Monday, February 29, 2016

Senator Jeff Sessions Endorses Donald Trump

Truth Revolt -- At a Donald Trump campaign rally in Alabama, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) announced his support for the Business Leader, Real Estate Mogul and reality show host's fight for the presidency.

“I am deeply honored to have the endorsement of Senator Jeff Sessions, leader of congressional conservatives. He has been called the Senate's indispensable man and the gold standard. He led the fight against the Gang of Eight, against Obama's trade deal, against Obama's judges, and for American sovereignty," Trump said in a statement. "He has stood up to special interests as few have. There is no more respected man in Congress and we are closely aligned on many issues, including trade and illegal immigration, and I am proud to consider Jeff Sessions an advisor, friend and ally."

The endorsement comes only two days before Super Tuesday.

"We are nearing fast the point of no return. The people are hurting. Their wages are declining. Their schools are overburdened. Their hospitals are stretched past the breaking point. Crime is up, and community confidence is down," Sessions said, according to Trump's statement. "Americans of all backgrounds and ethnicities, immigrant and US-born, are crying out for leadership that puts their needs first, that takes care of those living and dreaming here today, leadership that understands that there is no constituency other than the American constituency. Mr. Trump is that leader."

Blog Author's Comments -- What Sessions is saying and why he endorsed Donald Trump is because America needs and wants a leader. If the Nation and what's left of American liberties are to be saved at all it will have to come from a different person than what we currently have as so-called leaders in the Republican Party.

It has to come from someone who is not afraid of political pressure. There are a handful in the House and Senate that would show some backbone, but they lack a leader to back them up. That person is Donald Trump who should be the GOP nominee if we want to defeat Hillary Clinton and elect a president.

Donald Trump Endorsed By Senator Jeff Sessions

Donald Trump CNN Interview 2/28/2016

White House Quietly Pushing For Increase In Syrian Refugees

Newt Gingrich: 'Stop Trump' And Assaults On His Character 'Are Nonsense'

Christie Attacks Rubio On Senate Attendance; 'POTUS Is Not A No-Show Job'

Friday, February 26, 2016

Biden: Campaign Rhetoric On Mexico 'Dangerous, Damaging'

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday that some U.S. campaign rhetoric about Mexico and immigrants has been "dangerous, damaging and incredibly ill-advised" and is out of step with most Americans' attitudes.

Speaking in Mexico City at Cabinet-level talks on boosting economic and commercial ties with one of the United States' top trading partners, Biden reassured Mexican officials that such talk does not reflect the countries' bilateral relations.

"The main message I wanted to say to you is that I understand that you can't poison the well and at the same time work out a real estate agreement to buy the well," he said.

Without naming names Biden was generally critical of Republican candidates, several of whom have proposed measures from walling the entire U.S.-Mexico border to deporting all 11 million people estimated to be living in the United States illegally. GOP front-runner Donald Trump said last year that Mexico was sending crime, drugs and "rapists" north of the border.

"Some of the rhetoric coming from some of the presidential candidates on the other team are I think dangerous, damaging and incredibly ill-advised," Biden said. "But here's what I'm here to tell you: They do not, they do not, they do not represent the view of the vast majority of the American people."
Blog Author's Comments -- Biden does not speak for me. You shouldn't lie to them Biden. This is a big reason why Donald Trump is so popular, it's not out of step with Americans' attitudes. Many voters welcome somone running for president who will tell them what they have wanted to hear and do something about those issues for many years.

When is Biden going to apologize to the American people who are being forced to pay for all the illegals in our country and the many who are doing crime? I’m not apologizing for expecting our government to enforce immigration laws. If anyone should apologize it’s Mexico and of course Obama to the American people, but of course that will never happen. He is going to do as much damage as he can before he is no longer in office.

Trump In Texas Debate: 'We Are Building A New Republican Party'

Gov. Chris Christie Endorses Trump For President

Matthews: Rubio Had Plants In The Audience 'Squealing,' 'Choreographed'

Marco Rubio Pushed For Immigration Reform With Conservative Media

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Interesting Political Videos...

Donald Trump Slams "Loser" Romney
For Launching Sleazy "Taxes" Attack

Huckabee's Lesson Learned
From Revealed Tax Returns

Larry Sabato: Trump's Win With Hispanics
In Nevada Has To Worry Rubio And Cruz

Krauthammer: "Huge Mistake" If GOP Does Anything Other
Than 'Absolutely Stonewall' On Obama SCOTUS Nominee

Now VP Joe Biden - As A Senator In 1992: Don't
Nominate A Supreme Court Justice Until After Election

New Poll: 'The Donald' Trumps Rubio Among Florida Republicans

Texas Primary To Be Ted Cruz's Political Alamo

Cruz, Rubio Prep For Brutal Debate Night

Blog Author's Comments -- A reminder for those who have interest. Tonight Thursday February, 25 is the final Republican debate prior to 'Super Tuesday' which is March 1, 2016. Super Tuesday is the date on the primary election calendar 2016 when 12 states and one territory hold primaries and caucuses in the race for the Democratic and Republican nomination. It's so super because more delegates are up for grabs than any other day.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Links To Politically Oriented News Columns...

AG Lynch Non-Committal On Clinton E-Mail Prosecution

McConnell To Obama: No Hearings, No Vote On SCOTUS Nominee

Trump Could Win General Election, He Is Proving 'Consultant Geniuses' Wrong

No Hate Crime Charges Against Black Teens Who Brutally Attacked Marine

Trump Exposing The Truth About The GOP

The Week That Will Decide The Republican Nomination

Watchdog Finds Billions In Possible Fraudulent Obamacare Payments

Judge: Clinton Aides Must Testify About Use Of Private Email Account

Rush Limbaugh - Obama's Closing Of Gitmo,
Highlights The 'Absolute Horror' Of The Past 7 Years

Blog Author's Comments -- I used the Limbaugh audio above because the site where I nab these had this one up concerning Limbaugh's take that Obama has again announced plans to remove all detainees from Guantanamo Bay — a U.S. military prison in Cuba that houses terrorists. Obama promised he would do this in 2008 and he is in the last year of his final term in 2016 and it still has not been done - and it should not be done, the terrorists should stay there.

Anyway, within the past few months Limbaugh has become very bizarre with his rants concerning the Republican presidential candidates and Donald Trump. He has not officially endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz but if one listens to him for only a short time it is obvious this is who he wants to be the nominee. The following is from one of his recent shows, how about this for Limbaugh's logic: If Ted Cruz wants to win he’s got to focus exclusively on attacking Trump. Why? Because Cruz has to realize Marco Rubio is not going to drop out. If Rubio is not going to drop out, Rubio is not the obstacle – Trump is...Huh! what the hell is Limbaugh talking about and what does this mean? See if you can follow this logic. Marco Rubio is not going to leave the race, therefore it is the better course to attack the stronger frontrunner because, well, according to the Limbaugh logic, Trump winning in all the contests must mean he is positioned to leave the race – or something.

Seriously, this is what Rush Limbaugh is presenting to his audience. This is completely nonsensical. Perhaps it is time for Rush Limbaugh to retire and play more golf or whatever he does at his home in Florida. I cannot stand to listen to him and there are many more of his followers who have also turned him off.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Marco Rubio Repeats Himself & Failed Again - Fox's Bill O'Reilly Show...

The heavily scripted candidate and current favorite of the professional political class, had another bad evening last night by constantly repeating himself (much like he did two debates ago when Chris Christie took him down) during a Bill O'Reilly interview. Mr. O'Reilly asked candidate Marco Rubio if he was willing to deport the illegal aliens, or those who overstay their visas'.

Marco Rubio Repeats Same Line 8 Times To Bill O'Reilly

Blog Author's Comments -- Once again Rubio's rehearsed answer to a question, over and over. Can you imagine being part of the GOP and your best chance at stopping Donald Trump, and keeping your grip on power and money through crony capitalism, is Marco Rubio? I don’t care for O’Reilly, but Rubio dodged a legitimate question.

He asked what does Rubio believe, not what the American people want. Trump has no problem answering that question honestly and directly. It just so happens that the vast majority of the American people feel the same way. I will not accept Rubio as the GOP's nominee. I will also never forget what many people have, when he was a member of the 'Gang of Eight', Republicans and Democrats pushing for amnesty and eventually citizenship for the illegals.

ICE Officer To Rubio: 'You Lied To American Public'

Trump Eyes Nevada For Third Consecutive Victory

GOP Judiciary: No Hearing On Court Nominee In 2016

Monday, February 22, 2016

Obama Opposed Black Conservative Judge Who Was Blocked For 2 Years

FrontPage -- When the Democrats mumble about how important it is to confirm judges, just remember that during the Bush years they stalled judicial nominees for years. They had a special enmity for minority conservative judges. Judge Miguel Estrada was successfully blocked for 2 years because they feared that he might end up on the Supreme Court. The ugly liberal attacks helped lead to his wife's suicide.

And yes, they blocked him because he was conservative and Latino.
One Nov. 7, 2001, memo from staff to Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill., suggested that the "groups" would help stall the nomination of Miguel Estrada (search), a Bush nominee to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. The memo called him "dangerous," in part because he "has a minimal paper trail, he is Latino and the White House seems to be grooming him for a Supreme Court appointment."
And then there was Judge Janice Rogers Brown, a sharecropper's daughter.

Brown was even scarier because she was a conservative. Democrats stalled her nomination for two years. And Obama was on board with blocking the highly qualified African-American judge for purely political reasons.

"I feel compelled to rise on this issue to express, in the strongest terms, my opposition to the nomination of Janice Rogers Brown to the DC Circuit," Obama said.

"Justice Brown has shown she is not simply a judge with very strong political views, she is a political activist who happens to be a judge," he ranted. "The only thing that seems to be consistent about her overarching judicial philosophy in an unyielding belief in an unfettered free market."

Obama fumed that the judge viewed "the New Deal, which helped save our country and get it back on its feet after the Great Depression, was a triumph of our very own "Socialist revolution." She has equated altruism with communism. She equates even the most modest efforts to level life's playing field with somehow inhibiting our liberty."

Back then, Obama had no problem blocking a judicial nomination of a qualified African-American judge for purely political reasons. A process that went on for two years.

Now Obama acts as if Republicans should be expected to reject his tactics. He's a hypocrite and he's wrong. As usual.

Blog Author's Comments -- If the Republican controlled Senate capitulates to Obama and ends up confirming a Leftist activist to the Supreme Court, as they did with Obama's other two Supreme Court Judges, they will rewrite the Constitution. If Mitch McConnell and the other GOP Senators do not hold their ground against Obama until after he has vacated the White House, life in the United States may change dramatically.

The column above shows to those who for some reason don't already know who and what Obama is capable of. If he is allowed to appoint another justice to the high court, and if that person is confirmed as the next judge on the Supreme Court, Obama's goal which is the fundamental transformation of America will be achieved.

Video Surfaces of Joe Biden as a Senator, Demanding NO SCOTUS Appointments in Presidential Election Years...

Joe Biden: Don't Nominate A Supreme
Court Justice Until After Election

Attorney General Lynch Gives Cover To Non-Citizen Voters

Sheriffs Back-Up ICE Officers In Fight With Rubio

Unhinged Washington Post Once Again Compares Trump To Hitler

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Donald Trump Wins South Carolina Republican Primary...

Melania And Ivanka Trump Speak At Trump Victory Rally

Donald Trump On State Of The Union Full Interview

Newt Gingrich Discusses Donald Trump His
Political Victory And The Disconnected DC Beltway

Blog Author's Comments -- The Nevada Caucus should be a telling primary for Trump if he holds the momentum coming out of the South Carolina win. After Tuesday is the big one, Super Tuesday, on March 1, and the Trump team who should now be battle hardened and tested, will hopefully execute a battle plan that’s going to continue winning.

I am still convinced the 'Republican Establishment' does not accept or will back Donald Trump as the president. A Republican has to win the presidency to appoint the next Supreme Court Justice if Mitch McConnell can hold his ground until after the general election. If the GOP does not win in 2016, it may be a very long time before they put another president in the White House, and Hillary Clinton, who will probably be the Democrat nominee in the general election will continue what Obama has been doing.

Trump Holds Lead In 8 Upcoming Primary States

Glenn Beck Wants Us To Join Him In Fasting For Cruz

Friday, February 19, 2016

Obama Filibustered Justice Alito In '06, Suddenly 'Regrets' Decision

Truth Revolt -- President Obama is leading the charge against Republicans who intend to block any Supreme Court justice nomination put forward by the Democratic administration to replace recently deceased conservative Justice Antonin Scalia.

It was just this week that TruthRevolt reported on Obama's call for the GOP to "rise above the venom and rancor in Washington," cease their "obstructionist" tactics, and follow the Constitution, which he said, "is pretty clear about what is supposed to happen now."

But at the same press conference where the president lectured Republicans for blocking his nominations, a reporter reminded him about doing the same thing back when he was a senator:
How do you respond to Republican criticism that your position is undercut by the fact that you and other members of your administration, who were in the Senate at the time, tried to filibuster Judge Alito in 2006?
Stunned, Obama stammered through his response:
You know the, uh… look -- I think what’s fair to say is that how judicial nominations have evolved over time is not historically the fault of any single party. This has become just one more extension of politics. And there are times where folks are in the Senate, and they’re thinking, as I just described, primarily about, "Is this going to cause me problems in a primary? Is this going to cause me problems with supporters of mine?" And so, people take strategic decisions -- I understand that.
The White House rushed to clarify Obama's remarks saying he now "regrets" his previous "approach." Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Wednesday:
That is an approach the president regrets. [Obama and other Dem senators at the time] should have been in the position where thy were making a public case [against Alito] and shouldn't have looked for a way to just throw sand in the gears of the process.
Yet, Earnest made sure to excuse the president from his previous, and very similar actions, by saying what the Republicans are doing now is somehow "different" from what Sen. Obama et al. were doing. Earnest added that Obama's filibuster was "based on substance" and nothing petty like partisan politics.
Blog Author's Comments -- I have no doubt that Obama thinks its okay when the Democrats do it, but not right when the Republicans stop his appointments to the Supreme Court. Does anyone believe that if the tables were now turned, and Harry Reid was still in charge of the Senate, that he would allow a vote to come to the floor of the Senate for a Supreme Court Justice from a Republican President? I don't think so.

The Democrats are the enemy, and if the Republicans do not know this by now there is no hope for them or us. Mitch McConnell cannot allow a vote on anyone Obama wants as a Supreme Court Justice - Period! Let Obama, the Democrats and all the liberals within the mainstream media whine all they want. We will now finally see if McConnell can redeem himself and show us that he deserves to be the Majority Leader of the GOP controlled Senate. That classic liberal hypocrisy needs to be crammed, right into Obama's face.

Vatican Walks Back Pope's Trump Comments

Fake Rubio Photo Sparks Real Spat With Cruz

Biden Admits Obama's Policies Have Destroyed The Middle Class

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Politically Challenged College Students Can't
Identify Photo Of President Ronald Reagan

Students From George Mason University

The Daily Signal -- A video shows “politically challenged” college students are unable to identify former President Ronald Reagan in a photograph.

“Was that a former president?” a student majoring in government and international politics at George Mason University asked when shown the picture of Reagan. “Nixon, maybe?”

Numerous students at George Mason University, located near Washington, D.C., in Fairfax, Va., were unable to identity America’s beloved 40th president in the same classic photo.

One student guessed Bill Clinton.

“I’ve seen that guy before,” another student stalled before giving up.

Texas Tech University’s nonpartisan political organization PoliTech and the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, a nonprofit organization that promotes civic education at America’s colleges and universities, conducted the survey. They found that the students weren’t any better at identifying Vice President Joe Biden, but they easily identified Kim Kardashian.

The American Council of Trustees and Alumni released a survey that found that nearly one in 10 recent college graduates think TV personality “Judge Judy” is on the Supreme Court.
Blog Author's Comments -- If these students were shown photos of obscure Presidents of the past, perhaps you could understand the ignorance, but these are recent politicians. And these people can vote and some could be our future leaders. Their parents are paying for them to be educated or they are running up a student loan which they will eventually have to pay. Show them a photo of the last five winners of American Idol and they will identify all five.

Government and national politics and they can't name the Vice President of our country. These types of interviews have been going on for quite a few years now and it is no longer amusing. This is a prime reason why Barack Hussein Obama has nearly succeeded in his "Fundamental Transformation of America". If the Republican controlled Senate allows a vote for another Supreme Court Justice named by Obama, he very well may have succeeded in what he set out to do when first elected.

Pope Picks Fight With Trump

Obama Meets With 'Black Lives Matter' At White House

Jeb Bush Backers Sing The Blues

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

After Protest Disruption Donald Trump
Called Two Brave Audience Members To Stage

“At a Trump campaign rally in North Augusta, SC, Donald Trump was interrupted by a protester who was screaming profanities and raising his middle finger to the crowd. Two men apparently took action against the protester and Mr. Trump called them up to the stage to say a few words“…

and then this happened...

Donald Trump Calls Man Who Handled Protester On Stage

Blog Author's Comments -- The knack of turning a negative into a positive. Some people have it some don’t. It appears that Donald Trump does.

I thought this was very nice and have we ever seen this happen with anyone else? The country is screaming for leadership and a patriot who will reverse the last decades of national subterfuge. We want someone that’s competent who we can follow and be proud that we are Americans. The video clip says a lot about Trump.

Also, one of the gentleman was a veteran. I wish every veteran could stand and get this kind of reaction from a people grateful for their service. They should all be welcomed home in this way; they should be this country’s highest priority regarding their safety when serving and the highest priority regarding their care when they return home.

It is tough to see the current government put our military at the back of the line behind those we have no legal obligation to help and behind those who live off the efforts of others.

Detectives Question Lack Of Autopsy In Scalia Death

Will Texas Governor Call For Investigation?

Michael Savage: 'Was Scalia Murdered?'

Republicans Retreat On Supreme Court Nominee?

Obama To Skip Justice Scalia's Funeral

Monday, February 15, 2016

Videos Of Donald Trump During And After The South Carolina Debate...

Donald Trump CBSN Debate Closing Statement, Feb. 13, 2016

Donald Trump To Jeb Bush: Your Mother Should Be Running

Donald Trump On 'Face The Nation'

Blog Author's Comments -- It is important to remember that Trump is a dynamic individual, he learns from every experience and gets better as a candidate. This is not true with the others. Politicians for the most part are almost by definition static and inflexible, Trump lives in the moment. For seven years Obama has been destroying the country and there has been no push back from the Republican Party. I think that many people have watched this and are ready for a change from career politicians to someone who is telling them what is wrong with the country and what must be done to hopefully fix it.

Donald Trump should say in the next press conference or debate, that this president (Obama) has squandered his moral authority to appoint a Supreme Court Justice and any appointment should not be permitted. He has vividly demonstrated his contempt for the Constitution over and over like no President in history and this important appointment must wait for a new president. If republicans allow this process to move forward they will have lost whatever shred of trust people still have for them.

On a side note - we cannot risk losing a single Senate seat to retain control over appointing Scalia’s successor. Rubio has already stated he will not run for reelection to the Senate. He was elected in 2011 so he has until 2017. Cruz was elected in 2013 so he has until 2019. McConnell cannot allow any vote to fill Scalia's seat until the next president is sworn into office.

Trump: RNC Breaking Pledge

Cruz Preaches At Church

Rubio Plans To Win South Carolina

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Dies At 79

Deceased Justice Antonin Scalia

McConnell: Scalia Vacancy Will Be Filled By Next President

Washington (AFP) - President Barack Obama should not nominate a successor to fill the critical vacancy in the US Supreme Court left by conservative Justice Antonin Scalia's death, the Senate Republican majority leader said Saturday.

"The American people‎ should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice," Mitch McConnell said in a statement, referring to the upcoming November general election.

"Therefore, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president."

Republicans, who control both houses of Congress, are eager to prevent Obama, a Democrat, from pushing through in the final year of his term a nomination that could tip the balance of the court from a conservative majority to a liberal one.

Blog Author's Comments -- It is imperative that Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell is true to his word and has what it takes, this time, to stave off the arrows from the Democrats in Washington and the liberal media who will be applying a huge amount of pressure.

The GOP Senate members must come together to block a confirmation of anyone Obama nominates to fill the seat of Justice Scalia. This has to be done or else the high court will be a 5-4 liberal court and they will rewrite the Constitution. We must remember that Obama said he wanted to 'fundamentally transform America'. If he is allowed to place another justice on the high court he will have accomplished what he set out to do.

Democrats Fundraise Off Scalia Death

NRA: Scalia Death Puts Gun Rights In Jeopardy

Obama 'Can't Issue An Executive Order To Make A Supreme Court Justice'

Scalia Found Dead With 'Pillow Over Head'

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Links To Political News Columns Etc.

Senior U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia Found Dead

Tonight: Republican Candidates Debate In South Carolina

Trump Accuses RNC Of 'Deceptive Washington Tricks'

State Department Releases New Batch Of Hillary Emails, 84 Classified

One Of The Reasons To Vote For Donald Trump

This Woman Could Be Our First Lady

It Would Be A Positive Change From This

Or Imagine Looking At This For 4 Years

The "Deafening Silence" From The White House Over A Rash Of Police Deaths

Rubio Under Pressure After Stumble In Last Debate

Trump Draws Thousands To Rally In Jeb Bush's Back Yard

NYC Is Funding A New Musical Called 'Killing Republicans'

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Political Videos...Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh

Who Is The Real Ted Cruz?

Limbaugh: Did Trump Admit
He's Not Conservative In A Tweet?

Blog Author's Comments -- You can think what you want about the Ted Cruz video. Can he be trusted, I am not sure anymore. I do believe he wants the presidency very badly and will do and say whatever it takes to gain the Republican nomination. People need to be aware what the media and these radio hosts are doing. Trump and Cruz are not the same. Trump has not been a politician. Cruz is a politician. It's time for a change.

In the Limbaugh video I have to say he is really digging deep to find something wrong with the 'tweet' sent by Donald Trump. From this short video I believe it shows he wants Ted Cruz as the next president because he, Limbaugh thinks, Cruz is a 'conservative', that should change the way we look at a person running for the highest office. What have the so-called conservatives or the Republican Party done for it's base in recent years?

Heidi Cruz: Ted Showing 'The Face Of God' That We Serve

Clinton Foundation Received Subpoena From State Department Investigators

75% Of Silicon Valley's Tech Workers Foreign-Born

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Defiant Marco Rubio: 'We're Going To Win This Campaign'

Breitbart -- Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is scrambling to project strength in the Republican presidential primary, doing interviews on Fox News and the Today show and jetting off to South Carolina after coming in fifth in New Hampshire.

“We’re going to be the nominee,” he said confidently on the Today Show. “It is just going to take a little longer, but we are going to get there.”

With 92 percent of the vote tallied in New Hampshire, Rubio is 1,484 votes behind his political mentor Jeb Bush, who earned fourth place.

On Fox and Friends, Rubio blamed the media for creating the narrative that something bad had happened to his campaign, and for discouraging voters.
Well, what happened is obviously Saturday night, the debate went the way it went and then the media coverage over the last 72 hours was very negative about it and so forth. So the last thing that voters heard before going into the booth or yesterday was, you know, something bad happened on Saturday night. So it made it very difficult for us to get any other message across.
Rubio spun his finish as only a difference of a “couple thousand votes” which is why his campaign was so disappointed.

“So that’s on me,” he said, referring to his debate performance. “That ain’t ever going to happen again.”

Rubio said he was on his way to South Carolina, where he hopes to get his campaign back on track.

“We’re going to win this campaign. We’re going to win this primary,” he said. “It’s important for the country and I’m fired up about that.”

He ignored the criticism that he was too scripted or didn’t have enough depth, calling it “absurd.”

“I answered every single one of those questions with as much or more depth than anyone else in the race,” he said.

Referring to Donald Trump, Marco Rubio suggested that he had successfully tapped into the anger in New Hampshire about diminishing jobs and manufacturing in the state.

“Donald Trump is not going to be the Republican nominee … ultimately to be president you can’t just go around telling people what’s wrong, you have to tell people how you’re going to fix it.”
Blog Author's Comments -- I most definitely want Donald Trump as the GOP nominee over Marco Rubio. He has said he is bored being a Senator which is why he has missed so many meetings and votes on bills that the Republican Party could have used. If he became the president would he eventually get 'bored' with that also? Rubio is one of the candidates who is being helped by the 'Republican/Washington Establishment', which is another reason to be against him. In the last paragraph of this column Rubio says “Donald Trump is not going to be the Republican nominee … ultimately to be president you can’t just go around telling people what’s wrong, you have to tell people how you’re going to fix it.”

It appears to me that Donald Trump is gaining support by telling many voters what they have wanted to hear from a candidate for quite a while. He is addressing what is wrong with the country and what should be changed to "Make America Great Again." He has also given many of the other candidates their talking points. Many of us have not forgotten that Rubio was a member of the 'Gang of Eight', a group made up of Republican and Democratic Party members of congress who were pushing for a bill to allow illegals into the country and give them a path to citizenship. That alone is enough for me to never want Marco Rubio elected to a higher office then he presently is.

Despite Supreme Court Ruling, WH Says Will Meet Climate Goals

'White Guilt' Video Shown To High School Students Irks Community

Michael Bloomberg: Gun Owners Are Poor And Therefore Idiots

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Does Ted Cruz Have A Truth Problem Or CNN?

Ted Cruz Apologizes And Then Lies About
What Happened Concerning Dr. Ben Carson

Blog Author's Comments -- For anyone paying attention, Ted Cruz keeps digging himself a deeper hole with the situation concerning what his staff did or did not do with the information that was put out to CNN about Dr. Ben Carson in the Iowa primary.

Rush Limbaugh tried to spin what happened with the Cruz camp and then again with Rubio’s debate performance Saturday, February 6, but I don’t think it will work. He continues to be a cheerleader for Ted Cruz. But, he says he is not endorsing any of the Republican candidates. He still does not consider Trump a serious candidate and obviously prefers Cruz. But I believe he would settle for Rubio as the GOP nominee.

Karl Rove Explains How The Cruz Camp's
Cheating Stole The Iowa Election From Trump

Chris Christie Talks Rubio, Debate Aftermath - Megyn Kelly
Is Trying To Protect One Of The Two GOP Candidates She
Would Prefer To See Receive The Nomination Over Trump

The New Hampshire Primary - Tuesday February 9, 2016

More Clinton Email Headaches

Protecting Clinton, Iowa Dems Stonewalling On Vote Totals

Supreme Court Halts Obama Carbon Emissions Rule

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Knock Out Game

The "Knock Out Game" in which an African-American brutally assaults an unsuspecting pedestrian leaving the victim unconscious or dead. A 16 year old girl is the victim above.

ABC News -- Police in New Jersey are investigating an apparent attack after a video was posted on social media. The video appeared on Facebook this week and shows someone throwing a punch, appearing to knock out an unsuspecting victim. The person shooting the video can be heard encouraging the attacker. Paterson police called the video disturbing and thanked the resident who reported it.

Thug Filmed Punching Man In Face In Sick Knock Out Game

Blog Author's Comments --The 'politically correct' mainstream media, and even law enforcement, have tried to claim the race-based "Knock Out Game" was not a problem and rarely occurred. It is also known on the street as "Polar Bear Hunting", or "Cracka Smacks". The reason this was not widely reported was because the attacker is always black and the victim white.

This is what much of our society has become. During the past approximately three years there have been over forty attacks reported and some victims of this 'game' have died. There was an elderly man of 89 years of age. Can anyone tell me what kind of a sub-human would punch an 89 year old man who is not hurting anyone, just for fun? All of the attacks are sucker punches and if there is a group of 3-4, after the victim is on the ground they will kick and stomp him or her. My only advice is to just be aware of your surroundings, if you have a concealed carry permit use it, and avoid the areas where this is more likely to happen.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Links To Political News Columns - GOP Debate...

Tonight: Trump, Rubio Likely Targets In Eighth Republican Debate

In New Hampshire, Saturday's Debate Showdown Could Swing GOP Race

Ted Cruz Sets His Sights On Marco Rubio, Not Donald Trump

New Hampshire May Be Now Or Never For Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush Supporter's Debate Advice: 'Throw That Punch'

New Hampshire Set For Record Primary Turnout

Fox News Will Not Host Tonight's Debate, We
Will See These Moderators Later In The Campaign

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Is This The Cruz Camp's Cheating?

On Monday Dr. Ben Carson accused the Senator Cruz camp of foul play in the Iowa Caucuses. Dr. Carson said the Cruz camp told voters Carson was dropping out and to support Ted Cruz. See message above. The Cruz camp sent this message out at 7:01 p.m. before the voting started.

On Wednesday, Karl Rove, certainly not a Trump fan, explained how the message to the Cruz precinct captains could have cost Donald Trump the election in Iowa.

Via: Fox News
Karl Rove Explains How Cruz Camp's
Cheating Stole The Election In Iowa

Blog Author's Comments -- Via: Breitbart News (Click Here For Column) -- Exclusive Voicemails: 'Ben Carson Suspending Campaigning', Cruz: 'Accurate Report'

New audio obtained exclusively by Breitbart News indicates that as the Iowa caucuses began on Monday night, the Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) campaign called precinct captains informing them that Dr. Ben Carson was suspending campaigning, and instructing them to tell voters they should “not waste a vote on Ben Carson and vote for Ted Cruz."

The calls were placed after the Carson campaign had already clarified that Carson was not suspending his campaign.

It appears that what Karl Rove said in the video is correct. Perhaps the polls were not wrong and Donald Trump should have won the Iowa Caucus. Now, will anyone dig deeper than what has been done until the truth is revealed? You can be sure that none of the mainstream media, including the so-called conservative radio talk shows will give the voters the real story. None of them care for Trump and it appears from what I have been hearing since Tuesday, they are all pleased with the result of the Iowa caucus as it now stands.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Iowa Caucuses And Accusations From The Candidates…

Ted Cruz Dirty Tricks Explained With Evidence

Dr. Ben Carson Slams Cruz For
"Dirty Tricks" Against Him In Iowa Caucuses

Donald Trump Hammers Ted Cruz As A Liar

Blog Author's Comments -- Dr. Carson and his supporters need to remember this. The GOP is no more their friend as they are a friend to Donald Trump. They need to remember who it is outside their campaign standing up against this voter fraud, Donald Trump and his supporters.

This from the so-called "Truth Detector" and talk show host who has been pushing for Ted Cruz for over a month, Rush Limbaugh: "Ted Cruz has committed a crime: He won. Nobody's supposed to do that when Trump is involved. If somebody does that, there has to be some illegitimate explanation."
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Palin Slams Cruz Campaign 'Lies'

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Iowa Caucus - February 1, 2016

Donald J Trump - "A Message For Iowa"

Iowa Caucus For Trump

Blog Author's Comments -- Today is the beginning of the political caucus system where we shall see if the country can begin to elect a president who can "Make America Great Again." Donald Trump is not a career politician, I believe he is doing this because he truly cares about our country. The presidential election of 2016 is one of the most important in our history. What has happened to the country because of the Obama administration and Democratic Party cannot be allowed to continue. The Republicans have the House and the Senate but what are they doing to stop what is happening? Nothing! It is time to pick a leader who is not a politician or political insider.

After eight years of George W. Bush and now the last year of eight years of the worst president America has ever had, Barack Hussein Obama, we desperately need some help from a person who can turn the country in the right direction. Donald Trump is running against the Democrats, all of the media, the Republican Party and the Washington 'Establishment'.

Hopefully he can win Iowa but if he doesn't, there is still time for him. He is saying the things that many Americans have wanted to hear from a presidential candidate for a long time. Now they need to support him to become the GOP nominee and all of us must eventually elect him President of the United States.

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The New Hampshire Primary is Tuesday February 9, 2016