Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Report: Megyn Kelly Meets Privately With Donald Trump

The Hill -- Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly reportedly met Wednesday at Trump Tower in New York after months of feuding.

The meeting was brokered by Fox News chairman Roger Ailes, a source with knowledge of the situation told CNN Money.

NBC reporter and MSNBC anchor Ayman Mohyeldin had reported that Kelly was seen entering Trump Tower shortly before noon Wednesday, according to two tweets from network employees.

Representatives for Trump and Fox did not return inquiries from The Hill about the meeting.

Trump feuded with Kelly for months following her questioning of him at the first GOP presidential debate in August. He then skipped a Fox debate she co-hosted in late January before being cordial in a March debate.

That civility did not last long, though, with Trump later in the month calling the star anchor "crazy" and untalented, jabbing at her ratings and knocking guests on her show.

Kelly has expressed openness to interviewing Trump, though she also has acknowledged difficulty in arranging a sit-down.
Blog Author's Comments -- Donald Trump does not need Megyn Kelly or Fox News. He sees the type of people they promote on her show because she has shown a severe dislike for him. Why he would want to be interviewed or have a sit down with Kelly is a mystery. Perhaps Fox's Roger Ailes made a call to Donald Trump's office and said he would like Trump and Kelly to stop the feud between them and that Kelly would like to apologize for her actions. This does not seem likely at all.

After Ailes called, maybe Trump told him to send her over and he would listen to what she had to say. Trump is the GOP leader and Fox would like to have more access to him and between him and Kelly. Trump does not seem to have a problem with Hannity. I think Kelly is out to make a name for herself and she would like to be able to have interviews with Trump now that we are in the midst of the most serious campaign in many years.

Donald Trump's Comeback To Megyn Kelly During Debate

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Katie Pavlich & Megyn Kelly = 'Bitches.' Kelly will use her show on Fox News in an attempt to inflict as much harm on Donald Trump's campaign for president as she can. That should be obvious by now.

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