foot, but the one that was hit collapsed in the backyard and was pronounced dead at the scene.”

Police said the suspects in the break-in were between the ages of 16 and 18 but did not release the identity of anyone involved in the ordeal. One community leader described the homeowner’s actions as a justifiable case of self-defense.

“These two young males presented imminent danger and the homeowner protected himself,” the local community security chairman told ABC affiliate WXYZ. “There’s no reason for anyone to violate the rights of senior citizens, women, children and try to break into a home.”

Police said the homeowner was cooperating with their investigation and they don’t plan to file any charges.
Blog Author's Comments -- I say good for the home owner who did what he should do. The 'suspects' were between 16 and 18, and it was 3 AM. If the parents can be found, charge them as accomplices. To the wannabe thugs out there, never presume that the old guy you see working in his yard is an easy mark. He may have been a combat vet in his younger days or a life long hunter and firearms marksman and a genuine bad ass.

Today, he may not be as fast as he once was, he may not see as well as he could but he still has a very devious mind. He knows his way around his home in pitch dark. He knows the sounds his house makes and knows the smell of someone who is not supposed to be there. Trust me, wannabe thug, you do not want to raise that old guys ire. He can kill you and you will never see him. The column stated that: “There’s no reason for anyone to violate the rights of senior citizens, women, children and try to break into a home.” What? It should have been written as "There's no reason for anyone to violate the rights of ANYONE and try to break into a home."

I am more than glad that we now have Donald Trump as our next president for 4-8 years, and he will be able to put Justices on the Supreme Court who should judge according to the Constitution. That means one of the very important rights we now have, which is the right to bear arms will remain a right, and many people now have their concealed carry permit. If Hillary Clinton had been elected this is one right that may have been changed within the coming years.

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