Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Kristol: 'I Hope The Country Gets A Better Choice Than Clinton Or Trump'

Breitbart -- Tuesday on CNN’s “New Day,” Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol continued his push for a third-party candidate to take on presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton in this fall’s general election.

Kristol said it was his aim for voters to have a “better choice” than the two of them.

“Donald Trump clinched the nomination one week ago, right?” Kristol said. “Was it one week ago or two weeks ago? I’ve lost track of time. It’s been such a wonderful elevating, edifying experience to see Donald Trump here as the likely Republican nominee. I think people are really processing this. They’re trying to see how doable it is. They’re obviously doing due diligence. I don’t want anyone to jump into this and decide a month or two from now that it is not the right thing to do. I think the country – I hope the country gets a better choice than Clinton or Trump. If it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. I’m just working on it and people are entitled to say, ‘Gee, it is difficult.’ It is difficult.”
Blog Author's Comments -- Kristol is someone who believes that what he says people will listen to and believe him. Perhaps that worked a few decades ago, but not anymore. Not many people care what this member of the 'Establishment' has to say, thinks or hopes, especially concerning the nominee for the Republican Party.

Someone should tell Kristol that the majority of the GOP voters are okay with Donald Trump and believe they made a good choice when they voted for him leading up to the convention. There will not be a third-party candidate and unless the RNC plays some games at the convention, Trump will be the Republican Party's nominee. Here's hoping he attains the 1,237 delegates he needs prior to the convention.

People like Kristol are elitist snobs who believe that they know what is best for the voters. Sorry, that is not the way it works in America since Donald J. Trump decided to become a candidate for the Republican Party and is now the presumptive nominee.

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