Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Student Arrested For 'Impeach Obama' Banner Sues Police

NY Post -- A Long Island college student who was arrested for hanging an “Impeach Obama” banner from a Long Island Expressway overpass is suing the Nassau County Police Department for violating his right to free speech, according to a Long Island federal lawsuit.

Danny Martins, a senior at Hofstra University who says he’s a member of the school’s Libertarian Club, was charged with disorderly conduct in June 2014 after hanging up the message and the American flag from a pedestrian walkway in Jericho.

But a judge eventually tossed all charges against the libertarian activist after citing his right to free speech.

Nassau County prosecutors initially argued that the activity posed a safety hazard.

Martins, who routinely hung political messages from overpasses beginning in 2013, filed suit against the Nassau department as well as individual officers involved in his arrest.
Blog Author's Comments -- Now if Danny Martins' sign had said: ‘We Love Obama’ or ‘Illegals Welcome’ the cops would not have blinked. They let him hang posters since 2013. Well, I would say that the prosecutor's claim that this poster was a safety hazard was invalid given that the precedent of letting him hang posters on numerous previous occasions was established already. He's won at this same free speech issue before, so to arrest him knowing that the charges are going to be tossed out is pure intimidation and it's not from the arresting cops, it's coming from the Obama supporters higher up.

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