Thursday, February 11, 2016

Political Videos...Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh

Who Is The Real Ted Cruz?

Limbaugh: Did Trump Admit
He's Not Conservative In A Tweet?

Blog Author's Comments -- You can think what you want about the Ted Cruz video. Can he be trusted, I am not sure anymore. I do believe he wants the presidency very badly and will do and say whatever it takes to gain the Republican nomination. People need to be aware what the media and these radio hosts are doing. Trump and Cruz are not the same. Trump has not been a politician. Cruz is a politician. It's time for a change.

In the Limbaugh video I have to say he is really digging deep to find something wrong with the 'tweet' sent by Donald Trump. From this short video I believe it shows he wants Ted Cruz as the next president because he, Limbaugh thinks, Cruz is a 'conservative', that should change the way we look at a person running for the highest office. What have the so-called conservatives or the Republican Party done for it's base in recent years?

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