Friday, September 30, 2016

New Map Shows Swing States In Play,
And It's Looking Good For Donald Trump

Bizpac -- Donald Trump is leading in five of the top seven battleground states, according to a new poll.

Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly broke down the “dramatic numbers” from a Real Clear Politics poll during Thursday’s “The Kelly File.” The seven swing states in the 2016 battle for the White House represent more than one third of all the electoral votes needed to win.

The poll showed Trump leading over Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton by five points in Iowa and more than two points in Nevada. The Republican nominee is also leading in the key states of Ohio and North Carolina. In Colorado, Trump is just edging ahead of Clinton.

In the swing state of Florida, the two candidates are in a dead heat while Clinton continues to lead in Pennsylvania, the poll showed. But in that state, where Trump has not been expected to win, he has narrowed the gap to less than two points.

Kelly noted that the battleground states, except for North Carolina, were won by President Obama in the last two election cycles.
Blog Author's Comments -- Hillary Clinton is the most dishonest, lying, corrupt, creature to ever run for president and the liberal voters who plan to vote for her refuse to face the facts and the truth. They have been force fed the lies and half truths and are incapable of a free and honest thought of their own. Hillary and her staff just twist the half truths and lies and they get spread among the liberal media and they run with them to protect her and continue to use them against Donald Trump.

Hopefully, by Election Day, enough people will be on the Trump train and off the Hillary wagon to make Trump President of these United States, but time is running out and most of the Washington D.C people in power are covering up all the corruption Clinton is guilty of. If Hillary wins it is the death of America. If one can believe this poll there is still hope for us. Now Donald Trump has to stop with the petty ‘tweets’ against everyone who comes out with some false statement about him and continue to act presidential. This would be a big help in his quest for the White House and to finally remove Hillary Clinton from politics.

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Politically Oriented Videos...Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton & FBI's Comey

Jim Jordan (R-OH) Gets FBI Director To
Confirm Cover Up Of Evidence Tampering

Hillary Clinton Is Unable To
Win This Election On Her Own

Trump Was Absolutely Right, Hillary Called
TPP "The Gold Standard Of Trade Deals"

Great American PAC, New
Trump Ad "Your Voice"

Congress Votes Overwhelmingly To Override
Obama Veto Against Justice For 9/11 Families

Trump To Black Voters:
"What The Hell Do You Have To Lose?"

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Awkward Questions For Hillary About Bill Clinton's Women

Judge Napolitano: It Appears FBI Was Told To Exonerate Hillary 'At All Costs'

MSNBC: Hillary Campaign Concerned About Getting Her 'Enough Rest'

Obama - More Harm For Our Country, Give Ownership Of The Internet To The UN

Hillary Clinton Secretly Signaled Moderator During Debate

'Crooked' Hillary Clinton

Blog Author's Comments -- Hillary Clinton comes up with some allegation about Donald Trump and the media, like lapdogs, will run with it, because it's coordinated. You have to be able to watch this stuff and discern that, to understand it, to not doubt it. Eight times out of 10, it's exactly what is happening.

Democrats are corrupting agents. There is nothing sacred. There's nothing. There's no loss of life, there's no accident, there is no event that they will not exploit for political gain!

Whatever is going on in this country right now, you cannot blame any of it on Donald Trump, including Iraq and the Iraq War. Hillary Clinton? You can attach her to almost everything that's happened in this country, particularly the last eight years, and when she was a senator.

We are going to find out in November how many American voters actually think it might be time to try a genuine outsider. As Donald Trump said during one of his talks with the African-Americans, "What The Hell Do You Have To Lose?"

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Gingrich: Hillary Was Mean, Nasty And Personal, Her
Usual Self, The First Debate Was A Victory For Trump

News Ninja -- Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich joined Sean Hannity on Monday night to discuss the GOP nominee Donald Trump’s performance, and when you listen to the man with the political knowledge of an Oracle and who analyzes and breaks down people and their actions as a police profiler, you have an excellent combination.

“That might have been the best single moment, and Hillary was mean, nasty, knew it was a cheap shot,” Gingrich said. “He had a perfect time there to clobber her. he looked over at Chelsea and thought ‘I’m not going to do it.’ It showed.”

Many online polls show Trump winning the debate, while others call the debate a draw. Mainstream media does their thing awarding the debate to Hillary, probably because she stood there.

Newt Gingrich: 'Enormous, Historic Victory' For Donald Trump

Blog Author's Comments -- Hillary Clinton is unworthy to be president. Trump will have his time to go after her; there are two more presidential debates. I still enjoy him when he is fighting back, telling the audience who Hillary really is and what she is guilty of. She was smug through out the entire debate. It was as if she had been given the questions prior to the debate and rehearsed her answers. Then there were the repeated personal attacks against Trump. And Clinton’s buddy, the moderator Lester Holt, conducted the show the way he was told to do it.

There was not one question on Benghazi, the Clinton email scandal, her breach of security issues, the Clinton Foundation or her stand on immigration. Hillary was far too arrogantly sure of herself; her replies were prepared in advance. Again, Trump needs to go for the jugular at the next debate and if a subject he wants to discuss is not asked he should bring it up himself. Now is not the time to hold back, he has to put it all out there and rev up his supporters and others who are still sitting on the fence as to who they should vote for.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Another Opinion And Perspective From The First Presidential Debate...

Blog Author's Comments -- There’s a ton of opinions on the results of the presidential debate last night. The last thing needed is another one. But, the only opinion that matters is yours.

Before last night’s debate my own opinion was that almost no-one is truly undecided in this election.

Yes, there might be a small number of people who are looking for an excuse to vote one way or the other. But as a general disposition everyone who will vote on November 8th already knew their candidate before the stage show last evening.

The moderator Lester Holt was clearly helping Hillary as much as he could. NBC moderator Holt interrupted Trump a record 41 times, either to “fact-check” the Republican nominee, or to ask a follow-up question. Clinton was only interrupted 7 times during the course of the 90-minute debate.

Holt interrupted Trump the most during a particularly heated exchange about Trump’s stance on the Iraq war. Holt challenged Trump in particular, cutting him off several times to assert the business mogul did indeed support the war in Iraq when it was popular. Lester Holt accused Donald Trump of supporting the Iraq War back in 2003. Trump brought up his interview with Neil Cavuto in his defense.

Neil Cavuto Just Busted MSM - From 2003 Trump Interview

I was not surprised that Donald Trump had to debate both Lester Holt and scandal-plagued Democrat Hillary Clinton. But, anyone who is tuned in to the political scene expected this. I do not want a 'crooked' career politician Hillary Clinton as our next president. I would think that viewers noticed that Lester Holt did not ask questions about Hillary's emails, Benghazi or the Clinton Foundation.

But, since he entered the campaign Donald Trump has been a breath of fresh air to me and millions more voters. Clinton has too much baggage for anyone to seriously consider voting for her. She is a criminal and for her to be the president would certainly be a crime.

If one believes in the polls Trump has done very well, and the Democrats, especially Clinton and Obama, cannot believe what they are seeing and hearing. As a result I think they are plotting many ways to manipulate the election in November, in Clinton's favor. I believe and hope that there are so many people who plan to vote for Donald Trump that this will overcome whatever the Clinton's and the Democrats attempt to do.

Liberal media hacks like to push their own narrative on Donald Trump’s position on so many issues which are of interest to so many people. They have and will continue to beat on him for everything he says or does. But, the people who plan to vote for Trump far out weigh all the effort the liberal/progressive so-called journalists say and do.

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Rigged: CNN Poll Claims Hillary Won The Debate
Sampled 41% Democrats Compared
To 26% Republicans

Monday, September 26, 2016

NYTimes' Johathan Martin: "The Degree To Which
People Believe" Clinton Is Dishonest Is Incredible

GP -- Jonathan Martin, the national political correspondent for The New York Times, hammered on Hillary Clinton Sunday morning on CNN.

Blog Author's Comments -- I find his comment quite telling, coming from a New York Times reporter, who would say this about Hillary Clinton one day before the first presidential debate and so close to the general election. But he is being factual for a change. The New York Times is always on the side of the Democrats. But, he is only echoing what so many polls say, he cannot spin the polls for Hillary and be believable.

Just imagine, if the media would do their job, this election would be over for her. They're keeping her desperately afloat. For Democrats, it is okay even an obligation, to lie, cheat and steal when fighting evil Republicans, saving the planet from global warming, feeding children, etc. You hear the same old same from them before every election. That is why Hillary's ads are always about why you shouldn't vote for Donald Trump rather than why you should vote for her. Her only avenue to the white house is to make Trump look worse than she is.

Pre-Debate Perspective

Let’s face it, we’re being forced to live through this ridiculous bizarre world, info-stream of media manipulation being called the great debate that just may determine who the next president will be. The importance and value of the Trump-Clinton presidential debate will be directly proportional to the media’s ability to declare Hillary Clinton the winner.

If Clinton does poorly, debates don’t matter. If Clinton does well, nothing has ever been more important in the history of all presidential campaigns than debates.

Replace the name Clinton with Trump above, and you can just reverse the valuation. Trump does good, debates don’t matter. Trump does poorly, debates are the height of excellence, the determining factor.

These are the expressed media rules of the narrative going into the debate tonight. If Hillary remains standing and doesn’t cough out her wandering left eye into her custom glass of thick water – she’ll be declared the winner and there will be no need to hold an election on November 8, 2016.

"Deplorables Unite"

Brexit Leader Nigel Farage On Hillary Clinton:
"The Worst Candidate I've Ever Seen In The States"

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If Hillary Loses, Democrats Face Long Time In Exile

The FBI Never Had Any Intention Of Prosecuting Hillary

Hillary Should Be 50 Points Behind

Friday, September 23, 2016

NAACP Leader On Police Shooting: Doesn't Matter If He Had A Gun

NAACP Leader On Keith Scott: "It Really Doesn't Matter If He Had A Gun"

DownTrend -- People couldn’t believe what North Carolina NAACP leader Corine Mack admitted to CNN’s Carol Costello.

She admitted that most in the community do not truly care if the man shot by police officers Keith Scott, was holding a weapon at the time of the incident.

“I think the most important part is the contrast in him having a book versus a gun. But in my mind and in most of the community’s mind, it really doesn’t matter if he had a gun.”

The quote may not be all too shocking, but the fact that she admitted it is pretty surprising. The NAACP held a press conference on the same day in which they were asking for a video to be released. But in the interview, Corine Mack was basically saying the video may not solve anything.

It seems that they only care about narrative and not about facts.
Blog Author's Comments -- And Corine Mack is the NAACP leader in this area. This is telling those who were looting, trashing and burning their city and beating any white person in the area that it is okay. That says quite a lot about that organization in North Carolina. At least she did not lie about how she and many other black citizens in our communities think and believe. No doubt the 'black savior' Barak Obama did not do a thing to help race relations, I have never seen them as bad as they currently now are.

And this woman is clearly a racist, is this why she was elected/appointed as the leader of the organization in this area? It really is too bad that so many black people are throwing their lives away because of what they believe. And yet, they will always blame the police or the white folks for their problems. The black man who was killed Keith Lamont Scott, by a black officer was armed, was instructed to drop his weapon, and refused to do so. What else do they expect the police to do? The blacks really do not have any leaders who actually care.

Police released information earlier today that Keith Scott’s fingerprints and DNA were on the hand gun, seen in eye witness reports and retrieved from the shooting.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Audio From The Rush Limbaugh Radio Show...

'Sad Observation': Rioting Is Almost Expected Now

If Hillary Loses, Chicago 1968 Is
Going To Look Like Romper Room

People Are Now Realizing That
The "NFL Can Easily Be Turned Off!"

Blog Author's Comments -- I just want the Republicans out there, you establishment people who even now keep saying that you believe the American people want bipartisanship. Maybe they do. But the people that they are going have to be bipartisan with are the Democrats who want no part of it. And I see Hillary as literally in a time capsule stuck back in the 1990's. I look at Hillary, I listen to her, I look at her campaign strategy, and it's old, it's worn out, it's predictable, just as she is. This is why Donald Trump is making his move. For those of us who want a better government and country than we now have, this our last chance, there is no do-over; Trump has to win a huge victory for himself and especially us.

In the second term of the first Black President rioting is the new normal, and I don't ever see this changing. The rioters enjoy what they do. They look for any excuse to riot, smash, steal and burn. Until the police are free to stop this in any way they can, which will probably never happen, this will never end. Meanwhile the thugs are enjoying themselves, but do not realize how they look to the average law abiding American.

As for the NFL players, who have life so tough because they are black, and now refuse to stand for our National Anthem and are making millions of dollars playing a game. What can I say? Perhaps they don't realize how good they have it. But, I believe that they are showing everyone what fools they are, making asses of themselves, their team, the team owners and the NFL commissioner.

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The Thugs Of Charlotte, The Governor Calls Out National
Guard As Police Shooting - Protests,
Rioting, Looting Continue

White Man Dragged, Beaten Begging For Mercy

Just Days After Terror Attacks, Obama Slams Americans At The UN

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

'Sleep Well Hillary!': Trump Comments On Clinton Campaign Break

InfoWars -- GOP nominee Donald Trump is hoping his opponent Hillary Clinton has a nice rest during her days off.

On Tuesday, the Republican presidential candidate mocked the former First Lady’s six-day break via Twitter, saying, “she needs the rest.”

"Hillary Clinton is taking the day off again, she needs the rest. Sleep well Hillary, see you at the debate!"

Trump’s comments come as Hillary’s campaign schedule appeared bizarrely Hillary-less for the next six days with less than 50 days to go before the election.

Hillary was set to return to the campaign trail next Monday at the first presidential debate, according to, however her schedule was updated to add a campaign stop in Orlando, Florida on Wednesday, September 21.

The former secretary of state had already taken several days off in the past weeks after her campaign announced she would rest due to a bout of pneumonia.

Trump has made it a point throughout the campaign to call attention to the Democrat nominee’s stamina, or lack thereof.

Trump: Hillary Just Wants To Go Back Home And Go To Sleep

Blog Author's Comments -- I don't see Hillary campaigning much at all. Oh, sure, I see every other high level Democrat out on the campaign trail, including the President and his wife, campaigning for her on her behalf, but no Hillary. She is not working because she's been 'promised' the election by the power elite, and she believes she'll get into office one way or another. Crooked Hillary could not care less about you or me or any other American citizen.

Lately, Hillary Clinton appears to be ready to assume room temperature. She looks heavily medicated for whatever reason. The woman is a mess. How did they spin it on the news this morning, "debate prep?" Apparently, the smartest and most qualified candidate ever, the one that has been intimately involved in all things politics for three decades, needs to practice her answers to the debate questions she has already been provided with, and don't doubt me on this. Anyone who is politically educated has to see what America will become if Hillary would win the presidency. If Donald Trump is not our next president we are in very serious trouble.

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It's Time We Face The Facts About The Muslim World

Obama Plans "Unprecedented" Campaign To
Drag Bumbling Loser Over
The Finish Line

The Real Power And Purpose Behind The 'Black Lives Matter' Movement

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Political Videos & Links To News Columns...

Third Party Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson On CNN
Monday Morning Concerning The Bombing In New York
..."Well, First Of All, Just Grateful That No-Body, Got Hurt"...
(He should join the Clinton camp, one of the professional idiots.)

Ten Times In Past Two Years Terrorists Slipped Through Immigration Process

In Wake Of NYC, NJ, MN Terror Attacks, Hillary Clinton Now Says
She Is For "Tough Vetting" To Keep Potential Threats Out Of America
(This comes after months of attacking Donald Trump for saying we
must use, "extreme vetting" to keep potential threats out of our country.)
[She says this in the first 3 minutes of the video]

She Goes There: Unhinged Hillary Actually Accuses Trump Of Treason

Donald Trump Speaks Out In Wake Of NYC, NJ,
MN Terror Attacks: "Must Get Much Tougher"
(Trump on terror. We need to hit them harder over
there, and stop them from coming into the country.)

Minnesota Restaurant Posts 'Muslims Get Out' Sign

Hillary Clinton Uses Word "Bombings" To Describe NYC,
NJ Explosions; Then Criticizes Trump For Saying "Bomb"
(BTW - Does Hillary sound awfully weak and look drugged here?)

Obama Flooding More U.S. Cities With Muslim Migrants

Donald Trump Enters Miami Rally With "Les Deplorables"
Backdrop For Speech: "Welcome To All Of You Deplorables!"
(Trump continues to hit back at Clinton's 'deplorables' remark.)

Monday, September 19, 2016

Obama Jokes About ISIS On Same Day America Gets Bombed Twice

Daily Caller -- President Barack Obama made a joke with unfortunately bad timing Saturday, quipping that the Islamic State was no big deal compared to his birth certificate, only to have America hit by two separate explosions.

While addressing a dinner held by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Saturday night, Obama joked about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s recent declaration that Obama was, in fact, born in America.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I am so relieved that the whole birther thing is over,” Obama said. “I mean, ISIL, North Korea, poverty, climate change, none of those things weighed on my mind like the validity of my birth certificate.”

Unfortunately, at almost the same time Obama made his remarks, the Chelsea neighborhood was rocked by an explosion that injured at least 25 people. New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio said the explosion was “an intentional act,” and authorities reportedly found a second, undetonated pressure cooker device on a nearby street.

Astonishingly, the Chelsea blast was the second explosion of the day. A Marine Corps charity race in New Jersey was hit by a pipe bomb that thankfully left no injuries, and a subsequent investigation discovered additional devices.

Meanwhile, in St. Cloud, Minnesota, an attacker reportedly motivated by Islamic radicalism was shot dead after wounding eight shoppers with a knife.

The culprit, or culprits, for both bombing incidents haven’t been found yet, but ISIS has encouraged supporters to make attacks within the United States. Last June’s deadly massacre in Orlando was perpetrated by Omar Mateen, who declared his support for ISIS during the attack.
Blog Author's Comments -- Once again Obama proves that he believes the war America has with ISIS members does not exist. Not too long ago Obama called ISIS the "JV" team when giving his expert opinion on the group. Obama will never change his mind about the army of savages. Obama was a 'community organizer' when he was elected president and will go out the same way. He has learned nothing! Over the past few years ISIS has taken many lives and is the prime terrorist group and growing. Without a doubt Obama is the worst president America has ever had. But, he has his liberal lapdog 'journalists' to cover for him. He was only elected because he is black and we have so many politically, low-information voters. At this writing the terrorist who is believed to be behind the bombings in New York, Islamist Ahmad Khan Rahami is in custody after a shootout with police.

If the same fools who backed Obama vote for Hillary Clinton in November, it will be the end of America as many of us once knew it. The borders will remain open; the unvetted illegals will parade into our country and create many new problems. And I have no doubt Clinton will give them citizenship so they can vote for the Democratic Party. The GOP will never again elect a president. She will put more leftist Justices on the Supreme Court and Hillary and the high court will remove many of the rights we now have. She will continue Obama's direction for our country, but on steroids. So it is up to the people to elect Donald J. Trump and give him the chance to attempt to change the path the country is now on.
After a weekend of Islamist attacks Hillary Clinton accused Trump of "giving aid and comfort" to terrorists. Go figure. She is grasping for anything that she believes will help to put her fat ass in the White House.

Hillary Clinton delivered a brief press conference Monday on the weekend terrorist attacks in New York City, New Jersey and Minnesota. Once again Hillary refused to say “radical Islam.” Hillary Clinton was asked about Donald Trump’s policies and rhetoric in what appeared to be a staged question. Hillary accused Trump of “giving aid and comfort to the terrorists.” Clinton looks as though she is heavily medicated, and very ill person who is waiting until the election is over so she can go back to sleep.

If One Believes In Polling This Could Be Good News For Trump. Black Voters
Are Turning From Clinton To Trump In New Poll Which Answers The Following:

-Why did CNN specifically broadcast the Congressional Black Caucus dinner in Washington DC Saturday?

-Why did President Obama and Hillary Clinton make the decision to attack Donald Trump at this dinner?

-Why did Hillary Clinton’s campaign make a specific decision to resurrect the worn out Obama birtherism narrative?

-Why did Pastor Faith Timmons plan to ambush candidate Donald Trump during a speech in Flint Michigan?

The reason for those and many more obvious racial political strategies can be found within the following report: “Black voters are turning from Clinton to Trump in new poll"

Read column HERE
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100,000 Somali Refugees Admitted To US Since 9/11, 99.6 Muslim

More Than 800 Immigrants Mistakenly Granted Citizenship With Security Concerns

The Least Qualified President Ever Says Trump Is Unqualified To Be President

Friday, September 16, 2016

Hillary: I'm The 'Most Transparent' Presidential Candidate Ever

Truth Revolt -- Hillary Clinton, fresh from a recent bout of overheating, dehydration, flu, pneumonia, exhaustion etc., got back on the campaign trail with a Thursday morning radio interview, though she now seems to be suffering from something else -- serious self-delusion.

On The Tom Joyner Show with News One’s Roland Martin and CNN’s Don Lemon, the conversation turned to the criticisms of Clinton that were revealed in Colin Powell‘s recently leaked emails, and it was on that point that Lemon asked her about whether she is hubristic by not being more transparent with the people.

Mediaite reports that as Hillary spoke, she got an audible chuckle from the others as she insisted that she was not only more transparent than Donald Trump, but more transparent than any U.S. presidential candidate before her:

“I think I’ve worked very, very hard to be more transparent than not just my opponent, but in a comparison to anybody who’s run. The medical information I put out, and we’re going to put out more, meets and exceeds the standard that other presidential candidates, including President Obama and Mitt Romney, have met. I think the real questions need to be directed to Donald Trump and his failure to meet even the most minimalistic standards that we expect of someone being the nominee of our two major parties.”

So much for not being hubristic.

Hillary’s claim is curious considering that a lack of transparency -- i.e., inveterate lying -- is one of the biggest problems voters have with her.
Blog Author's Comments -- Hillary, by referring to herself as the "most" transparent, that should tell anyone who has been paying attention to the campaign and her political career that she is the last person America needs as our president. Liars have to lie, she can't help herself. Hillary may have learned transparency from Obama. It is hard to tell who learned what from whom. I just hope these two can become so transparent that we can't hear and see them anymore.

It’s easy to see through the bullshit she spews. So in that sense she is pretty transparent. And with her statements, she insulted the intelligence of every American. That's nothing short of 'deplorable.' And I would bet she said ‘transparent’ with a straight face. This does not even deserve to be called a lie. A lie implies that the truth was considered even for a moment and discarded. The truth has never ever entered Hillary Clinton’s sick mind.

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Media Outraged After Trump Tricks Them
To Cover Endorsements
From Military Heroes

Feds Spending Millions On 'Emotional Wellness' For Refugees

Trump: 'The Only Thing' Clinton 'Can Offer Is A Welfare Check'

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Audio From A Recent Rush Limbaugh Show...

Obama Can't 'Roll The Dice' With Trump

'Unlevel Playing Field' Created To Benefit Hillary

Hillary Has A "Miracle Disease!"

Blog Author's Comments -- It seems to me that the liberal media are doing a great job in misdirection when it comes to reporting on Hillary. They're not covering hardly any of the negatives, and yet they're getting out there. The negatives are still getting out there. Perhaps Fox News is making some difference, even though I no longer trust them. Some of the major blogs and conservative news sites are also helping with the message. This is the reason Obama wants to shut down all political news over the internet, especially negative news with regard to Hillary, Obama and the Democrats.

There are a significant number of Obama supporters that are just not into Hillary, and the polling data is showing all of this. 80% say they've heard about Clinton's health concerns. That's bad news to the liberal media, the Clinton people. They are trying to prevent this very thing from happening. It's a huge figure. And 9 in 10 said they had heard a lot or some about Clinton’s use of a private email server as well.

And what else did we expect Clinton's doctor to say? She would never have said that Hillary has health problems that would make it difficult for her to fulfill the challenges of the president. The doctor values her life, which could possibly end with some sort of unfortunate accident, if she were to say Hillary's health will be a problem for her if she happens to win the election for president. There's something very odd about the diagnosis that Dr. Lisa Bardack presented for her patient Hillary Clinton, it doesn't exist. Dr. Bardack apparently made it up.

~ Links To More News ~

Cruz Fights To Keep internet In The U.S.

Hillary's BS Health Update: Now She Has The Flu Or Something

DNC Discovers Emails Were Hacked, So They "Emailed" Everyone New Passwords

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"Deplorables" - Judge Jeanine Pirro Destroys Hillary Clinton...

Hot Gas -- Judge Pirro, the attractive arbiter has unsheathed her-studded verbal gavel and set her sights on Hillary, the hate monger:

Blog Author's Comments -- The Judge just made Hillary ten pounds lighter in the ass. Come on Judge Jeanine, quit holding back, tell us how you really feel. As an aside, the media's equating of Hillary's remark to Romney's "47 %" remark is not only nonsensical but trivializes the dehumanizing aspect of what Hillary said. The difference is, the media agree 100% with Hillary's comment.

They despised Romney for pointing out, that most of the progressives' support would evaporate if they couldn't bribe people to vote for them. It's a case of "we know it's true, but we resent anybody saying it out loud". The judge wields a 50 pound sledge hammer when she speaks. Ripping into people like an industrial shredder, it would be entertaining to see her debate Hillary Clinton. And I don't want to have to look at or hear Clinton speak for four years after watching Obama in action the past eight years.

~ Links To More News ~

Don't Let Comey Put A Criminal In The White House

Newly Leaked Emails Confirm Clintons And Obamas Can't Stand Each Other

Report: Clinton Avoided Bellevue ER To Conceal Details Of Her Medical Treatment

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Political Videos & Links To News...

Clinton's Campaign Manager Robby Monk Repeats "Power
Through" Talking Point - Tapper Accepts Monk's Bullshit

Bill Clinton Says: Oh, Yeah! Hillary Faints A Lot

At Posh Fundraiser, Hillary Clinton Calls "Half, Of
All Trump Supporters "A Basket Of Deplorables"

Charles Barkley Exposes The Truth: Blacks,
Not Whites, Are Keeping
Black People Down

Ed Rollins: Hillary Clinton Will Have A Hard Time Putting
"Deplorables" Attack On Trump Supporters Behind Her

Clinton Team Avoided ER To Conceal Details Of Her Medical Treatment

CNN Fact-Checker Has To Admit Clinton Aides
Destroyed Hillary Email Devices "With Hammers"

Exposed: FBI Director James Comey's Clinton Foundation Connection

Rep. Trey Gowdy Questions FBI
Director (Corrupt) James Comey

Blog Author's Comments -- Democrats have grave concerns about Hillary Clinton. The polls are tightening now. In the battleground states, it's become a dead heat. Trump has, in the words of the media, "seemingly matured," is doing things right, staying on message. His rallies continue to draw tens of thousands of people. Mrs. Clinton can't draw 500. It's panic time.

Now, let's look at this "deplorables" comment Hillary Clinton made. "Deplorable" has many different definitions: Disgraceful, shameful, dishonorable, unworthy, and inexcusable. But we know how she meant it. She was basically saying that half of Donald Trump's voters are human debris. This is a woman seeking the presidency. That's violating rule number one! You should want to be president of all the people. What was deplorable was what she allowed to happen in Benghazi, what she did with her private email server, that she deleted thousands of emails when she was told not to. Hillary Clinton folks, is the one that is "Deplorable."

I don't wish anyone ill health, but in Hillary Clinton's case I will make an exception. She would actually be worse than Barrack Hussein Obama, and that is saying something. Clinton cannot be allowed to place at least 2 and probably 4 new Supreme Court Justices on the high court. They would all be of the same mindset as her, and the two Obama placed, on the Supreme Court, for life. This would set the country back generations and they would make drastic changes to our Constitution.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton Does Not Have The Physical Health
Nor The Mental Capability To Function As The President

Hillary 'Faints' As Secret Service Rushes Her Out Of 9/11 Memorial

Clinton Struggling To Walk After "Overheating" At 9/11 Memorial

Hillary Clinton's Health Just Became A Real Issue In The Presidential Campaign

Clinton Campaign 'No Comment' On If Related To Medication

Clinton Was Observed "Fainting" In A Departure Area

Hillary Clinton's Health In Rapid Decline

Hillary Clinton Has A 'Medical Episode' At 9/11 Ceremony

Yesterday The Press Was Reporting The Above

Now Clinton's doctor says she has pneumonia. According to CNN’s reporting, Hillary Clinton has been examined at home by her personal physician, Lisa Bardack, and has been diagnosed with “pneumonia”; which is also being used as a current reasoning for her cough. The diagnosis carries with it instructions for extended rest, medication to include antibiotics, and she will again be removed from ongoing campaigning. But her doctor supposedly told her she had pneumonia on Friday.

If this diagnosis and treatment course (stay out of the public etc.) seems a little too convenient to you, there is understandable reasoning for skepticism and cynicism. Almost everyone who follows the campaign has noted how little campaigning Clinton has done in the past few months. Hillary Clinton barely held any campaign events in August, and only a few events in the past two weeks and this wore her out. Her campaign schedule has been the lightest of any presidential candidate in the past 30 years. There is more to this than we are being told.

Blog Author's Comments -- Hillary Clinton is melting down, not only because of what apparently is related to her health issues, but because of some of her recent comments. I do not believe the polls which show that she is ahead of Trump with the voters. Donald Trump is drawing thousands more potential voters to his rallies and speeches than Clinton.

Hillary said at a Friday night fundraiser that half of Trump-Pence supporters could be put into a "basket of deplorables." Now she is trying to walk her comment back. She has shown during her 30 years in politics, as the first lady, Senator, and Secretary of State that she is not qualified to be placed in the office of president. Hillary Clinton is such an awful candidate and corrupt human being, the media can spin only so much to keep people in the dark. As the curtain is pulled back even further, the stench of desperation is emerging. This is the last chance - the election of 2016 - that our side has to put a president in office. We cannot screw it up folks, because if Clinton wins, game over. Life in America will only become worse.

Donald Trump Campaign Ad: "Deplorables"

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Friday, September 9, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Email Deleter Gets Immunity...

Trey Gowdy (R-SC): FBI Gave Immunity To Person Responsible For
Deleting Clinton Emails, And 'Destroyed Official Public Records'

Breitbart -- On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) reacted to a report that the FBI gave immunity to Paul Combetta, the computer specialist who deleted Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails, by stating that if Combetta was given transaction immunity, it would be like giving the triggerman in a robbery immunity, and “it looks like they gave immunity to the very person you would most want to prosecute, which is the person who destroyed official public records after there was a subpoena and after there was preservation order.”

Gowdy said, “[I]f the FBI and Department of Justice gave this witness transactional immunity, it is tantamount to giving the triggerman immunity in a robbery case. … But it looks like they gave immunity to the very person you would most want to prosecute, which is the person who destroyed official public records after there was a subpoena and after there was preservation order.”

He added, “The devil’s in the chronology. … Keep in mind, the story broke about her email, and then there was a preservation order, and then there was a subpoena, and then there was her press conference, which has been thoroughly and totally debunked, all of it was demonstrably false, and then there was a conference call between David Kendall, Cheryl Mills and Platte River. And then emails that had been in existence for five years. Emails that he’s known about, at least since December of 2014, he decides to delete, sua sponte just all on his own. And that defies logic why some techie in Colorado would, despite a subpoena, despite a preservation order, but after a conference called with David Kendall and Cheryl Mills, decide on his own, that he is going to destroy public records. And then you grant this person immunity, which means, perhaps that he cannot be prosecuted. … We need to ask the FBI what kind of immunity did you give, and why did you give it to the triggerman, why did you give it to the person who actually destroyed government documents?”

Gowdy further stated that there was “an effort to obstruct justice.” And that part of the way intent could be proven in the case against Clinton “is the destruction of evidence, the consciousness of guilt, the multiple false explanations for you did something, which are legion in this case, from Secretary Clinton and others. Even this witness can’t get his story straight.”
(Trey Gowdy explains it all in this interview on Fox News today.)
Rep. Trey Gowdy: FBI Gave Immunity To The Trigger Man

Blog Author's Comments -- How is this not criminal? It looks to me, and should appear to anyone else paying attention, that Obama and the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch have told FBI Director Comey that he is not to obstruct the plan to have Clinton win the election. As we have learned over the years, our laws are for some, but not for others. It seems as if the FBI is now an arm of Obama for the destruction of America. And to make sure Hillary Clinton will be the next president. This is so obvious considering what Hillary Clinton has so far gotten away with.

David Kendall has been Bill and Hillary Clinton's lawyer for more than 20 years and apparently will do anything they ask him to do. Cheryl Mills is former State Department Chief of Staff. And now she does what she has to do to protect Hillary Clinton. After the conference call from Kendall and Mills, Paul Combetta, the computer specialist used the software 'Bleach Bit' to clean Hillary's server. So now the FBI gives him immunity. With Obama's backing of Clinton they will do whatever it takes to move her size XL pants suits into the White House.

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton Wore Ear Piece During Last Night's Veteran's Forum

GP -- First things first, Hillary Clinton feels entitled to the presidency. She will take whatever measures she must to in order win — even if that consists of more lying, cheating, and stealing her way to the White House. Clinton wore an ear piece in last night’s Commander in Chief Forum hosted by NBC and MSNBC. This was the first event where both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were invited to attend together. Each candidate received a short period with host Matt Lauer. It was expected that both candidates would provide unaided answers to the questions asked but it appears Hillary did not.

Donald Trump tweeted after the event his disdain for candidate Clinton using the ear piece which provided her a boost in answering questions. Trump tweeted “We can’t let Hillary get away with wearing an ear piece during tonight’s Veteran Forum”.

Others noted her cheating ways as well accusing Hillary of eye movements and gaps between speech that showed she was listening and not thinking.

Cheating like this is not totally unexpected. President Obama was accused of doing the same thing in the debates in 2012 with candidate Romney and some have warned that this may happen again. As noted by if you go back and watch the second and third debates in 2012, examine Obama’s mannerism and head movements while he was watching Mitt Romney speak. It looks like the Democrats are at it again and again clearly cannot be trusted.
Blog Author's Comments -- It certainly appears as if Clinton is wearing an ear piece. This may sound rather bizarre, but I think if Trump insisted on Ear Inspectors on stage for the debates, that would be more highly effective than anything else. It would draw attention. Few if any major news organizations are going to report on this. They are all in Hillary's camp. I think it's well past the time to play hardball. Americans that believe in America need to stop being polite. I will say however that even with an ear piece and even with Lauer setting up Trump, Trump appeared to do much better than Clinton. Hillary can't even lie correctly with help from a gaggle of other liars through an earpiece.

Talk radio has mentioned this and the narrative that she's a lying cheat will only harden with anyone paying attention. With the election of 2016, everything is at stake and there is no do-over if our side is defeated. We will never have the chance to elect someone as president that can start the program of repairing some of the damage which has occurred during the past 12 years. If Hillary Clinton wins the office of president, and she and her people will do everything they can to make it happen, life in America will never be the same.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

If I Could Talk - By A Dog...

Blog Author's Comments -- I believe that if you have ever truly loved a dog or a cat, felt as if they were a very important part of your life, and if this video did not bring a tear to your eye, you have serious problems. My dog I received when I was one year old and my mother and I buried him when he was 17. Our cat was approximately one year old when we brought him home to live with us. He passed away at the age of 19. They were both very special beings and loyal friends who will never be forgotten.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Politically Oriented Videos -- Featuring Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton

Kellyanne Conway Interview With ABC
Martha Raddatz - Good Morning America

10 Prominent Doctors Question Hillary Clinton's Health

Chris Wallace Leads Today's Trump Bashing Panel
Hey George Will, the illegal aliens have broken our laws, they are
here illegally! Everyone on this panel will vote for Hillary Clinton.

More Lies: Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills Told FBI
They Knew Nothing About Hillary's
Private Server

Governor Mike Pence Interview
With Chuck Todd - Meet The Press
It is difficult for me to watch and listen
to this total leftist 'reporter' Chuck Todd.

All The Lies: They've Turned Us Into A Rotting Banana Republic

Hillary Clinton Calls Former KKK Leader
Her 'Mentor And Friend' (Robert C. Byrd)
Hillary Clinton has proven she is the most corrupt,
dishonest person to ever run for the presidency.

Relax, Nancy Pelosi Says No Need To Worry If
Hillary Potentially Let Slip
A Few State Secrets

Limbaugh: We Have A 'Segregated Media'

Monday, September 5, 2016

During His Trip In China Obama Defends
Colin Kaepernick's "Real Legitimate Issues"

New York Post -- Barack Obama defended 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s disrespect of the National Anthem during his trip to the G20 meetings in China.

Here are Kaepernick’s pigs in police hat socks (Above). Kaepernick is protesting police for killing too many black criminals and not sacrificing their lives for political correctness.

Obama agrees with him.

President Obama on Monday defended San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision not to stand during the playing of the national anthem.

“[H]e’s following his constitutional right to make a statement,” Obama said at a press conference in Hangzhou, China, responding to a question about the quarterback. “I think there’s a long history of sports figures doing so.”

The president added, “I don’t doubt his sincerity. I think he cares about some real, legitimate issues that have to be talked about. And if nothing else, he’s generated some conversation around some topics that need to be talked about it.”

Kaepernick has refused to stand for the pre-game playing of the national anthem, citing racial injustice and the oppression of minorities in America.
Blog Author's Comments -- Well, the "National Embarrassment" opens his racist, anti-American mouth again. And continues to show his disdain for the police. And perpetrate the lie that Blacks are killed by police disproportionately to Whites. Is anyone surprised that Obama agrees with disrespecting America and disgracing our brave policemen.

Also no surprise he slams our great country while traveling abroad. The first black president turned out to be the worst president ever. And no one has mentioned that during the off season Kaepernick converted to the Muslim religion and his fiancé is well into and a protestor for the homeland terrorist group Black Lives Matter.

Here Is Obama Dishonoring Our Flag With His 'Crotch Salute'!

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Presidential Debate Moderaters - The Same Old Same

Washington Examiner -- The Commission on Presidential Debates announced the moderators of the three presidential debates Friday, along with details about what formats those debates would include.

Lester Holt of NBC News is slated to moderate the first debate on Sept. 26, followed by Martha Raddatz of ABC News and Anderson Cooper of CNN as moderators of the second, town-hall-style debate on Oct. 9.

Chris Wallace of Fox News will moderate the third presidential debate on Oct. 19.

Elaine Quijano of CBS will moderate the lone vice-presidential debate on Oct. 4.

Participants in the town-hall debate will be undecided voters selected by Gallup, and candidates will receive two minutes each to respond to questions at every event.

Blog Author's Comments -- Let’s face it. There is no pushback against the leftist onslaught in America today. The Republican Party is weak, ineffective and a failed organization. Once again committed anti-Trump leftist reporters will moderate all of the presidential debates.

I have no doubt that Hillary will be given the questions in advance of the debates and will be wearing her ear piece, so she can be prompted by her campaign staff about what she should say. Chris Wallace of Fox News may be the worst as a moderator. He is so blatantly out to sink Trump. And on a side note Martha Raddatz had Barrack Obama in attendance at her wedding.

But, just remember folks, Donald Trump is not Romney, if the leftists try to pull the same crap on him he will call them out on national television and shut them down, it should be quite entertaining to watch. I also don't believe that undecided voters will be among the participants in the town-hall debate. They will be leftists plants.

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Donald Trump: Maybe We Should Deport Hillary Clinton

Townhall -- Republican nominee Donald Trump left no doubt in Phoenix, Arizona Wednesday night, clarifying once and for all his positions on illegal immigration.

"There will be no amnesty," he said, adding that no one would be legalized without first leaving and coming back into the United States legally.

"For those here illegally today, who are seeking legal status, they will have one route and one route only. To return home and apply for reentry like everybody else under the rules of the new legal immigration system I outlined above," he said.

He then went on to say that there will be a special deportation task force to remove the most dangerous of illegal immigrants quickly and effectively. He then compared the criminals to Hillary Clinton and said that the task force may deport her.

"Just like Hillary Clinton has evaded justice, maybe they'll be able to deport her," he said.

Donald Trump Says Maybe ICE Will Deport Hillary Clinton

Blog Author's Comments -- Yesterday Donald J. Trump may have won the 2016 presidential election. He met with the President of Mexico and provided the most "presidential" foreign trip since Reagan went to Iceland to meet with Mikhail Gorbachev. Last night Trump gave the best speech of the entire election season, by any candidate. Hillary was in the Hamptons/Martha's Vineyard "resting" and doing fund raisers. Now news has broken of newly found, Clinton deleted Benghazi emails.

After his meeting and speech on Wednesday Trump has to keep this going. The Clinton 'machine' along with much help from the mainstream media will keep the pressure on him. He has to continue to be presidential and at the same time warn and alert the low-information voters to the type of person Hillary Clinton is and tell them about the baggage she has accumulated during her career in politics, but especially while she was Secretary of State. Trump has to push even harder the remaining time he has before the general election. The country cannot withstand Hillary Clinton as the next president.

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