Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Political Videos Featuring – Donald Trump & Links To Political News...

Bill Still Report - Donald Trump Interviewed By
Bill O'Reilly Discussing Trump University Controversy

Monica Crowley Gives The
Facts About Judge Curiel

Donald Trump Reacts To Multiple Attacks Against
Him In Wide-Ranging "Fox & Friends" Interview

Limbaugh: San Jose Riots Are Not
Anti-Trump, They Are Anti-America

Law Firm And Judge Bringing Trump U Case Both Tied To La Raza

Sotomayor Said Ethnicity 'Will Make Difference In Our Judging'

The Race-Driven San Diego La Raza Assoc. Is What's Wrong With The Legal System

Paul Ryan Rips Donald Trump As 'Textbook Definition Of A Racist Comment'

Pat Buchanan: Media Swarming Of Trump Over La Raza Activist Judge A Lynching

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