Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Obama: "There Are No Existential Threats" To The
United States, And That Includes ISIS And "Radical Islam"

Mediaite -- In an interview with NBC’s Today on the morning of his final State of the Union address, President Barack Obama told interviewer Matt Lauer that the United States didn’t face a single existential threat as his presidency approached its end.

“It is sometimes important for people to step back and measure how far we’ve come,” Obama argued. “The economy right now is better than any other economy in the world by a significant margin. We remain the strongest nation on earth by far and there are no existential threats facing us.”

“If we make some good choices now, whoever the next president is, whoever is controlling the next Congress there, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t own the 21st century,” he said.

Lauer went on to ask Obama specifically about the threat posed by ISIS and other terror groups. “Your daughters are young ladies. When they get to be your age, President Obama, do you believe in your heart that they will be living in a world that is dealing with the threat of radical Islam on a daily basis?”

“I am absolutely confident we will have defeated ISIL,” Obama responded. “I don’t think we have to wait until they are 54 for that to happen.”
Blog Author's Comments -- He cannot be that clueless, he is continuing to lie as he has during his entire presidency. Obama is the threat to the United States, it's not 'existential', it's real and it's in the White House. There is also a real threat to our American way of life. Unfortunately, this president is just fine with that.

Obama has turned the Middle East into a mess and created a real refugee crisis in the U.S. with his open door to the illegals. He can't lie his way out of that. And those who can stand to watch and listen to his final SOTU address will hear many of the same comments he made during this interview.

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