Thursday, June 2, 2016

Politically Oriented Videos & Links To Political News Columns...

"You're A Sleaze": Donald Trump
Calls Out ABC News Reporter

Hillary Clinton's Tactic: Attack The Women

Sessions To GOP: Adapt To Trump Or Die

Newly Surfaced Footage Of Hillary Clinton
Could Damage Her On ISIS/Terror/Iraq

Obama Blames Us, You And All Conservatives For State Of The Country

Hillary Clinton Once Again Says She's Coming For Our Guns

Trump Turns Obama Into Stuttering Mess

Clinton Aides Promised To Protect 'Marked And Unmarked' Classified Info.

It Was A Memorial Day Bloodbath In Chicago

Chris Wallace Loses It With Adam Schiff Over
Hillary Clinton Emails On Fox News Sunday

John Kerry Slams Trump, Says Foreign Policy Is Not A "Business Deal"

Trump: Clinton "Doesn't Know What The Hell She's Doing," "Obama No Clue"

Limbaugh: No One Really Cares What Hillary Is
Saying, Because What She Says Is Never Interesting

Leftist Heroine Elizabeth Warren Ready To Back Hillary Clinton

Clinton Campaign Suggested Intros, Questions Prior To Events

Newt Gingrich Makes
General Election Predictions

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