Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Any Republican Who Can Consider Voting For Hillary Is Totally Insane

Via.Rush Limbaugh -- It's about stopping the Democrat Party. It's about stopping Hillary Clinton. It's about putting the brakes on the Obama agenda. And anybody who says that they're gonna vote for that agenda who also claims to be a Republican or conservative must not see the existential crisis that I see. And that's makes me really curious. How do they not see it? Because we're living it.
Blog Author's Comments -- Ted Cruz and John Kasich are now out of the race for the Republican nominee. Unless there is some game playing by the RNC and the Republican 'Establishment' Donald Trump should be the nominee. Now it is time to get serious about defeating Hillary Clinton. For those who have voted for and backed Ted Cruz, it may take a while, but hopefully they will see that voting for Clinton or staying home on the day of the general election to teach someone a lesson, would be doing more harm to our country than Obama has and will have done in his two terms as the worst president in history.

It is time that the Cruz supporters join with the Trump supporters to defeat Clinton. If she is elected president in 2016 the Republican Party will never elect a president again. She would probably appoint at least two Supreme Court Justices; it would be the continuation of the Obama regime. So, this is what I propose - Donald Trump calls Ted Cruz and asks him to meet with him and if there can be a peace treaty between them, Trump could do one of two things, he can ask Cruz to be his running mate as VP or ask him how he would feel about being a Supreme Court Justice.

Donald Trump no doubt, has already started to formulate his plans, but he has to bring the Republicans and conservatives together. With Cruz as his Vice-President he gains a very bright man who knows how the government works, one who is young and could possibly run for the presidency again after Donald Trump's terms are over. All of this may sound quite foolish to many but Hillary Clinton has to be defeated.

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