Monday, February 15, 2016

Videos Of Donald Trump During And After The South Carolina Debate...

Donald Trump CBSN Debate Closing Statement, Feb. 13, 2016

Donald Trump To Jeb Bush: Your Mother Should Be Running

Donald Trump On 'Face The Nation'

Blog Author's Comments -- It is important to remember that Trump is a dynamic individual, he learns from every experience and gets better as a candidate. This is not true with the others. Politicians for the most part are almost by definition static and inflexible, Trump lives in the moment. For seven years Obama has been destroying the country and there has been no push back from the Republican Party. I think that many people have watched this and are ready for a change from career politicians to someone who is telling them what is wrong with the country and what must be done to hopefully fix it.

Donald Trump should say in the next press conference or debate, that this president (Obama) has squandered his moral authority to appoint a Supreme Court Justice and any appointment should not be permitted. He has vividly demonstrated his contempt for the Constitution over and over like no President in history and this important appointment must wait for a new president. If republicans allow this process to move forward they will have lost whatever shred of trust people still have for them.

On a side note - we cannot risk losing a single Senate seat to retain control over appointing Scalia’s successor. Rubio has already stated he will not run for reelection to the Senate. He was elected in 2011 so he has until 2017. Cruz was elected in 2013 so he has until 2019. McConnell cannot allow any vote to fill Scalia's seat until the next president is sworn into office.

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