Friday, January 15, 2016

The Republican Party Should Want To Win With Donald Trump

Trump Acknowledges His Support Has Surprised Him
But None Of It Matters Unless He Wins The Presidency

"The Real Donald Trump Story"

Blog Author's Comments -- What we are witnessing is the moment when what the opposition wants, runs into the reality of what is going to happen. Candidate Donald Trump is going to win the GOP nomination, and with it – The White House.

All of Trump’s political opponents, ideological opponents, and transparently visible media opponents are, at various points in the next several weeks, going to have to admit the obvious – He has beaten them.

I believe that the RNC and Republican Establishment would rather lose the 2016 presidential election than win it with Donald Trump. As for the Republican Party this was supposed to be the nomination of Jeb Bush or perhaps Marco Rubio. I do not care for either of these candidates because the GOP has to win the presidency and it won't happen with either of these two.

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