Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton: ‘Fog Of War’...

Clinton told "This Week" viewers, concerning the Benghazi attack, that she suffered from a military phenomenon known as the 'fog of war'. There was speculation that she tried to mask the motive of the terrorists by claiming that the attacks were in retaliation for an anti-Islamic film made prior to the event.

Hillary has since recounted her comments about the film and has testified that the attacks were premeditated.

She was asked if she told the victims' families that the attack was in response to the film. In her response, she cited that she suffered from a military phenomenon know as the 'fog of war' where an individual is experiencing a mental overload. When the volume of the data received is greater than the speed at which this information can be processed, it creates a fog or twilight.

“No… this was a fast moving series of events in the ‘fog of war’,” she said

On New Year's Day Donald Trump let Hillary Clinton have it.
"No fog of war is allowed in the White House, Hillary. Vote Trump"

Hillary Clinton: I Didn't Lie To Benghazi
Families. It Was 'The Fog Of War'

Blog Author's Comments -- Clinton lied because it comes so natural to her. And most importantly for her, to save herself because she did not do her job. No other reasons than that. How does the 'fog of war' even make sense? She was in her house in DC, not some foxhole. Hillary Clinton is a documented, life long serial liar. That is why the Democrats like her and she will be their nominee for the 2016 election if she is not indicted for her 'criminal' activity.

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