Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Marco Rubio: My Senate Votes "Don't Count"

Shark Tank -- Most Americans may not remember back in 2010 when then-Senate candidate Marco Rubio was running on a “Washington is broken” and “Reclaim America” platform, but Floridians who voted for the junior Senator sure do.

Appearing on the Fox News Channel’s “Fox and Friends,” Rubio was asked to discuss the recent attacks he has endured about his missed votes in the Senate as he runs for president.

Washington is completely broken, and that’s why I’m running for president, because these votes taken in Washington they don’t count. -Senator Marco Rubio

Rubio then added, “half the things that happen in Washington are for show and for talk.”

Dude, even if it’s true, don’t say it. Really? Who wants to hear this from their sitting Senator?

Maybe Rubio should have quit the Senate to run for president.

So, Rubio believes the votes he was elected to take, and paid for by the American taxpayer “don’t count,” and is admitting that “half the things” he has done while a sitting U.S. Senator has just been for “show?”

Remember, Rubio wanted this job, and actually stated on numerous occasions that he wanted to be a U.S. Senator to help fix a “broken” Washington.

Meanwhile, Senator Ted Cruz, who hasn’t complained about the job he was elected to do, and billionaire Donald Trump, are both at the very top of the field of 2016 Republican presidential candidates in just about all of the early primary and caucus states.
Blog Author's Comments -- His votes didn't count because he didn't make them count. All those votes came with consequences which effected the American public. Washington is corrupt and broken and Rubio isn't even close to being the one to fix it.

Being a Senator is not just warming a seat and pulling the yea / nay lever occasionally. It is a position of leadership, as each Senator debates with his contemporaries to swing them to a certain position in a debate. These days, Rubio occasionally warms his Senate seat, while exhibiting little leadership in the Senate. His last leadership move that I recall is being a part of the gang of 8, Democrats and RINO's (Bennet, Schumer, McCain, Graham, Durbin, Flake, Menendez and Rubio). They were pushing to help the illegals and give them a path to citizenship. Do we want to elect a president who would do that?

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