Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pence: 'Hillary Is In Hiding And Donald Trump Is Everywhere'

Breitbart -- Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Republican vice-presidential nominee Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN) questioned the whereabouts of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her availability to the press while her opponent Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been “everywhere.”

The Indiana governor raised the questions about Clinton as there are unanswered questions involving her family’s charity, the Clinton Foundation.

“Look, Hillary is in hiding and Donald Trump is everywhere,” Pence said. “I mean look, I think she has gone more than 250 days without a press conference and you know, it is time for her to step forward and begin to answer these questions. And not just these questions, but questions about the Clinton Foundation. Now we hear the Clintons are going to stop fundraising for the Clinton Foundation if she is elected president presumably because that would be a conflict of interest. Well, the American people wonder why wasn’t it a conflict of interest when she was secretary of state, the third-ranking constitutional officer in charge of our foreign policy?”
Blog Author's Comments -- Hillary may just be afraid of how it will look to try and avoid answering press conference questions about the Clinton Foundation/Clinton Tax-Free Slush Fund. And the Clinton campaign has delayed holding a press conference for far too long to avoid any Clinton Foundation questions, no matter how carefully they pick their pet "journalists"/propagandists for a press conference.

While the MSM may be in Hillary's pocket, the corrupt nature of the Clinton pay-for-favors fund is becoming glaringly obvious to the people who do not trust the liberal media. Besides, the more people see of Hillary, the less they like her. If only some of the media were true professional journalists, there would be so many questions for Clinton to attempt to lie about.

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