Thursday, March 17, 2016

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Discusses Open Convention

RNC Chairman: Contested Convention Process Is Fair

Blog Author's Comments -- If Donald Trump can maintain what he has accomplished thus far, he will arrive at the Convention with the 1,237 votes he needs. I believe that Ted Cruz is a very long shot at best, to attain the delegates he requires and Kasich has absolutely zero chance of winning the nomination unless there is a 'brokered' convention. The Republican 'Establishment' must be bank-rolling Kasich because in an open convention he would be an acceptable nominee for them.

The Republican 'elites' fear Trump because he is someone they cannot control. Therefore vote trump, unify the party, defeat the plans of the GOPe, and avoid a brokered convention. At this point in reality there is conclusively only one viable candidate and that is Donald Trump. The delay in consolidation of support behind Trump is based upon a delusion and refusal to accept reality and that denial is and will continue to do very serious damage to the Republican Party.

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