Monday, April 25, 2016

Chris Wallace And Paul Manafort - Fox News Sunday

Chris Wallace Interviews Paul Manafort

Blog Author’s Comments – This interview is typical mainstream media setup questions. Wallace knew very well that comments out of context can be twisted to mean anything (as Cruz did) and that an off-the-cuff answer to a Town Hall Meeting question is not an official campaign position (re. NC bathroom situation). I thought the clips of Cruz spinning these into some kind of scoop about the “real” Donald Trump showed that he is beginning to panic. Chris Wallace is the son of the left wing journalist Mike Wallace. Wallace asking "is Trump playing a part" is a piece of worthless journalism. Have they ever asked that of Hillary, Obama, Kerry or Gore? There are maybe two 'journalists' on Fox that are worth listening to, beyond that the news network has shown itself to be no different than all the rest.

Paul Manafort has much experience and he does not let the media twist or lead him. I think he is a asset to the Trump campaign and no doubt his going on the shows is good, the media then does not have statements they take from Trumps Sunday interviews to twist all week. Manafort conducts himself well and I have never seen him out of control during an interview. Lastly, Donald Trump needs to tone it down a bit when he is speaking at campaign rallies. I don't think it benefits him to attack Cruz unless he is defending himself from flack launched at him by Ted Cruz and his campaign staff. He should stick to the issues and repeat what he has planned for the country if he becomes the president.

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